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Best Wooden Dining Chairs For A Lavish And Luxurious Look

Best Wooden Dining Chairs For A Lavish And Luxurious Look

9 Wooden Dining Chairs to Set Your Table with Style

Confiscated on the same wooden base, and co-inherited with appealing contextual colors and designs is, in general, an attribute of a wooden dining chair. To Strengthen the support, so that bulky mass could easily rest their booties without any un-avoidable cracking we use different types of woods ranging from walnut, maple, mahogany, birch, oak, cheery, bamboo to pine, and a lot more.

As we all know Dine-in turns out to be perfect when you have seats that can pacify your soul and rejuvenate your dining experience to the next level. The built of wooden dining chairs is accustomed in such a way, that it can be designed latterly for kitchens, offices, homes, courtyards specifically. So, if you are aware well about your needs then this list would help you choose the perfect dining chair for yourself.

Different types of Wooden dining chairs

Let’s re-discuss the convolutional terms that picture’s a down different set of these dining chairs objectifying your needs and posing in solution for it.


Minerva dining chairs

Minerva turns out to be a great option to buy for your dining space, due to its multi-color translucency which makes it combating in with different furniture and decors available at your place. These black wood dining chairs come in with catchy and crispy looks settling up an ideal home, office, and café. Minerva owns a thick foam and fabric which procures comfort to the sitters.



If Curvy designs are something that turns you on, then Pearce is the best-fit choice for you. These glossy wooden chairs which hug you from the back, turn out to be the best chairs to sit on after a perfect dining meal. These chairs possess catchy, ultra-stylish designs and cozy aesthetics that can easily match any dining theme. Turns out to be a product, that can brawl easily in the long race.


Cara Chairs

Cara is known for its uncompromised styling that makes your guest talk about this exclusive carving. These chairs serve two clauses: work well as a studying chair as well as a dining chair for their master. These comfortably cushioned wood chairs are designed on OAK, which makes them supportable for bulky masses too.





Looking for chairs, where you can sit and enjoy your evening snack. Well, then Daintree is something that you would love to rascal up with. Coastal rattan chairs serve out to be an inspiration for Daintree, these slightly curvy and wood substructure chairs provide you extra comfort and turn out to be the first choice, for people who want to spend their evening time classily.



Somers turn out to be products that are designed on solid teak frame summoned with high-quality backrest and seat that turns out to be durable in all conditions. These chairs are generally preferred by people for daily uses and turn out to be a supply in case of shortage of chairs is met in any functions. These chairs are comforted with a nylon pad, which avoids unusual scratching of these types of chairs.


Savannah Chairs

Savannah as the name goes stands out to be perfect for the people, who are in love with the coastal themes. Built on a mahogany base, the product can withstand both outdoor and indoor environmental conditions. Possess cushiony base, which is washable, and an armrest for comfort purposes. This product is a retro-chic, which can let you whisper old songs and relax for hours. Moreover, the product is cleanable, can be cleaned with a dry cloth.





Hann’s dining chairs turn out to be perfect for office and commercial uses. These chairs are made of solid wood in Scandinavian design, which is effective for employees to boost their efficiency without any back pain. This design carves out the elegance in whichever space it is placed in. The product is highly durable could be even used as a pull-up side chair at parties or functions.




Augusta is just an optimized version of Daintree. This beautiful carving comes in with the armrest making it more comfortable for the people sitting on it. Being indoor or outdoor this chair offers supreme comfort and gives you a beachy style look. This chair voluntary offers long sitting, because of the rattan space which allows easy passage of air and no sweats on the lower back making your sitting free from any hindrance.





Bunbury turns out to be the best product, in the kitchen space. These wooden chairs with angular stable legs provide excellent smoothness on the floor so that they can be pushed in the kitchen cordial without disturbing anyone. The product is perfectly assembled and crops in to set a strong inner frame for settling in perfectly in the given space.

The list of wooden chairs is long and composes of thrifty products that can simplify your thinking space. From Minerva to Bunbury the list consolidates in the chairs that can suit in best for different spaces as per your requirement and needs. Kitchen space, office allocations, dining rooms, evening picnics, functions, events, or anything. You would find the chair from this list, that would fit in as per your needs.


#5 Best Selling Wooden Dining Chairs


1. Riviera | Multi Coloured, Scandinavian, Wooden Dining Chairs | Set of 4

For A Colourful Inviting Dining

Enjoy the Riviera multi-coloured fabric wooden dining chairs in any room of your home.

