Quality, Comfort & Durability - our office chairs offer everything. They are available in different materials, fabrics and colors. Select the best office chairs that will complement the décor of your work space.

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Working from home has become the new normal today because of the pandemic. Gone are the days when the home office was all about a small corner where we used to leisure around with some books or office calls once in a while. Work from home requires a designated area today. A comfortable office chair is needed to do your work with full concentration without any outside disturbance.

Imagine you have designed the house which you want with all the essential decor and furnishings like bookshelf,sofa but forgot about the furnishing items like armchairs which can help to turn your house into a home. Nothing can elevate the design of your home as the sophisticated and stunning office chair.The contemporary chair can add a distinctive elegance to the room in which they are kept.

The office chairs are versatile and can help to enhance the look of your office or your reading room easily. The office chairs are treated as a piece of investment because they give huge comfort and also last for a long period of time.

Best Office Chairs of Various Materials, Fabrics & Colors

To get the most of your workforce, you have to give them a fresh and energetic office space. In order to give your office space the right kind of interior that is appealing to the workers and acts as a factor of motivation, you need to install the right kind of furniture in your office.

You might already know this – the comfortable chairs in your office will enhance the productivity of your employees as they use those seats while they work. Physical comfort plays a pivotal role in determining the levels of mental comfort. This is why, you need to pick the best quality office chairs that are available on Only Dining Chairs. Make sure that what you invest in your office chairs, comes back to you with much more value through the quality of your workforce.

Office chair collection

When you spend most of your time sitting in the office chair, it is very important that you have the correct chair. A correct office chair will not cause any pain in the back. If you use a comfortable chair, there will be no neck strains caused. The office chair can be easily adjusted to your position. You should check the material of the chair before buying it.

  • Executive office armchairs:
    A chair that is available in high and also medium backrest is basically the chair that you can consider before buying. The executive office chair doesn't only help you with the backrest but it also provides support for a full swing chair mechanism. This chair provides you comfort on the days of pressure and stress.

  • Ergonomic office armchairs:
    When you are working for more than 10 hours a day while sitting in your chair, ergonomic office chairs become a necessity. These chairs also help to improve productivity at work. It supports the lower back and also keeps the joints in their natural position. Ergonomic office chairs have a padded seat and also have an adjustable seat height. Make sure that you purchase the office chair for your comfort and also to reduce your stress.

  • Workspace office chair:
    A work space office chair is a chair designed for the office workers especially. The office chairs are designed for the people who have to sit for long hours. This chair has a backrest and the chair also provides lumbar support.

Pick the right material for your office chairs

The choice of materials for your office chairs is a crucial step towards purchasing the right kind of office chairs that suits the theme of your office space. There are quite a number of materials available in the market when it comes to office chairs, but what will be the best pick for you? If you want to find the answer to that question, our top 3 pick for office chairs would be – leather office chairs, fabric office chairs, and velvet office chairs.

1. Leather office chair is the best for home office

Do you want to provide an elegant and luxurious vibe to your workstation? Don't worry as we have the perfect setup for you. A leather office chair can help to add a corporate vibe to your office space and it is also perfect for your catch-ups and professional meetings. The space of your office adds a luxe vibe to the home and it also helps to take the style quotient to a new level. The wooden flooring and wooden paneling can add the required warmth to your space. The table lamp and the LED light can eliminate your room beautifully.

Quality, comfort, durability – leather office chairs offer everything that you want from your office chair. Depending on your budget, you can choose from three different types of leathers – real leather, faux leather, and bonded leather. 

2. Fabric Office Chair: 

If leather office chairs prove to be a little too much for your office space, you do not need to panic as you can always have another option available in fabric office chairs. The fabric office chairs come in various different kinds of fabric that include – linen, cotton, synthetic, etc. Different fabrics come at different costs so you will always have a choice of fabric that suits your budget.

Fabric dining chairs are quite comfortable and durable as well. However, the comfort levels and durability depends a lot on which fabric you are choosing for your office chairs. Overall, these are a premium option of dining chairs to be installed in your office.

3. Velvet Office Chair: 

Velvet office chairs are actually a subset of fabric office chairs. This premium quality fabric adds a sense of modern posh aesthetics to your office space. Velvet is one of the long-lasting fabrics, which makes velvet office chairs a durable alternative for you.

These velvet chairs are easy to maintain and clean and the softness of the velvet ensures that anyone who sits on these chairs, enjoy a fine seating experience. However, the most important benefit of installing velvet office chairs is the luxurious appearance they bring with themselves. These chairs can truly transform your office space into a productive and attractive area.

Choose the right color for your office chairs

After you have decided on the desired material for your office chairs, there comes the next step where you have to decide on the right color of your office chairs. The wrong choice of color can cause serious damage to the appearance of your office space. At Only Dining Chairs, we recommend four commonly used colors for office chairs – black office chairs, white office chairs, grey office chairs, and pink office chairs.

