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Accent chairs are one of the best pieces of furniture to place in the living room. Armchairs and accent chairs are the best choice of furniture pieces for a boring corner of your living room. Especially, accent chairs can stand out easily among other furniture pieces. It not only adds a spark to your interior decor but comfort too.

In case you are not aware, the term ‘accent furniture’ means furniture which emphasizes the look of your interior. Interior designers generally add one or two accent chairs in the living room. As accent chairs are not only comfortable but also complement the other components of the interior. The accent chair is a type of occasional chair.

Accent chairs are largely used to add a twist to your living room furniture. A single accent chair can emphasize the look of your home decor. If you are short of space in your living room and want a small reading setup too. Then, a small table with books on it, along with a big & vibrant accent chair can do the job. Typically, as a part of living room furniture, it’s more cozy and appealing than plastic chairs. But, a modern accent chair set of 2 can be a part of your bedroom if you want minimalist furniture there. It can be your most comfortable chair to read books, watch films, or just rest. Let’s explore more about accent chairs.

Types & Styles

Accent chairs are mostly used as standalone pieces of furniture. But, different sizes and designs, can add a lot to the aesthetics. There are many types & styles of accent chairs available. A Few of the most common ones are:

  • Accent Armchair

These are the most commonly used accent chairs with arms. As its name suggests, armchairs come with arm support on both sides. Which lets you sit comfortably. Best to rest, these chairs come with thick cushioned bases to sit on. Armchairs come in different sizes and designs. One can choose according to their home aesthetics.

  • Accent Slipper chair

Probably its clean and minimalistic looks make it appealing. Being without armrests, it provides you with wider space to move. And the cushioned backrest is available too. It’s a good choice as a subtle furniture piece. Accent slipper chairs can fit in small spaces too.

  • Accent Side chair

Slim, comfortable, and clean framework–Perfect words to describe the modern side chairs. Being the basic, lightweight, and portable one, it can be used anywhere. Side chairs can be a perfect fit for the library, dining area, or even canteen. Armrests are absent in accent side chairs. Which allows people to fit in, easily.

  • Accent Oversized chair

Prominently best for gaming sessions, oversized chairs are one of a kind. Often available with a footrest, it’s super comfortable for long hours of sittings. As it’s oversized, it goes well with a spacious living room or area. Its entirely cushioned structure looks fluffy and massive. Oversized chairs need big space and a big budget too.

  • Accent Parsons chair

These chairs are known for their sleek and comfortable design. It goes with most decoration styles, perfectly. Easily portable and best for small space rooms. Although, armrests are absent. But, its long backrest allows people to relax perfectly. Best choice for dining area, Parsons chairs are named after the Parson School of Design in Paris, France.

  • Accent Corner chair

People who want only one accent chair in their living room can choose a corner chair. With a thick cushioned seat and backrest, corner chairs are easy and comfortable. Available in various materials and designs, it resembles as a mini–sofa set.

  • Accent Lounge chair

These chairs are the ones you can relax on for long hours. They are available in various types and materials. Lounge chairs are available with both, high and small backrests. They are wide, deep, and perfect for relaxation.

There are many other types of accent chairs available as well. Like wing back chairs for vintage style and comfort; barrel chairs to add rustic vibes with comfort, etc. The 18th century invented Chesterfield chairs are massive, comfortable, and best for the vintage look. One of the leather accent chairs, modern chesterfield chairs are available in various materials and designs. Anyway, they are surely eccentric ones.

Another unique chair is a wishbone chairs. These chairs can be used both, indoors and outdoors. It’s strong, durable, and comfortable too. Best for minimalist and elegant look.


Only dining chairs supply the best-quality dining chairs. Our focus is on one product only – chairs. We don’t offer a hundred products without thinking about quality. Which is why we are highly skilled at our work. The quality of indoor, as well as outdoor chairs, are up to the mark, always. Our outdoor dining chairs materials remain intact in any season. Some of our products are also UV resistant.


Accent chairs for the living room are available in a variety of materials. Wooden, metal, leather, velvet, plastic & resin, along with many other materials are used for dining chairs. Each material has some significant specialty. On which, the dining chairs quality depends.

For natural material lovers, wooden furniture like oak chairs can be a great option. Oak dining chairs are resilient and have high longevity. Chairs of plastic are lightweight, durable, and one of the most affordable ones. Therefore, plastic chairs are preferred for both, indoor and outdoor interiors, like wishbone chairs.

To add a classic touch to your interior, Parker dining chairs can be preferred. They are not only easy to clean but add elegance too. Whereas, Velvet dining chairs look luxurious.


Occasional and accent chairs are being used as statement pieces by interior designers. When choosing an accent chair for your home, there are many things to consider. Other than material and quality, color, space, and budget also matter. Accent chairs, like Chesterfield and oversized ones, needs more space and a single piece can work. But, for the dining area, Parsons accent chairs can be the best choice. By considering space, one can avoid the toil, further.

Only dining chairs offer the best accent chairs, in Australia. Whichever type of accent chair suits the house decor, one can find it here. Color is also a prominent thing in interior decoration. The color of the accent chair must complement the interiors. In case of confusion, one can explore the white accent chairs collection. As white accent chairs complement most of the interiors.

There are innumerable types of dining chairs available here. Explore more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How to place accent chairs in living room?

    Accent chairs can be placed in the living room by many ways. Either place two accent chairs on each sofa side. Or put a massive one at any corner of the living room. There are many ways to do so.

  • 2. Are accent chairs comfortable?

    Of course, accent chairs are comfortable. Depending on the preferences, one can choose the right accent chair for them.

  • 3. Can you use dining chairs as accent chairs?

    Yes, for sure. Comfortable dining chairs made of leather, faux etc. can be used as accent chairs.

  • 4. How to match accent chairs with sofa?

    Place the sofa set at the center. While two accent chairs on both sides, facing each other. Accent chairs like slippers, lounge, etc. Will complement the sofa set more.

  • 5. What are the alternatives of accent chairs?

    As an alternative of accent chairs, outdoor dining chairs, oak dining chairs, parker dining chairs etc. can be used. Or chairs, which can be used for indoors and outdoors both, can also work. Such as wishbone chairs, plastic chairs, etc.