Its mid-century Scandinavian patchwork transcends style without compromising comfort.

The curved seat with the sturdy wooden legs offers a play on design elements that further enhances the piece's overall look.

  • The chair seat and backrest are moulded on a solid polypropylene (PP) plastic for durability
  • The simple ergonomic backrest and curved seat minimize back strain




2. Aspire | Upholstered, Grey Wooden Dining Chairs Australia | Set of 2

Bring Art To Your Dining

Crafted with vintage Scandinavian retro lines and overtones, these Aspire Wooden Beech Dining Chairs are in a class of its own.

The unique and minimalist combination of fabric and wood creates an appealing appearance that everyone, family and guests will appreciate.

  • Anti-slip floor protectors to keep you safe
  • High resilience foam for endless comfort

Exclusive Life Time Warranty: Only Dining Chairs are the only retailer in Australia that covers both structural and natural wear and tear of your dining chairs for the life time of your ownership! 




3. Vienna | Scandinavian Dining Room Chairs, Wooden Dining Chairs | Set of 4

 Vienna | Scandinavian Dining Room Chairs, Wooden Dining Chairs | Set of 4


Sleek And Stylish

Choose the Vienna dining chair to add a touch of style to your interior decor.

Together with the legs made of solid beech wood, these Scandinavian dining chairs is stable and sturdy.

Comfort is guaranteed with its polypropylene (PP) seat, which can be complemented by a throw pillow but is both aesthetic and pleasant as is.

  • Available in White Or Grey Versions
  • Floor protectors to avoid scuffling




4. Ramsgate | Walnut, Beech, Natural, Black, Mid Century Wooden Dining Chairs | Set of 2

Crafted With Excellence

The Ramsgate is a mid-century dining chair designed to bring out a classy traditional Scandinavian look to your home.

This light but sturdy, solid wood chair boasts a unique look, instantly creating an interesting and comfortable conversation corner in your home.

  • Solid long-lasting natural ash wood frame
  • Easy to clean mid-century & Scandinavian design

Even though the Ramsgate dining chair is designed with a traditional style, it still has a modern touch that perfectly fits in with any setting.




5. Marseille | Black, French Provincial Chairs, Wooden Dining Chairs

 Marseille | Black, French Provincial Chairs, Wooden Dining Chairs

Luxurious Experience.

Transform your home with the timeless Marseille French Provincial Dining Chair.

The tufted button design of the backrest and the iconic curved back legs ooze myriads of class and sophistication that adds to the overall charisma of this classic chair.

  • Super thick foam padding for luxury and comfort
  • A rubberwood frame that will last for years to come!

The Marseille Dining Chair is upholstered in quality black fabric linen and 13cm thick resilience foam set over a durable rubberwood frame.

With hints to the Rococo period, this classic accent dining chair will provide a look that brings out your warm personality.



Our collection of wooden dining chairs will have your imaginations running wild on what your dining experience could be both in and out. Our dining chairs have extra features that blend in seamlessly - from natural wooden legs to grey fabric contrasting seats, high back dining chairs, black wood dining chairs, silverwood dining chairs, white wooden dining chairs, black wooden dining chairs, hardwood dining chairs, wooden armchairs, white chair with wooden legs and many other wooden chairs for sale.

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Frequently Asked Question

  • 1. Which is the best wood for dining chairs?

    The wood used in building dining chairs is entirely dependent upon its usage and the region in which it is being used. To know the best wood, you should first figure out your purpose behind using that chair. Like, oak chairs are preferable if you want strong and durable chairs, rattan is used for building chairs giving the coastal appearance, maple is used for letting dining chairs glue up tightly. Alternatively, Cedar and Redwood are used for outdoor, deck, and lawn chairs. The list of selections goes on. So, the best option is to know your requirement and then take the decision wisely.

  • 2. What essentials are required to clean wooden dining chairs?

    Here are some essentials that are required to clean wooden dining chairs:
    -Dish detergent
    -Warm water
    -White vinegar
    -Plastic pot scraper
    -Teabags in hot water
    -Clean cloth for dusting purposes.

  • 3. What to look for before purchasing wooden dining chairs?

    One thing, that you should always look for before purchasing wooden dining chairs is your requirements and how the particular product going to full it.

  • 4. What is the maximum weight wooden dining chairs can hold?

    The maximum weight a wooden dining chair can hold is around 120 kgs. So, if you ensuring in to buy any of these wooden dining chairs in Australia, Only Dining Chairs can be right place for you.