  1. Black office chairs:

    Black is a timeless and classic color that can match any décor style, for example:- black dining chairs, black rattan dining chairs, and many more. When it comes to office chairs that perfectly blend in with any kind of interior, black office chairs are unparalleled. Black chairs give your office space a modern aesthetic appearance. You can use these chairs in both bright surroundings and black surroundings. It must also be noted that black office chairs are easy-to-clean and easier to maintain as well.

  2. White office chairs:

    Another basic color that fits in perfectly with any kind of décor is white. White office chairs add a touch of elegance and calmness to your office space. These best office chairs will help your employees to be at ease and work at their full potential. White office chairs also add an extra dimension to your office space which helps you create a breathable and relaxing atmosphere.

    Similar to the black office chairs, the white office chairs can also be paired with any background – be it white or a darker shade. The white chairs are easy to clean as the dirt spots on these chairs can be identified easily. Overall, white office chairs are a perfect buy.

  3. Grey office chairs: 

    Our next pick of colour for office chairs would be grey office chairs. Just like black office chairs, grey office chairs add a sense of modernity to your office space. These chairs always appear trendy, fashionable, and new.

    A great thing about grey office chairs is that in these chairs, the blemishes and strains can be hidden perfectly. The grey chairs always appear neat and clean, and indeed, they are easy to clean. You can also choose from two different shades of grey – light grey office chairs and dark grey office chairs.

  4. Pink Office Chairs:

    Another trendy and calming colour for office chairs should definitely be pink office chairs. The pink chairs bring with them a unique elegance and touch of modernity that can help transform the appearance of your office space abruptly. Pink office chairs can also be used in front of any background and they appear quite relaxed and breathable as well.


Shop by the type of office chair

There are a variety of chairs available in the market today. You can get confused as to which chair to buy. You can easily find out which office chair is comfortable by knowing the importance of that chair. You should do your research before making any decision regarding which office chair to purchase.

Office chairs can be of several types and designs. So, to rid you of your dilemma, we at Only Dining Chairs have outlined three best chairs option for office chairs – high back office chairs, upholstered office chairs, and office armchairs.

1. High back office chairs: 

Most offices tend to go for high back office chairs as these affordable chairs helps employees seat comfortably for long runs without developing back problems. The high back chairs offer employees with a place to rest their back which is an essential feature of comfortable office chairs.

2. Upholstered office chairs: 

Upholstered office chairs are high back chairs that offer a cushioned seat and back-rest. The upholstered chairs are an upgrade over high back office chairs and offer a better level of comfort for your employees thanks to the softness of cushioned seats and backs.

3. Office chairs with arms: 

Office armchairs are a budget option for office spaces as well as resting areas. These are comfortable chairs and do offer an armrest. These chairs fit in perfectly in spaces like conference rooms and desks.


Best Office chairs based in different areas.

Only Dining Chairs extends its services throughout Australia and you can purchase our office chairs for several locations across the country.

1. Office chairs Melbourne: For your Melbourne based office, you can opt for our Melbourne office chairs. These chairs in Melbourne will fit in perfectly with the theme and interior of you office space in Melbourne.

2. Office chairs Sydney: If your office is in Sydney, you can purchase our Sydney office chairs. These chairs in Sydney will offer a unique seating solution for your Sydney based office space.

3. Office chairs Brisbane: We offer Brisbane office chairs for office spaces across the city of Brisbane. These chairs in Brisbane fit in the style and the interior décor of the office perfectly and always appear modern and trendy.

4. Office chairs Perth: For offices based in Perth, we offer Perth office chairs. These beautiful chairs will be adjustable to the interior of your office and with the variety of options you can always find the one perfect fit office chair for your Perth based office space.

Best place to shop best office chairs: Only Dining Chairs

Only Dining Chairs offers the best quality office chairs at a relatable price that makes our products a necessary element in office spaces. We offer high quality, comfortable, best dining chairs & best office chairs and our inventory is large enough for you to browse through and find the correct set of office chairs for your office space.

Simply put, we are one of the finest office chair brand you will ever come across. We also provide dining chairs set of 4dining chairs set of 6, in sets of 8 or depending on the chairs you require. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Can these office chairs last long?

    The chairs are made up of premium quality material and they are also durable. These chairs can last long easily.

  • 2. Why are office chairs comfortable?

    Office chairs are comfortable because they have armrests.

  • 3. How hard is it to assemble the office chair?

    You do not have to worry about the assembling of the chair because the chair comes assembled.

  • 4. Are the office chairs durable and sturdy?

    Yes, our range of commercial office chairs are strong, sturdy and they are durable for the long run.

  • 5. Are the office chairs comfortable?

    Yes, the office chairs are extremely comfortable to use and will give you a favourable dining experience.

  • 6. Why you should invest in office chairs?

    Office chairs are designed for comfortable sitting on which you can sit for hours without any back pain and you will not have to pay a fortune to get them. These are beautiful, high quality, and sturdy dining chairs at the best affordable price possible.

  • 7. Where to buy office chairs from in Australia?

    If you are looking for buying office chairs in Australia, Only Dining Chairs is one place that you might want to explore. The online store specializes in chairs and brings to you a large collection of unique chairs. We also provide office chairs set of 2, set of 4, set of 6 and set of 8 depending on the chairs you require.