Types of High Back Dining Chairs for a Classic & Contemporary Interior

Online businesses, virtual meetings, unlimited zoom sessions and home schooling has brought back the culture of investing in high back dining chairs.

High back dining chairs are an ultimate solution for people looking to revitalize their empty spaces with posh and durable multi-purpose dining chairs.

Creating an aesthetically pleasing dining space is not a piece of cake and requires a creative mind.

This guide includes essential hints and tips to buying high-end dining chairs such as:


  • Location

  • Practicality

  • Colour and theme

  • Types of High back dining chairs

  • Where to buy the best high back dining chairs


Dining Chairs Buying Guide


Since most of us have started working from home one way or another in recent times, professional yet comfortable space is the need of the hour.

Most people are confined to their dining area, provided it has a contemporary dining table and dining chairs set up.

If you are also looking to upgrade your dining area and buy some high back dining chairs, you must consider some key elements before making a purchase, as dining chairs are a one-time investment for many years to come.

Picking up on these guidelines will help you select the best dining chairs for your space, so keep them in mind while making a purchase and be ready to be praised by family and friends for your plush interior taste.




What looks excellent in that magazine cover might not complement your cozy dining space because location matters.

Given the suitable space, even an ordinary sleek high back dining chair can brighten up your dining area, while the most exquisite dining chair would make your room look gaudy if placed wrong.

You must have a clear idea of the location and space you have in mind to fit a dining table and chairs set before selecting any design.

Opt for a design that would provide enough moving space to your guests and they will not be bumping their knees and elbows awkwardly while adjusting in the dining chairs.

An approximate guide for making perfect dining chairs and table combination would be:


  • 83cm long table with six dining chairs.

  • 244cm long table with eight dining chairs.

  • 305cm long table with ten dining chairs.




Do you think upholstered dining chairs would last as long in a house that has children as it would in the one with adults only?  Of course not.

It does not mean you cannot place upholstered furniture in the house if you have children, but you will need to be extra cautious.

The durability of the dining chair is directly proportional to its practicality and usage.

If you want your chairs to last longer, you need to select a design that would match your requirements perfectly.

You may also look into high back dining chairs that are already rubs tested like the ones provided by Only Dining Chairs if you want a multi-purpose chair for higher usage time in case you are scared that the chair may lose its fabric or pattern fade due to rough usage.


Colour and Theme


Get creative and play with colours when it comes to singling out the perfect dining table and chairs for your dining area.

If your walls are shaded, go with basic pastel shades, but you can safely choose a bold colour palate if you are selecting dining chairs for an all-white room.

For small spaces, using sleek wooden dining chairs would work better than upholstered kind.

You can also create a beautiful theme by adding a bench or stools to your dining table along with dining chairs to give it a modern look.


Material Of Dining Chairs


The main things contributing to the durability of any dining chair is its material.

Not only the fabric but its frame and cushion material counts too.

Look for solid wood frames that are free from any fillers or veneers.

Mortise and tenon must be joint correctly to ensure durability and strength.

Seating must be comfortable and the cushion should not be flattened after a couple of times usage.


If you will use your dining chair for professional work and be seated on it for long hours, always buy an upholstered high back chair for maximum back support.

Fabric can be polyester, velvet, leather or tweed. Fabric coastal dining chairs are also beautiful and elegant which will be mentioned further:

Ensure the manufacturer uses top-quality breathable fabric that is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance. 


Types of High Back Dining Chairs


Solid back Dining Chairs


With full or semi cushioned backs, solid back dining chairs are typically found in modern, French provincial and contemporary styles.

Solid High Back Dining Chair

Lancaster | White French Provincial Wooden Dining Chair

These French provincial dining chairs have a solid wood frame and beautiful linen upholstery cushion seat to provide elegance with comfort.

Whether you place it in a dining area with the table or in the corner of your living room for extra oomph, it serves the purpose.  

These best dining chairs come with a high-density cushion so you can quickly be seated for long hours without facing body ache. 

Solid back dining chairs look fancy and offer a modern look, so provide your guests with posh seating in the next party and be the star host.


Slat Back Dining Chairs


Slat back chairs have two modern designs.

The farmhouse dining chairs have a solid wooden frame and back with a thin cushion seat whereas the country style dining chairs in this design is often a small but broad wooden chair.



Slate Back Dining Chair

You may have seen these type of chairs in various roadside cafes. The back slat chairs may have a thin or no cushion seat, yet they are comfortable.

The portability of these chairs is an added benefit. Due to its delicate design and lightweight material, you can quickly move these chairs around the house.

Mission Dining Chairs


A mission dining chair is where rustic robustness combines with wooden goodness and provides an ultra-durable and sturdy high back dining chair.

The Country style dining chair in this design complements the wooden floor or wooden furniture, whereas the Farmhouse dining chairs design looks great in an open area.  


Mission Dining Chair


Mission dining chairs are famous for their sustainability and make a perfect choice for those who are looking for long-term investment. 


Shaker Back Dining Chairs


Dating back to 1770, shaker-style dining chairs are the most vintage looking high back dining chairs. These chairs are for those who love simple cuts and contemporary designs.

Previously the shaker style chairs were known for their two-toned wood pattern, but now modern country style dining chairs have been made with single toned wood and look exceptionally elegant.


