Rattan outdoor chairs are a popular choice because they are comfortable, trendy, and breezy, and match any outdoor theme. There are many types and styles of rattan outdoor chairs to choose from. Browse our collection of rattan outdoor chairs and pick the best one for your outdoor space.


In today's era of modernization, there are many options of chairs available that can prove to be an addition to your house.

The Rattan chair is one of the chairs which has gained popularity recently. The Rattan chair is sturdy and also stylish.

In the trend of design, rattan chairs have become the most significant chair. You can purchase rattan outdoor chairs from our website.

Due to the durable structure and appeal of the chair, it is considered to be a rattan outdoor chair. Rattan chairs can be used in indoor spaces also.

However, rattan chairs are mainly used as outdoor chairs because of their weather-resistant properties of the chair.

Rattan chairs are basically made from rattan plants.

The plant is adaptable and can stretch in a variety of forms. It can also be weaved into chair seats, baskets and also other home accessories.

Rattan can complement various styles of decorating like coastal, classic and bohemian. You can purchase an oak dining chair, white dining chair, black dining chair, and many more.

Types & Style

  • Brampton Rattan Outdoor Chairs

    Brampton Rattan chairs are not only stylish but comfortable too. Along with an upholstered backrest, the curvy seat makes one's sitting more comfortable. These gorgeous chairs are made of sustainable teak wood and classy synthetic cord. The sturdy synthetic cord in the woven design makes it more appealing. Additionally, a sun proof acrylic thick cushioned seat is also available. These rattan outdoor chairs are available in two neutral colours – white and mushroom, with a 120 kg weight capacity. Ergonomically made, these chairs are long-lasting. Besides being plus-size friendly, these chairs are space-saving too.

  • Mebbin Rattan Outdoor Chairs

    Mebbin rattan outdoor chairs are one of a kind as they are made of reclaimed teak wood. A slanted backrest is added for extra comfort. And the solid reclaimed teak timber frame provides strength and stability. Its versatile design perfectly goes with coastal, mid-century and Hampton types of décor. These chairs are designed to be strong, durable, and weather-resistant. Backrests expertly wrapped in handcrafted hyacinth wicker give a classic touch. U-shaped armrests add a twist to the general armrest design. Not only that, a removable thick cushioned seat is there as well. The neutral colour complements the outside greenery as well as the colourful interior decor. With a 120 kg weight capacity, these rattan outdoor chairs are worth a look.

  • Seabreeze Rattan Outdoor Chairs

    These beautiful rattan outdoor chairs are not only breathable but lightweight too. The curved backrests let one snug in comfortably for hours. And the rattan design makes it look unique and stylish as well. All screwed joints ensure stability and strength. Solid rattan frame makes one feel warm and inviting. A thick padded removable cushion is also there for comfortable sitting. The fully wrapped armrests are also there to sit with ease. And the wide accommodating seat makes these chairs plus-size friendly as well. Available in white and natural shades, these chairs have a weight capacity of 120 kg. These eye-catching chairs with unique woven rattan designs are hard to resist.

  • Hinchinbrook Rattan Outdoor Chairs

    Hinchinbrook rattan chairs are indoor as well as outdoor-friendly. The broad furnished legs provide stability. Whereas the fully wrapped armrests let one rest with comfort. These chairs are made up of sustainable teak beech wood and sleek synthetic string. Get cozy on the curved backrest with a beautiful open weave pattern design. These water-resistant rattan chairs are easy to maintain and clean. An outdoor sunproof acrylic thick cushion is also offered. The only thing one needs to take care of is to place these chairs undercover or shade, outdoors.

    Other than rattan chairs outdoors, we also offer other chairs including parker dining chairs, plastic chairs, wishbone dining chairs, etc. One can explore other collections like outdoor armchairs, desk chairs, etc.


The quality of the products depends on the quality material. That's why we never compromise on quality. Neither our oak dining chairs cracks nor the teak or timber wear off. Because we use premium quality products only. Additionally, our every product goes through several quality checks before getting delivered. To ensure that our customers will not receive any products less than the best.


