Our premium-quality wooden dining chairs are designed to pair with any dining table. Whatever style you pick, we assure you of the finest-quality, craftsmanship & design. Explore our wooden chairs option and get incredible discounts on bulk orders.

Stockton | Grey Fabric Wooden Dining Chairs | Set Of 2

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  • Charcoal
  • Light Grey
Henry | Version 2 | Fabric Modern Wooden Dining Chair With Arms

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  • Light Grey
  • Light Blue
  • Dark Grey
  • Mustard

Chic-Design Wooden Dining Chairs Australia

Right from contemporary styles such as Scandinavian chairs to the traditional class of oak-design dining chairs, we have the most comprehensive selection of wooden dining chairs in Australia.

Our premium-quality oak, teak & timber dining chairs are designed to pair with your wooden dining table. Whatever style you pick, we assure you of the finest-quality craftsmanship & design, as well as quality materials. 

Nothing can beat the class and comfort of wood dining room chairs/wood chairs; available in a multitude of colors, such as brown, white, grey, and wooden black dining chairs to suit your home look.

Explore our dining chairs and get incredible discounts on bulk orders. We assure you of fast delivery of your wooden dining chairs order Australia-wide.


Which is the Best Wood for Dining Chairs?

We can help you choose the best wood for your wooden dining chairs:

Oak Dining Chairs:

For traditional strength and longevity, no other wood lasts like o. It is a tightly woven grain pattern, which is slightly chaotic. This means it's unlikely to split down its grain patterns. It's not prone to shrinking as quickly as other semi-hard woods and it has the familiar appearance of high-end furniture.

Two species are frequently used to create oak chairs: American red oak and American white oak. White oak is the most durable and tightest-grained, thus making the most durable wooden dining chairs.

Maple Wooden Dining Chairs:

The maple is extremely tight grain pattern, which is chaotic as oak. On the scale of hardness, maple is the hardest and most solid wood available and is second only to birch, which is rarely employed for furniture. Wooden dining chairs made of maple are gaining popularity with coming time. They somewhat give a tremendous aesthetic look of retro dining chairs.

The maple has a warm glowing light which can make it the best wood for dining chairs. However, only the most precise, carbide-tip drills and saws are suggested to mill maple. The glue may not always stick to the smooth hard surface inside of the dowel holes.

Cedar and Redwood Wooden Dining Chairs:

The two oldest hardwoods that are in use are most traditional as well. The famous Adirondack-style chair has been around since before the Civil War. They are the two main wooden dining chairs species that can be used as outdoor dining chairs because they don't decay or rot.

Redwood and Cedar are soft, simple to work with, and extremely comfortable due to their slightly flexible. Commonly, they are not utilized as furniture material as such, cedar and redwood are usually used for outdoor, deck, and lawn chairs.

Mahogany Wooden Dining Chairs:

The availability of mahogany worldwide makes it an obvious choice for making chairs. Mahogany's warm shades and semi-soft texture make it easy to use. Wooden dining chairs made of mahagony are one of the most comfortable dining chairs.

It has a straight grain, blends well, and is fairly sturdy due to straight-grain patterns, which are often laminated which makes a chair made of mahogany nearly split-proof.

All the above types are capable of making the best dining chairs of wood.


Combinations with Wooden Dining Chairs

Wooden designer dining chairs have a neutral and stylish appearance that lets them blend in with any home decor, while their sturdy design and comfort make them a perfect fit for family gatherings during dinner time. But, these wood chairs may also look good in various other types of dining room chairs combinations like hamptons dining chairs, timber chairs, fabric dining chairs, walnut chairs, velvet chair, retro chairs and wishbone dining chairs.

Also the colors most suited for wooden chairs are beige dining chairs, black dining chairs, grey dining chairs, brown dining chairs and white dining chairs.


 How to Clean Wooden Dining Chairs?

To clean wood dining chairs you can use some quick cleaning home remedies hack to clean wood furniture :

Lift water stains with mayonnaise    

It's very likely if you have a watermark on your wooden dining chairs and table that it's probably not in the wood, but instead in the wax layer. Rub it with mayonnaise to effectively lift the stains and also give an amount of polish along the way!

Make use of tea to get a beautiful shine

Take 2 bags of black tea in a kettle of boiling water, then allow the tea to chill. Then, you can use a soft cloth, place it in the tea, squeeze it out, and then wash your clean wooden and timber dining chairs. This will give your wooden dining chairs organic protection and soft shine.

Deploy baking powder for stubborn marks

For paint marks and ink (or any other stain that insists to remain) Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with a tiny amount of water, say maybe a teaspoon to form a paste. Apply the paste to your wooden dining chairs or table with a clean cloth and rub it in until the stain disappears or fades.
And also, vinegar and olive oil can double up as a polish and cleaner for your wooden dining set/furniture polishes.

These were the best cleaning solutions for clean wood furniture.

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Frequently Asked Question

  • 1. Which wood is best for wooden furniture?

    Both oak and timber wooden dining chairs provide maximum strength & durability. For your peace of mind, we offer a lifetime warranty on our products.

  • 2. How do you clean wooden chairs?

    Our wooden dining chairs are durable & easy to care for, therefore it is a great investment for your home- especially combined with our lifetime warranty. Keep it clean with a soft & damp cloth and our wooden cleaning product. A microfiber cloth is best for sticky strain marks on chairs.

  • 3. How do I know the shipping status of my order?

    We ship your order via major national carriers. You can know the real-time status of your shipment click on the courier's tracking link from the email we have to send you.

  • 4. Can I physically visit your store?

    Unfortunately, we operate as an online store only.