Enhance the style and comfort of your dining room with velvet dining chairs. These chairs come in a variety of colors, styles, and shapes to perfectly match your decor. Choose the perfect chair to add a touch of luxury to your dining space.

Electra | Modern Velvet Dining Chairs Australia | Set Of 2

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  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
Chesterton | Modern Velvet Dining Chairs | Set Of 2

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  • Black
  • Navy
  • Dark Grey
  • Taupe
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Importance of Velvet Dining Chair

Velvet dining chairs add a touch of luxury and sophistication to any dining room, while also providing comfortable seating for meals.

These chairs come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors, making it easy to find the perfect ones to match your decor.

However, if you live in a small home, finding enough space for all your furniture can be a challenge.

Velvet is a soft, plush fabric that is known for its richness and depth of color, making it a perfect choice for dining chairs.  It is made from a variety of fibers, including silk, cotton, and synthetic materials, and has a distinctive texture and appearance.

Velvet dining chairs are made from high-quality velvet that is both durable and easy to clean, making them a practical choice for everyday use.

Our collection of velvet dining chairs is sure to get the party started at your place!

Whether it's their excellent feel and comfort levels or their range of colors for the mood you are trying to create - you are sure to find what you need here.

Looking for Velvet Dining Chairs in Australia?

Inject true class & comfort into your home with our velvet dining chairs. Right from classy mid-century dining chairs to Hollywood-style chairs, we have one of the biggest selections of best-in-industry velvet dining chairs with exclusive 5 year warranties. 

Lend a stroke of luxury to your dining room with our highly durable velvet dining chairs in black, blue, pink, and many other beautiful colors.

High back & low back dining chairs, with or without arms and more, our collection will surely please you, your family, and your guests.

They not just look good but offer great value for money.

The key to purchasing any kind of furniture that meets your expectations lies in checking for two major criteria.

  • Whether the furniture is comfortable or not, and
  • Whether the furniture gives your abode the desired visual outlook or not.

The kind of dining chairs you are installing in your dining space will decide the kind of dining experience that you may endure.

Thus, you need to ensure that your dining chairs are equally trendy and comfortable. Velvet chairs tick all the criteria in this regard. 

Features Of Velvet Dining Chairs:

If you're looking to purchase new dining chairs in Sydney, dining chairs in Melbournedining chairs in brisbane, or any dining chairs in Australia for your existing furniture, there are many features that might attract you to velvet dining chairs. 

In addition to looking gorgeous, and soft, and being available in a range of colors and styles, velvet fabrics offer a variety of benefits when they are used on dining room chairs.

  • Velvet upholstery instantly enhances any piece of furniture with a luxurious, comfortable look and inviting feel.

  • Velvet dining chairs are a great dining room seating option as these high back dining chairs will appear to be fashionable and will help relax the mood of your dining room by providing a sense of cleanliness.

  • The colors of velvet dining chairs have more depth than a simple plain material due to the way that velvet catches up to the light.

  • There's nothing quite like the soft-to-the-touch quality and durability of velvet dining chairs. A timeless fabric that will last longer and remain for years rather than being a design fad.

  • At Only Dining Chairs, you can find different color variants of velvet dining chairs to purchase. These variations include black velvet dining chairs, blue velvet dining chairs, grey velvet dining chairs, pink velvet dining chairs, red velvet dining chairs, green velvet dining chairs, white velvet dining chairs, and many more velvet dining chairs for sale.

    Why should you buy velvet dining chairs? 

    Luxurious, trendy, comfortable – velvet dining chairs online are a great addition to any household. If you are still having a dilemma, let us point out the benefits of velvet dining chairs for you:

    1. Durability: The durability of a velvet chair is something that you will never have to worry about as the fabric is designed to be long-lasting. A velvet chair can last for years, therefore being a fine dining chair option.

    2. Versatility of appearance: Velvet dining chairs create a fancy luxurious atmosphere for your modern-age dining space, which can be a statement of style on your part.

    However, not only fancy, but these high back dining chairs are also extremely comfortable due to the softness of the fabric.