Rattan outdoor chairs are generally made with teak wood. Whereas, wooden chairs made of teak, timber, oak, Mahogany etc. are also available. Whether one orders chairs of any material, from wood to plastic, they will get the best only. Shop black rattan outdoor chairs set of 2, or any other dining chair. And get the best-quality product and service experience.

Rattan Chairs Can Go Well With All Styles.

Rattan chairs can complement a variety of designs. The chairs help to add warmth and also make the atmosphere relaxed. It prevents the outdoor look from being too cool and also gives a classic vibe. You can pair your rattan chair with some natural materials to enhance the beauty of your outdoor area. The relaxed vibe of the rattan chair can be contrasted with sleek chairs along with the accessories to give it an electric look.

Rattan Chairs And Lighting Fixtures.

You can replace plain fittings of light with some alternatives of rattan to create a unique focal point. Rattan chairs look best with lighting fixtures. You can pick a light fixture with a woven pattern. You can use wireless lights if you want to avoid wiring.

Revitalizing Your Outdoor Area With Rattan Outdoor Chairs.

Rattan chairs are versatile and also are lightweight. Rattan chairs are typically less expensive than other chairs making them perfect for the outdoor area.

The Rattan chair provides a welcoming and relaxed vibe for the outdoor area where comfort is a priority. You can put a relaxing rug under your foot to increase your comfort.

Rattan Chairs Of The 70s.

The swirly forms of the rattan chair which are featured on Pinterest provide the feel of the 70s. Most of the rattan chairs that we see today have been a trend in the past. Most people choose retro-inspired rattan chairs that provide comfort and a neutral look.

Mix & Match With The Outdoor Rattan Chairs.

The versatility of the rattan chairs allows the person to combine various weaves together to get a fascinating design.

From natural rattan to an all-black rattan, it is one of the best options to give you the feel of a rustic atmosphere. So, what are you waiting for? Make your purchase of the rattan outdoor chair at Only Dining Chairs.


Rattan chairs are one of the best outdoor chairs. As they are not only durable but comfortable too.

To fulfill the need of our customers, Only Dining Chairs presents rattan chairs outdoor collection. One can explore various kinds of rattan outdoor chairs in this collection.

Various kinds of dining chairs collection are also open for sale, including outdoor dining chairs too.

Explore the dining chairs collection and get the best one for your outdoors. Woven leather dining chairs are a unique and stylish option for your dining room.

They feature a leather seat and backrest woven into a sturdy frame.

The leather adds a touch of luxury and comfort while the weaving gives it a rustic, natural look.

Woven leather dining chairs are durable, comfortable, and easy to clean, making them great for everyday use. They also come in a variety of styles and colors to match any dining room decor.

Turn your outdoor area into the perfect relaxation zone with our latest outdoor dining chairs.

Just look at the most recent dining chair we have added to our list, which includes Wishbone chairs, High back chairs and Parker dining chairs.

We have a collection of oak dining chairs with stunning cross-back designs in natural wood finish.

Also, we have a trendy collection of plastic chairs, which are famous for their sassy pattern and various colors.

If you have a living space with a light grey texture then you can go for our trendy velvet chair, it would be the best match for your living space.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Where should I buy rattan outdoor chairs?

    Only Dining Chairs is the best online marketplace for rattan outdoor chairs across Australia. Along with top-quality rattan outdoor chairs, one can also find several other dining chairs variants on their website.

  • 2. What are the alternatives of rattan outdoor chairs?

    Other than outdoor dining chairs, oak dining chairs, parker dining chairs, plastic chairs, wishbone chairs, etc. can be used as an alternative of rattan outdoor chairs.

  • 3. Are these outdoor rattan chairs durable?

    Yes, these rattan chairs are durable and can last long.

  • 4. Are outdoor rattan chairs affordable?

    Yes, the rattan chairs are affordable and provide maximum comfort.

  • 5. Do the outdoor rattan chairs come assembled?

    Yes, the rattan chairs come assembled.