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Top 12 Elegant Dining Chairs In Australia

Elegant Dining Chairs Of "Various Materials & Fabrics" With Features & Specifications

To make your home standout in present day, you need your home décor to speak for itself. Through your furnishings, you can make a statement that not only enhances the appearance of your home but also reflects your strong personality.

Most people do actually try to choose the best possible furnishings for their abode. However, it is a commonly occurring incident witnessed by the consumers when an attractive product turns out to be fragile and/or come with a lack of comfort. 

Quality maintenance is a must for every piece of furniture that you are buying and this is precisely why at Only Dining Chairs, we take pride in our elegant dining chairs which are equally attractive, comfortable and durable for the long run.

The elegant dining chairs add a touch of high quality and aesthetic appearance to your dining space. With the help of these dining chairs you can transform your dining room in one of the glamorous spaces within your entire house and create a fine and satisfying dining experience.


Top 12 Elegant Dining Chairs Of 2022

The below mentioned 12 elegant dining chairs are trendy, popular and one of the top selling affordable dining chairs in Australia. They will surely give a touch of elegance to your home décor and your family a gratifying dining experience.

1. Hillsborough | Fabric & Velvet Modern Dining Chairs

Hillsborough | Fabric & Velvet Modern Dining Chairs

This delightful Hillsborough velvet dining chairs combines simplicity, comfort, and looks to fit into any contemporary dining decor. For support, the raised armrest and contoured back give you excellent support in an attractive design.

The sleek Plywood seat is upholstered with high-quality fabric and sits over durable iron legs to provide you with a chair that will last through countless dinner parties.


  • Cover material: Fabric or Velvet
  • Leg material: Powder-coated metal
  • Colour: Beige, charcoal or dark green
  • Chair Weight Limit: 100 – 120kg


2. Marlo Version 1 | Multi Coloured, Upholstered, Wooden Dining Chairs


Marlo Version 1 | Multi Coloured, Upholstered, Wooden Dining Chairs

This ergonomically melded elegant dining chair is made with recyclable polypropylene (PP) plastic that gives a reliable bend-resistant back support. The Eiffel designed legs made of solid beech wood add a natural wood colour, further complementing this beautiful dining chair

The multi-coloured upholstered fabric dining chair will add a vibrant feel to any dining room. It packs a funky, inviting personality into its compact dimensions.


  • Simple assembly
  • Seat material: PP Plastic
  • Cover material: Polyester Fabric
  • Leg material: Beech wood
  • Chair Weight Limit: 100 – 120kg


3. Englewood | Upholstered, Velvet, Modern Dining Chair

Englewood | Upholstered, Velvet, Modern Dining Chair

The premium Englewood dining chairs highlights soft, smart, velvet and fabric upholstery fashioned on slim yet strong gold steel legs to look simple and sleek. 

The touch of old school Hollywood combined with a sleek modern profile creates a perfect blend of mid century dining chair style with unique contemporary aesthetics. It’s unique, stylish, and unmatched designer dining chair surprisingly doesn’t compromise on comfort.


  • Cover material: Velvet or polyester boucle fabric
  • Frame: Steel
  • Chair Weight Limit: 100 – 120kg
  • Colour: Pink and Gold, black and gold, emerald green and gold and white and gold


4. Langholm | Brown, Black Leather Dining Chairs

Langholm | Brown, Black Leather Dining Chairs

This modern inspired Langholm elegant dining chair features a comfortable cushion seating and backrest upholstered leather with flowing stitching detail along the curves. It’s supported on tube-like tapered metal legs painted in black and fitted with rubber caps to prevent scratching floors. 

This unique PU leather dining chair set brings out the beauty of any home it’s fitted into. This is one of the most loving and best selling dining chairs to fit any home décor.


  • Cover material: PU Leather
  • Leg material: Powder-coated metal
  • Chair Weight Limit: 100 – 120kg
  • Colour: Cinnamon Brown or Black


5. Rochdale | Navy, Grey Velvet Modern Dining Chairs

Rochdale | Navy, Grey Velvet Modern Dining Chairs

A quilted seat from all angles with its soft navy velvet upholstery imbues a sense of luxury whilst the enclosed, padded seat and arm rests keeps things cosy.

With a sleek seat profile that splays into four sturdy but low-profile legs, this luxuy dining chair offers both comfort and style in a small footprint. Tub shaped body with slightly angled design to keep you snug and comfortable as you engage in conversation from all angles


  • Cover material: Velvet
  • Leg material: Metal
  • Chair weight Limit 120kg


6. Electra | Modern Velvet Dining Chairs Australia


Electra | Modern Velvet Dining Chairs Australia

Versatility overflows in these Electra velvet dining chairs. The linear tufted design, rich velvet fabric texture, and gold metal legs blend to create a retro-modern styled chair with a touch of old school Hollywood that even Marilyn Monroe would have approved.

With a dense foam padding, Electra elegant dining chairs are the ideal choice for creating a unique dining area. Get your choice of colour with the Electra dining set to make an electrifying, funky, and welcoming statement to your dining space!


