Life Time Warranty

Life Time Warranties apply to anyone who has purchased dining chairs after 10/12/2020 as this was the official day of the Only Dining Chairs Life Time Warranty initiative was rolled out.

Life Time Warranty Terms and Conditions:

  • Chairs are covered for structural as well natural wear and tear of upholstery ( PU Leathers, Fabric and Velvet) from daily use BUT clear miss treatment such as not cleaning up spills/ lack of care to regularly clean your chairs and self-inflicted damage will not be honoured (Photos to be emailed to us for judgement on a case by case basis to stop our good hearted deal being taken advantage of).


  • Failure of customer to not assemble chair correctly will deem any structural warranty void


  • Warranty is void of chairs have not been stored in proper manner


  • Warranty voids once sold or given away:
    • This warranty is effective for as long as the original retail purchaser owns the product. This warranty terminates when the original retail purchaser sells or otherwise transfers the product to any other person.
  • IMPORANT If our supplier/ manufacturer of your original chairs no longer makes the chairs, are discontinued or goes out of business and we are unable to get official replacement parts, then we will give you 50% off the sale price of the purchase of replacement chairs of your choice within $100 of your original chair purchase price (eg if your original chair purchase price was $499 than you can get 50% off the sale price of chairs valued up to $599).


  • This warranty does not cover any accessories or bonus gifts.