Shaker Dining Chair


Most shaker back dining chairs are made up of oak or cherry wood, embodying simplicity and comfort at the same time. 

Revamp your dining area with shaker back dining chairs to impress your guests anytime. These are one of the most comfortable dining chairs


Bow Back Dining Chairs


With a beautiful oval edge and sleek wooden cuts, bow back dining chairs look extra neat and give your dining area a polished look.

Bow back chairs can be great for small spaces and they look even better in the balcony or backyard, so the usage is restricted to the dining area only.


Bow Back Dining Chair


Bow back chairs offer versatility and offer a wide variety such as paddle back dining chair, arrow back, dowel back and feather back dining chair.


Spindle Back Dining Chairs


A curved backrest and slender spindles make these chairs a classical piece that never fails to impress.

It's a sturdy wooden chair that not only provides comfort and durability but also makes your dining area looking like straight out of an 80's movie scene.

Barrington Spindle Back Dining Chair

Barrington | Spindle Back Dining Chair

One can never go wrong with these quintessential country style dining chairs crafted with high-quality wood and a mid-century modern look.


Cross back Dining Chair


If you are into modern and timeless pieces, always opt for cross back dining chairs that last ages and matches everyday requirements in almost every era.

Cross back dining chairs are literally the king of high back dining chairs that never goes out of style.

Virginia Natural Cross Back Dining Chair

Virginia | Natural Cross Back Dining Chair

These dining chairs will never fail you, whether you place these French provincial dining chairs in front of a minibar or pair them up with an antique wood table.

From the patio to the living room, cross back chairs can successfully revamp your plain-looking spaces and will give it a modern-day contemporary look.


Windsor Back Dining Chairs


Sleek and twisted wooden spindles at the back of the Windsor chair look as beautiful as the harmonium keys.

Windsor back dining chairs add a graceful touch to the corner you place them in and turn your dining area into a refined space.


Windsor Back Dining Chair


The spindles of Windsor chairs are embedded in the holes made at the narrow seat, which makes it different from regular dining chairs and promise more durability.

Do not be fooled by the Windsor dining chair's delicate appearance; it is as durable as any other solid wood chair.  


Ladder Back Dining Chairs


An extension of shaker back dining chairs, ladder back dining chair is also an ancient design from the early American era.

You may have seen these type of chairs at restaurants and bars.


Ladder Back Dining Chair


Farmhouse style dining chairs and country style dining chairs, both designs of ladder back chairs, are popular and in demand.


Wingback Dining Chairs


Radiating the Victorian era vibe, wing back dining chairs are the most lavish type of chairs one could get.

These chairs are slightly expensive than other regular dining chairs; however, the cost is worth it because of its vogue design and magnificent cut.

Sutton | Ruby Velvet Wingback Dining Chair

Sutton | Ruby Velvet Wingback Dining Chair

Wing back dining chair is the epitome of grace and elegance.

Placing these beautiful dining chairs in the dining area completely changes the look and turn a dead space into the most enchanting and happening place.

Your friends and family will love to spend time in your dining area, provided you revive it by adding some style such as wing back dining chairs. 



Splat Back Dining Chairs


Splat back dining chairs are a beautiful combination of modern-day split backs and old-age wooden frames.

The classic cut and semi upholstery provide an exquisite finish and you cannot pass by the country style dining chairs without taking their presence into account.


Splat Back Dining Chair


Adding these high back dining chairs to your dining area or anywhere in the house may give it a dignified look that you and your guests will adore.


Press Back Dining Chairs


Press back dining chairs are a powerful combination of intricate crest rails and artistically carved wood.

These Modern dining chairs are ultimate sophistication and give a posh look to your dining area.


Press Back Dining Chair


When it comes to popularity, farmhouse style dining chairs and country style dining chairs are equally cherished by customers.


Sheaf Back Dining Chairs


Ever seen wooden spindles mimicking rainbow coming out of the clouds?

That is precisely how breathtakingly beautiful and well-crafted sheaf back dining chairs are.


Sheaf Dining Chair


If you are an antique piece lover, but your family wants an ultra-modish look, these contemporary dining chairs are a perfect solution to your problem.

The wooden frame and well-curated edges of the chair gives a vintage vibe.

In contrast, the spindles have a classic contemporary look making it an irresistible combination of the Victorian and modern era.


Split Back Dining Chairs


Have a virtual office meeting in an hour? No problem!

Just pull out your multi-purpose split-back dining chair, set it in front of your work desk, open your laptop and you are all set to go online with a high-end professional looking environment.

For a cutting-edge modern look in Industrial dining chairs, these split-back designs are a must-have.  

Clemente | Split Back Rattan Dining Chair

Clemente | Split Back Rattan Dining Chair

The beautiful coastal rattan weave design is ideal for indoor dining as well as outdoor patio parties. This chair is a combination of outdoor dining chairs and rattan dining chairs.


Can I get Durable High back dining chairs on a budget?

With Only Dining Chairs, you can get durable and contemporary dining chairs at a discount with a lifetime warranty and easy shipping policies.

Our customer support is there 24/7 to guide you, so contact us without hesitation and give your dining area a look that you have always dreamt of.

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