Timeless Scandinavian Dining Chairs

Are you chasing that timeless style aesthetic of simple lines, minimalism and functionality without sacrificing beauty? Well if so, allow our Scandinavian dining chair collection to do most of the talking!

Does Scandinavian furniture strike a sweet chord with you? If yes, our collection of Scandinavian dining chairs are sure to please you. 


As much as the coastal scenery, the Vikings, and the architecture, Scandinavian furniture has also left a mark on the heart of the world. With its simplicity, amazing functionality and stark minimalism, this early-to-mid-20th century style is a perfect fit for modern, ergonomic homes.

Place them in your living room, study, kitchen, or dining room, they’ll prove to be a perfect fit for a modern setting. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What kind of chairs are included in the Scandinavian category?

    The Scandinavian furniture style refers to the style prevalent in the Nordic countries: Ideland, Norway, Denmark Sweden and Finland throughout the 1950s. It is absolutely simplistic, functional and minimalistic in nature.

  • 2. I am looking for a bright coloured Scandinavian dining chair. Do you offer one?

    The essence of the Scandinavian furniture lies in simplicity and minimalism when it comes to aesthetics. This is why, more often than not, you will find most such furniture in neutral shades. As for us, we offer mostly neutral shades and a few multi coloured brighter hues, but red may not be among these hues.

  • 3. What warranty do you offer on your chairs?

    All our Scandinavian dining chairs, in fact, all our chairs come with a lifetime guarantee that covers you for both structural and natural wear and tear of your dining chairs.

  • 4. Are these chairs available in sets?

    Yes, we do offer sets of two as well as four dining chairs.