Wooden chairs are a popular choice for outdoor use because they are durable, strong, and comfortable. If you want to find the best outdoor wooden chairs at affordable prices, check out our collection of wooden outdoor chairs.


When setting up a small outdoor dining area, wooden outdoor chairs are often the first choice. These chairs not only match most themes but also provide stability.

They are wear-resistant and add warmth to their surroundings. The wooden look complements the greenery of the outdoors and the chairs are able to wick away water and prevent moisture from entering.

Wooden furniture is timeless, remaining unchanged and in fashion for years. Its texture is classic, but its design and shapes can also provide a modern look. Browse our collection of wooden outdoor chairs and choose the best outdoor wooden garden chairs.

Types & Style

There are many kinds of wooden Outdoor Chairs available. Oak, teak, timber, Mahogany, cedar, etc. chairs are available here. Browse wooden outdoor chair options and select the best one for outdoors.

  • Brampton Wooden Outdoor Chairs

    Brampton Wooden Outdoor Chairs are one of a kind. As these chairs not only has curvy backrest but curved seating too. The curved seat lets one fit in completely and comfortably. These chairs are made of sustainable teak wood combined with classic, sturdy synthetic cord. Both of these make these chairs long-lasting and strong too. Not only that, but the removable outdoor acrylic cushion is also sunproof. Making it the best choice for indoors and outdoors,. Available in two decor neutral colors – white and mushroom, with weight capacity of 120 kg. These ergonomically made chairs are super comfortable, durable, and a perfect fit for any modern home.

  • Bedarra Wooden Outdoor Chairs

    These Bedarra coastal-themed outdoor chairs consist of a frame of A-grade teak wood, wrapped with marine-grade rope. These premium quality materials provide a refined finish along with durability. These versatile chairs fit perfectly with both classic and modern theme decors. Suitable for plus-size individuals, these chairs will be one’s relaxing point. One can snug into it for hours with thick cushion seating. The wooden tapered legs ensure stability, whereas the wrapped armrests let one relax for hours. Easy to maintain and washable, these chairs have a 120 kg weight capacity. The cross-section design and neutral colors make these chairs more appealing.

  • Hinchinbrook Wooden Outdoor Chairs

    For coastal and classic themes outdoors, these Hinchinbrook chairs are a perfect fit. Made of a teak wood frame and water-resistant synthetic woven cord design, Hinchinbrook is a perfect outdoor chair. The thick armrests with open weave design provide comfort and style together. To level up the comfort factor, a sunproof thick acrylic cushion is also there. The upholstered woven backrest and broad wooden legs keep the comfort and stability intact. These chairs are easy to maintain and clean too. With a weight capacity of 120 kg, these chairs are perfect to spend your day-offs comfortably.

  • Shoreline Wooden Outdoor Chairs

    Made with water-resistant rattan, these chairs are suitable for daily use. And for indoors and outdoors both, as durable and strong rattan does not tear, fade or break even after years of use. The natural wood finish and coastal rattan design lay out a warm and pleasant feel. The stylish Viro synthetic cord on the seat and backrest ensures strength and rigidity. A perfect example of craftsmanship, these chairs with upholstered backrests add up the absent flare in your outdoors (undercover or shade). With a 120 kg weight capacity and no armrests, these chairs provide more space for movement.

  • Summerset Wooden Outdoor Chairs

    For those who prefer statement chairs outdoors, a summerset chair is their destination. These solid teak wood made chairs have a weight capacity of 120 kg. With their sleek and furnished wooden legs and clean design, these chairs have nylon foot pads on each leg. The white woven Viro waterproof cord seat and backrests give a spot-on statement look. These warm and inviting chairs can be used outdoors, but undercover or shade. No one can resist sitting on these comfortable, minimalistic, durable, and stylish chairs.

    One can explore other options. Wooden outdoor lounge chairs etc. offered by us.

Quality of Wooden Outdoor Chairs

We use only the best-quality materials to ensure that each chair meets high-quality standards.

Our outdoor oak dining chairs will not crack and our teak timber will not split. In fact, cedar wood has natural moisture-wicking properties.

Mahogany is one of a kind. No matter which specific wooden chair you choose, you will always get the best product from us.

To ensure this, each product goes through several quality checks before being delivered to you. We also offer dining chairs made of other materials as well.

Material Of Wooden Outdoor Chairs

Several kinds of material chairs are offered by us. In the wooden chairs category, oak dining chairs are the bestseller products.

Other than wooden, parker dining chairs, wishbone dining chairs, plastic chairs etc. are also in the Best-selling category.

