High back dining chairs are one of the most comfortable dining chairs. These dining chair sets provide more support for the upper back, neck and head. On the other hand, Low back dining chairs provide lower back and mid back lumbar support. Select the one that suits perfectly with your home décor.

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High back dining chairs have a taller backrest to support both your head and neck. In terms of appearance, high back dining chairs are wider and higher than the low back dining chairs. The built in tall backrest gives more support for your neck, shoulders, and back, so these types of chairs are more comfortable and practical. Also, these chairs have lots of features like adjustment options more than you can get with low back dining chairs. If you're a tall person then a high bback dining chair is your best bet.

Mainly, the primary difference between the low back and high back dining chairs is their appearance. High back dining chairs are more noticeable because it has an additional part—the headrest, which makes them slightly taller.


Why Choose High Back Dining Chairs?

High back dining chairs offer much more support to your neck, lower and upper back, and shoulders. When compared to other options, the high back dining chairs offer more adjustment options. The high back dining chairs are an excellent choice for those who suffer from back pain.

Here are some advantages of high back office/dining chairs:

  • The availability of a headrest allows someone to sit comfortably for long hours.

  • Reduce the chances of suffering from slouching.

  • It offers reasonable upper and lower back support.

What Are Low back Dining Chairs?

Low back dining chairs also known as task chairs or typists chairs, are designed to provide lower back and mid back lumbar support. They mainly have a relatively smaller backrest that comes as high as the middle of the back.

Low back dining chairs are an economical and practical option if you need to maintain movement while you are sitting. Moreover, Low back dining chairs don't provide support to the upper back, neck, or head. They are not ideal if you sit on them for more than a couple of hours, or if you have existing upper back or neck problems.



At the end, the difference between these 2 types of chairs is simple which is explained above. The low back chair supports the lower to the middle of our back. The high back dining chairs reaches up to the neck, but the support is usually for the upper back, shoulders, and neck.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Which office chairs are best for your back?

    You can buy either low back, mid-back, or high back dining chairs depending on your needs. High back chairs reduces the chances of suffering from slouching and offers upper and lower back support.

  • 2. Are high back and low back dining chairs good for your back?

    Yes, high back and low back dining chairs are good for your back. Sitting on a regular dining chair for a long time will put lots of pressure on your back. To avoid this from occurring, you can use high back dining chairs or low back dining chairs.

  • 3. Why you should invest in high back and low back dining chairs?

    It is better to have High/Low back dining chair for better upper and lower back comfort, durability, intensive-use seating and affordability.

  • 4. What to look for in a high back and low back dining chairs?

    Superior manufacturing, Ergonomic designs, and Extensive warranties. This will not only help the person to sit comfortably but also guarantees the longevity of the chair itself.

  • 5. Where can I buy high back dining chairs from in Australia?

    If you are looking for buying high back dining chairs in Australia, Only Dining Chairs is one place that you might want to explore. The online store specialises in dining chairs and brings to you a large collection of unique dining chairs. We also provide high back dining chairs set of 2, set of 4, set of 6 and set of 8 depending on the chairs you require.