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Coastal dining chairs turn out to be a great turn-on for the people who love to consume seafood, who owns a cottage or is planning to chill around beaches and sea. Now, if you are the one who is looking ahead to settling down amidst the carnival of seas, then coastal dining chairs could be a major cordial for your dining décor. Here we would be listing down different types of coastal dining chairs so to narrow down your search list and to nullify the time you consume in the junking down a long volatile list.


Features Of Coastal Dining Chairs 

Coastal Dining Chairs for beach houses have some of the most unique qualities that make them so different and perfect for your beachy coastal dinner plans. You can't call every chair a coastal chair as those unique qualities might not be present in them. Let's look further and get to know what exactly those rare features are that make them unique and widely wanted.


  • Coastal Dining Chairs always give a nautical accent feature to your place that is specifically found in a traditional coastal home.
  • It purely seizes slightly paler finishes, shades of light colors like blue, white, and sunny shadows. Having a tinge of marine life and maritime compasses, anchors, and elements.
  • With neutral motifs and an airy feel, coastal style creates a cozy atmosphere, especially when paired up with soft textured rugs and adorable sea glass details.
  • Modern coastal living room chairs have sometimes a bad reputation of being tacky, but that's not at all true. If done rightly, this can turn the ambiance of your home into a very beautiful one.
  • Coastal occasional chairs come in a variety of patterns and shapes. Be it whitewashed, or of woody materials with cane backing and long rattan legs – coastal chairs provide you with it all.



Different types of Coastal dining chairs


Sommers are products made of solid teak frames complemented with a high-quality seat and backrest that are extremely durable. The chairs are generally preferred by people for daily purposes and are a good supply when there is a shortage of chairs at any event. The nylon pads on these chairs provide comfort and prevent scratches. 



As the name suggests, Savannah makes sense for people who love coastal themes. The product is made from mahogany and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Its base is cushiony and washable, and it includes an armrest for comfort. It's a retro-chic item that lets you relax for hours by whispering old songs. As a bonus, the product can be cleaned with a dry cloth.



Influenced by the exotic European bistro chair design of the 1930s, these sandbanks beach house chairs turn out to be super comfortable giving you a notable feeling of the coast. Being lightweight, the chair can be easily shifted as per the needs. Comes out in 5 different patterns that give you a list of choices making you choose one in the closet. Best for the people who have to frequently shift their apartments due to any reason. To let the glossiness of the chair shine always, it is advisable to keep it in the house, because it possesses a soft and dry cloth which could be damaged by harsh weather conditions.



Bunbury is the best on the market for kitchen cabinets under the banner of coastal-style chairs. In a kitchen convivial, these wooden chairs provide excellent smoothness on the floor with their angular stable legs. The product is perfectly assembled to form a solid inner frame that fits in any space perfectly.



Aldgate can help you get a luxurious pattern without letting you sacrifice your comfort, well that turns out to be rare in many elegant designs. Influenced by Danish merchants’ portraits, this product will bring comfort and styling both in your house. Its back is usually Y-shaped making it stand apart from a group of chairs.


Cane back chairs

Cane back chairs help one impulse the quick bytes that you keep on your dining, these are short-height chairs with the rattan back, usually white with the creamy cushions on them. Turn out to be a favorable choice for people occupying space in warmer coastal climates. Super comfortable and fashionable giving craving touch to your designs

So, the list still goes on. But, these are some efficient pieces that stand out in durability, design, and comfort.


Pros and Cons of Buying Coastal dining chairs

Every product has its pros and cons. The same happens around with coastal dining chairs. These eloquent pieces encircle its whole life journey upon your choice depending on your region and how you care for your product.

Some of its pros are:

  • Turns out to be super catchy and relaxing
  • Can update your living experience
  • Boast your coastal experiences

Some of its cons are:

  • Demands a lot of care
  • Should be furnished regularly and wiped off with dry clothes
  • Kept indoor because weather situations could be harsh for a few of these chairs

Listen to the waves roll in as you eat your meals with our coastal dining chair collection. Whether its indoors or outdoors- from high backed rattan outdoor dining chairs to matte white plastic and wood indoor dining chairs- we have something for you.

Coastal Dining Chairs Set of 2 and 4 are abundant here for ease of shipping costs and time frames. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • 1. Which is the best piece of advice for the people, planning to buy coastal dining chairs ?

    People who are planning to buy coastal dining chairs should go with a casual and modest look. Their designs should be influenced a lot by environmental background and most probably be light in terms of colors. The chairs should have soft padding so that people could rest back and relax for hours on them.

  • 2. Which wood is best for making coastal dining chairs ?

    The choice of wood is entirely dependent on the region you live in. Coastal dining chairs are developed from teak, natural wood, painted wood and a lot more. It’s up to you to contact an expert who knows your location and then take the decision that is best for you.

  • 3. Should, I go with the chairs possessing armrests or chairs without armrests ?

    Coastal dining chairs are known for their luxury, so if you are planning to rest and enjoy the beach and coast life. Then, you should go with the armrest one, rest it depends upon you which one suits you the most.

  • 4. What is the maximum weight coastal dining chairs can hold? 

    The maximum weight a coastal dining chair can hold is around 140 kgs.
    So, if you ensuring to buy online any of these coastal dining chairs in Australia, then Only Dining Chairs is the right place for you.