White dining chairs always appear to be an elegant and trendy addition to your dining room. The white chairs come in different shades, designs, fabrics and materials. Select the one that complements the décor of your living space.

Olsen | Plastic Mid Century Dining Chairs | Set Of 2

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Montessa | Modern, Metal PU Leather Dining Chairs | Set Of 4

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Simple yet elegant, white chairs improve the appearance of your dining space by a notable margin. Yes, some people might argue that installing white dining chairs would be impractical as they tend to get dirty sooner than other darker colors, but that is not exactly the case.

Placing white dining chairs is not a tricky bit either as white goes perfectly well with most of the surroundings. White chairs, along with other white furniture create a visual illusion of expanding the space that helps one have more breathing space and to release stress.

Irrespective of whether you are trying to contrast the white dining chairs with a dining table of darker colors or you are intending to let your dining space appear larger and open by placing them with a white dining table, all of them can be feasible options for you.

Reasons why you should buy White Dining Chairs

The first step for buying a suitable set of white dining chairs is identifying what is the specific type or style you are looking for. When you purchase white dining chairs, remember that the set needs to justify your own aesthetic values and it needs to fit in the surroundings where you are trying to place it.

Depending on your taste and the style of dining space, you can opt for a number of white chair options.

Dining chairs can be classified into two major types: armchairs and side chairs. 

  • Armchairs: in the case of white dining chairs offer you a rest for your arms. They have a formal or traditional appearance and can be a statement of class for your dining space. Armchairs are generally upholstered. Placing these white upholstered dining chairs at the head of your dining table will definitely be the center of attraction for your dining room space. 
  • Side chairs: on the contrary, do not offer armrests and usually have a trendy and fashionable aura. These white dining chairs acquire their name from where they are generally placed: along the sides of the dining table.

The benefit of choosing white dining room chairs is that they will always offer a beautiful, stylish visual experience with an added sense of lightness and purity. Be it armchairs or side chairs, white chairs always enhance the appearance of any dining space that they are placed within.

According to their design, white dining chairs can also be classified into a few types.

These styles are as follows: parsons chairs, wingback chairs, ladder back chairs, slat back chairs, Queen Anne chairs, Windsor chairs, cross back dining chairs, lattice back chairs, splat back chairs, and keyhole back chairs.

All of these unique designs of white dining chairs create unique outlooks for your dining space. While purchasing white chairs, you need to find that one unique style that reflects your taste and blends all too well with your dining setting.

Dining Chairs Of Different Materials

White dining room chairs are a fine and pleasing addition to your dining room aesthetics. We have already discussed the types and designs of dining chairs that you can choose from. But you also have the choice to decide which material your white dining chairs need to be made of.

1. Leather white dining chairs:

Trendy in almost every circumstance, white leather dining chairs are definitely one of the best types of dining chairs. White leather dining chairs can have three different types of leather: real leather, faux leather, and bonded leather. You can choose one of these three types of white dining chairs depending on your budget and the look that you are trying to assign to your dining space. 

2. White plastic chairs:

White plastic chairs should be your go-to option if you are looking for a budget-friendly option. White plastic chairs offer you a trendy yet light and airy look, that is best suited to dining spaces that are relatively smaller and need that airiness.

3. Rattan white dining chairs:

White rattan dining chairs are understandably in the trends of home décor worldwide thanks to the range of benefits they bring. These white dining chairs are easily repairable, stain resistant, resilient, and have an extremely fashionable appearance.

Another benefit of installing white rattan dining chairs is that they not only bring the best out of your dining space through their strong and fancy fashion statement but also can be placed in your gardens when needed and they will not look out of place.

If you are indeed looking for white dining chairs to use both indoors and outdoor dining chairs, white cane dining chairs are another type that you have available. While the cane chairs are mainly suited for outdoor seating areas, these can also be placed indoors if you are trying to create a rustic appearance.

4. Wooden white dining chairs:

White wooden dining chairs are another outstanding option for dining table chairs for you. These white dining chairs also offer a range of useful properties that might catch your interest. White wooden chairs are strong, low maintenance, and also trendy.

There are indeed options in the appearance of wooden chairs as well: you can select a plain white wooden chair for a relaxed laid-back look, or you can choose white wooden chairs with carvings on them that will generate a strong overwhelming sense.

Along with white wooden chairs, another similar choice could be white chairs with wooden legs. These types of white dining chairs are also in the fashion trend and you can use them for creating a style statement that suits your dining room space. 

5. White metal chairs:

Simple yet strong, elegant yet overwhelming- white metal chairs can be another go-to option for you. These white dining chairs are easily available everywhere and can offer you a durable solution to your dining room seating space. 

6. Wishbone white dining chairs:

The Wishbone Dining Chairs come in a variety of colors and this helps a customer in utilizing them even for an informal dining setting. There are a number of colors available and the customers can use them to create a vibe that is playful in the dining room. The chairs like Black wishbone chairs, and white wishbone chair makes it possible to have a superb formal setting.

7. White dining chairs in Melbourne:

Simple and elegant White dining chairs in Melbourne improve the look of your dining area by a significant amount. Some people may suggest that using white furniture is a bad option as they can be more prone to getting dirty than dark colors. Installing furniture that is white in Melbourne is significantly simple and white's color blends very well with the majority of the decor.