Because our every product is made of premium quality materials. If you are thinking that wooden outdoor chairs near me offer the same products. Then, yes, it could be, but our product quality is way better.

That too at cheap costs. Don’t buy us. Use the hit & try methods to test our products.

Order wooden outdoor chairs for your garden, and experience the best products and services, like never.

With its transitional and timeless characteristics, wood is considered to be the best material for outdoor chairs.

If you are looking for a perfect and comfortable outdoor chair for your outdoor space, we are here to help you. You can purchase wooden outdoor furniture from our website.

Whether you are looking forward to purchasing a modern, traditional, or contemporary chair for your outdoor space, a wooden chair is an aesthetic item that can help to define the ambiance of your outdoor area in one glance.

The decor of your outdoor area is reflective. All the elements in the outdoors are important and they should also be in a certain harmony.

The choice of the chair is as important as the choice of the table.

You should not overlook the choice of your outdoor dining chair.

We generally don't think about the decor of the outdoor area. There are various designs of chairs to choose from. You can purchase white dining chair, black dining chair, an oak dining chair and many more.

Purchasing a durable outdoor wooden chair can be a good solution. The sleek lines of the wooden chair offer lightness and are ideal for improving the look of your outdoor area.

Wooden Chairs For Comfort.

The comfort of the person should not be ignored while purchasing an outdoor wooden chair. A wooden chair can be both beautifully designed and comfortable. A well-designed wooden outdoor chair is stable and stackable.

The wooden chair also helps to provide flexibility so that a person can rest his back.

The wooden outdoor chair is lightweight and can be moved easily from one place to another in your outdoor area.

The design of the outdoor wooden chair can also be minimalist to suit your outdoor area.

The outdoor wooden chairs are available in different colors which allows you to choose from multiple colors.

You can also mix and match the color of your outdoor chair to give an aesthetic look to your space.

Wooden Chairs For Elegance.

Wood is considered a noble material that is synonymous with refinement. The outdoor dining chairs at Only dining chair embody timelessness and also design. The wooden chair is an iconic chair. Some outdoor wooden chairs also have armrests that can provide you with maximum comfort.

Wooden Chairs For Contemporary Decor.

An aesthetic and decorative object on its own, the outdoor wooden chair can beautify the corner of your outdoor area.

You can set up a reading corner in your outdoor area through the use of these wooden outdoor chairs.

The structure of the wooden outdoor chair is made up of good quality material which is known for its durability. Purchase wooden outdoor chairs from Only Dining Chairs and be assured of the quality of the chair.


Only Dining Chairs presents a wooden outdoor chairs collection at reasonable prices. Oak dining chairs, teak chairs, timber, Mahogany, Cedar etc. types of wooden chairs are available under this category.

Wooden outdoor chairs are so versatile that one can pair them up with most types of interiors.

But, those who don’t have any such preferences, can go with white wooden outdoor chairs. As white wooden outdoor chairs not only suit the outdoors but can also match any theme. Tan leather dining chairs are versatile and can be used in both formal and casual settings.

They are also great for hosting dinner parties as they can withstand heavy use and spills. They bring warmth and comfort to any dining room.

Turn your outdoor area into the perfect relaxation zone with our latest outdoor dining chairs.

Just take a look at the most recent dining chair which we have added to our list, which includes Wishbone chairs, High back chairs and Parker dining chairs.

We have a collection of oak dining chairs with stunning cross-back designs in natural wood finish.

Also, we have a trendy collection of plastic chairs, which are famous for their sassy pattern and various colors.

If you have a living space with a purple or light grey texture then you can go for our trendy velvet chair, it would be the best match for your living space.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How to maintain wooden outdoor chairs?

    Apply wood oil or weather defense outdoor wood protector, timely on the wooden furniture. Once a year, brush and wash wooden chairs with a mild washing-up solution in warm water. And let it dry in the air.

  • 2. Where can I buy wooden outdoor chairs?

    Only Dining Chairs is the best online marketplace across Australia. Along with top-quality wooden outdoor chairs, one can also find several other dining chair variants on their website.

  • 3. What are the alternatives to wooden outdoor chairs?

    Other than outdoor dining chairs, leather chairs, oak dining chairs, parker dining chairs, wishbone chairs, plastic chairs, etc. can be placed as an alternative to suede dining chairs.

  • 4. How to choose the best wooden outdoor chairs?

    Other than your needs and requirements, Storage space, theme, budget, low maintenance, climate etc. should be considered to decide the best wooden outdoor chairs.