    3. Maintenance: A velvet chair is quite easy to clean as you can simply wipe the surface with a brush to get rid of all the dirt.

    Remember to keep the fabric free from stains by cleaning any form of liquid immediately, and your velvet dining chair will feel like new yet again.

    4. Dual finishing: Dual finishing on velvet dining chairs refers to the use of two different colors or finishes on the same chair.

    This can create a unique and stylish look, with the contrast of the two finishes adding visual interest to the piece.

    For eg. the Fabric look on the upper side with the wooden finish on the leg side can keep up with the overall furniture of the area.

    5. Variety of colors: Velvet dining chairs are available in a variety of colors and fabrics. This makes it easy to combinate or contrast them with the living room or any other corner of the house.

    Note: However, velvet dining chairs are more prone to attracting pet hair which is something you should consider when you have pets. 

    Velvet is more likely to draw bits and dust which is why it requires more frequent cleaning than plastic or leather to avoid the accumulation of dirt or dust particles. When shopping for dining chairs in Australia, be sure to consider the size and shape of your table to ensure a good fit.


    Soft, comfortable, and trendy – velvet dining chairs will be a nice touch to your dining room and will help you create a great dining experience.

    You can explore different velvet dining chair options at Only Dining Chairs, and also can find velvet dining chairs for sale on the website.

    Available at the best price, purchase these chairs for a durable and comfortable dining chair solution.

    Velvet chairs are made to provide comfortable seating for long hours. They are made from high-quality soft fabric.

    Also, we have a set of dining chairs that include a variety of colors as well as patterns of chairs like White dining chairs, black dining chairs, and modern dining chairs.

    These black dining chairs can also be placed in your gardens and can act as outdoor dining chair when needed and they will not look out of place.

    We have a range of oak Dining chairs with beautiful cross-back detail in our natural oak finish to complement our chairs. We also have tan leather dining chairs that can suit your surrounding.

    Turn your outdoor area into the perfect relaxation zone with our latest outdoor dining chairs.

    Just take a look at the most recent dining chair which we have added to our list, which includes Wishbone chairs, High back chairs, and Parker dining chairs.

    We have a collection of oak dining chairs with stunning cross-back designs in natural wood finish. Also, we have a trendy collection of plastic chairs, which are famous for their sassy pattern and variety of colors.

    If you have a living space with a purple or light grey texture then you can go for our trendy velvet chair, it would be the best match for your living space.

    So, Buy dining chairs to add comfort and style to your dining space.

    Browse through our velvet dining chairs collection now. We offer discounts on bulk orders and deliver Australia-wide.



    • 1. Is assembly of velvet dining chairs required?

      Depends. Mostly velvet dining chairs come in assembled form only.

    • 2. Are these velvet dining chairs easy to maintain?

      Yes, regular use of a soft-bristled brush in a single direction will keep your new velvet dining chairs looking like new.

    • 3. Which order qualifies as a bulk purchase?

      If you have ten or more velvet dining chairs, speak to our customer service team by mailing them at to know more.

    • 4. Is worldwide shipping available?

      No, Australia only.

    • 5. Are velvet dining chairs customizable?

      No, our velvet dining chairs are not customizable, but available in several color opinions and styles.

    • 6. Why should you buy velvet dining chairs?

      Because of its luxurious look and feel as well as its comfort, velvet dining chairs are a popular choice. They give you a soft and comfortable seating experience while also adding a sense of sophistication and elegance to any dining area. In addition, velvet is a strong material that can survive in regular use and is simple to take care.

    • 7. What are the features of velvet dining chairs?

      The rich and soft texture of velvet dining chairs is well known, and they can give a sense of modification to any dining area. Additionally, they are available in a wide range of patterns and colours, making it simple to pick a chair that matches your decor.

    • 8. When can I expect the delivery?

      We offer fast turnaround as the orders are shipped mostly via Australia Post, Toll Ipec, and TNT, normally within one to two business days after payment. You can also check the product page's shipping tab for more specific details on shipping time frames.