Designing ideas for your stackable white dining chairs

Designing a white dining chair can be a great way to add a modern and elegant touch to your dining room. Here are some tips to consider when designing white dining chairs in Australia:

1. Material: White dining chairs are available in a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, plastic, and upholstered. Consider which material will best suit your needs and design style.

2. Shape: Dining chairs in white come in a variety of shapes, such as traditional, modern, and contemporary. Choose a shape that complements the existing design of your dining room.

3. Size: Consider the size of your dining table and the space around it when selecting white dining chairs. Choose chairs that are proportionate to the table and do not overwhelm the space. White dining chairs set of 6 is the most bought set.

4. Comfort: Comfort should be a top priority when designing white dining chairs. Look for chairs with padded seats and backs, as well as ergonomic features like armrests and lumbar support.

5. Upholstery: Consider the upholstery on your chairs. You can choose between a wide range of colors and fabrics, like velvet, leather, or patterned fabric.

6. Accessorize: Accessorize your white dining chairs with colorful cushions or throw pillows to add a pop of color to your dining room.

7. Coordination: Coordinate the dining chairs with the rest of the dining room furniture and decor. A cohesive design will make the room feel more polished and put together.
Remember that design is subjective and your personal taste should always be considered when designing white dining chairs.

How to protect your dining chairs from getting stained

To protect white dining chairs in Australia from getting stained, it's important to take preventative measures and clean up any spills or stains as soon as they occur. Here are some steps to help protect your white dining chairs from stains:

  1. Use a furniture protector or slipcovers on the chairs to protect the fabric or upholstery from spills and stains.
  2. Place coasters under drinks to catch any drips or spills.
  3. Use placemats or a tablecloth to protect the table and chairs from spills or stains.
  4. Be mindful of what you're eating or drinking and try to avoid foods or drinks that are known to stain easily, such as red wine or tomato sauce.
  5. Clean up any spills or stains immediately to prevent them from setting in.
  6. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or heat sources to prevent discoloration or warping.

It is also important to regularly vacuum or brush the upholstery to keep it looking new.

By taking these steps, you can help protect your white dining chairs and keep them looking like new ones for longer.


Finding the right kind of dining room chairs is an essential step for every modern household. To blend with the new trends, you can definitely opt for one of these varieties of white modern dining chairs.

White has an elegance that nobody can overlook and with these beautiful white dining chairs, you can positively improve the appearance of your dining space and in turn, aesthetically enhance your abode.

Turn your outdoor area into the perfect relaxation zone with our latest outdoor dining chairs. Just take a look at the most recent dining chair which we have added to our list, which includes Wishbone chairs, High back chairs, and Parker dining chairs. We have a collection of oak dining chairs with stunning cross-back designs in natural wood finish. Also, we have a trendy collection of plastic chairs, which are famous for their sassy pattern and variety of colors. If you have a living space with a purple or light grey texture then you can go for our trendy velvet chair, it would be the best match for your living space.

Our collection of white dining chairs will have your imaginations running wild on what your dining experience could be both in and out. 

Our white dining chairs have extra features that blend in seamlessly - from natural wooden legs to white fabric contrasting seats, white leather dining chairs, white rattan dining chairs, white plastic chairs, blue dining chairs, white and black dining chairs, green dining chairs, grey dining chairs, white metal chairs, white timber dining chairs, white fabric dining chairs and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Is using white dining chairs a good decision for my dining room?

    While the choice should be made depending on the style and design of your dining room, generally white dining chairs can be used in most of the surroundings. Their appearance is a pleasing one that has a calming effect and therefore you can never go wrong with white dining chairs.

  • 2. What are my options when choosing a white dining chair?

    Just like other color variants, you can choose different materials and designs for white dining chairs as well. You need to pick a variant based on your budget and the style of your house.

  • 3. Should I buy dining chairs online?

    If you are already purchasing items online, then you already know the benefits of online shopping. If you do not trust the process, we suggest you give it a try. There are indeed reliable websites like ours that can offer you a wide range of dining chairs at the best price.

  • 4. Where can I buy white dining chairs in Australia?

    If you are looking to buy white dining chairs in Australia, Only Dining Chairs is one place that you might want to explore. The online store specializes in dining chairs and brings to you a large collection of unique dining chairs that improved your dining space appearance while giving you a budget-friendly price. We also provide white dining chairs in sets of 2, sets of 4, sets of 6, and sets of 8 depending on the particular dining chair you require.

  • 5. Do white dining chairs need to be taken special care of?

     No, mostly white dining chairs don't need special care because of their color but sometimes depending on the material it needs to be given special care.

  • 6. What are the different material of white dining chairs?

    White dining chairs are a fine and pleasing addition to your dining room aesthetics. But you also have the choice to decide which material your white dining chairs need to be made of. Such as Leather white dining chairs, White plastic chairs, Rattan white dining chairs, Wooden white dining chairs, etc.

  • 7. What are the Types and styles of White Dining Chairs?

    White dining chairs come in a variety of styles, including upholstered, wooden, plastic, and metal. Each type can be found in a range of architectural styles, including modern, traditional, farmhouse, and industrial.

  • 8. What is the standard number of white dining chairs that are needed?

    A table generally requires an adequate amount of white dining chairs. The majority of eating tables that are used in Australia are 4-seaters and 6-seater, or 8-seater. Round tables are more difficult to calculate and some require only five seats. To simplify the process you need to leave at least 60 centimeters between each seat for ease of use. .