  • Cover material: Velvet
  • Frame: Wood
  • Leg material: Metal
  • Colour: Pink, yellow, green & blue
  • Chair Weight Limit: 150kg


7. Le Cras | Camel, Velvet, French Provincial, Wooden Dining Chair

Le Cras | Camel, Velvet, French Provincial, Wooden Dining Chair

Add a touch of French luxurious dining decor to your table with the Le Cras dining chair. It's a very gorgeous and comfortable French provincial dining chair that's easy to assemble. 

It sits pretty firmly with its solid hardwood legs and anti-slippery rubber fittings. Versatile seating solution that adds style and comfort beyond your dining room. These elegant dining chairs are easy to assemble, clean, and maintain as needed.


  • Seat material: Soft velvet
  • Leg material: Rubber wood legs
  • Overall dimensions: 96 x 62 x 54cm
  • Colour: Camel
  • Chair Weight Limit: 100 – 120kg


8. Sutton | Ruby Red, Grey Fabric Velvet Dining Chairs

Sutton | Ruby Red, Grey Fabric Velvet Dining Chairs

This is one of the most unique retro-designed leisure velvet dining chairs. It's made of metal frame & legs, upholstered in a soft and durable red velvet or dark or pebble grey fabric and has a comfortable sponge pad.

Envelop contemporary grace in the home with the essential Sutton accent dining chairs complete with a wingback silhouette and slightly angled design, you'll find a mature attitude and stylish aesthetic.


  • Frame material: metal
  • Fabric material: velvet for ruby red or linen fabric for both grey colours
  • Weight capacity: 120kg
  • Colour: ruby red, dark grey or pebble grey


9. Astoria | Black, Cinnamon Brown, PU Leather Dining Chairs


Astoria | Black, Cinnamon Brown, PU Leather Dining Chairs


Astoria PU leather dining chair is a Danish-inspired modern dining chair with arms. The upholstering PU leather and checkered backrest stitching give this contemporary dining chair a modern effect.

The tubular steel legs firmly place the seat to the floor within the attractive Danish modern design realm. The wide and quilted backrest provides a comfortable grand-dining space. It’s a timeless modern leather chair that has great aesthetics, perfect for any dining decor.


  • Cover material: PU Leather
  • Leg material: Metal
  • Chair weight Limit 100kg - 120kg
  • Colours: Black, Cinnamon Brown


10. Belvidere | Burgundy, Caramel Grey Upholstered Dining Chairs


Belvidere | Burgundy, Caramel Grey Upholstered Dining Chairs

With modern functionality, practicality and bold tones, this upholstered dining chairs partially open backrest provides ample comfort and innate style. The juxtaposed silhouette of slender lines and soft round seat and backrest further adds a luxurious look.

The Belvidere modern dining chair is made from a slender linear base and frame in black metal. It has a comfortable seat pad and ergonomic sturdy supports.


  • Frame material: metal
  • Seat material: fabric
  • Weight capacity: 120kg
  • Colour: Burgundy or Caramel grey with black frame


11. Daintree | Natural, White Coastal Rattan Dining Chairs

Daintree | Natural, White Coastal Rattan Dining Chairs

If you're looking for an elegant yet rustic look to your dining space while also being mindful of the environment and sustainability, this coastal dining chair is perfect.

The Daintree rattan dining chairs are hard-wearing with their sturdy, expertly crafted wooden frame & legs. The ultimate elegant dining chairs for those who want something beautiful but durable enough through time, so it doesn't need replacing any time soon.


  • Frame: wood
  • Seat: rattan
  • Chair weight limit: 120kg
  • Colours: natural and white


12. Amalfi | Dark Green, Ruby Red Velvet Dining Chairs

Amalfi | Dark Green, Ruby Red Velvet Dining Chairs

The Amalfi contemporary dining chair infuses a stylish design and a retro-esque charm to create a unique and aesthetically appealing piece. It embodies a regal design palette and flared contrast legs for immediate dining interest fit for a style-driven home.

Vintage lines give this dining chair a lovely appeal that's right at home in almost any home setting. The thick layers of foam cushion cover the embracing back form and the high-grade Dark Green or Ruby Red velvet upholstery provides exceptional comfort.


  • Frame material: metal
  • Fabric material: velvet
  • Weight capacity: 120kg
  • Colour: Dark Green or Ruby Red with black frame


Things to Consider While Buying Elegant Dining Chairs

When you are purchasing elegant dining chairs, there are a few factors that you have to check to get the best out of your product. Because dining chairs are an integral part of your dining space, a wrong choice of chairs can actually completely ruin your dining experience.

These factors are listed below :


  • Your Interior: The first thing you should keep in mind while purchasing our elegant dining chairs is the style and pattern of the interior of your home. Our elegant dining chairs are suitable for every interior and will act as an enhancement to the appearance of your dining space. 

    However, what you must consider is that there are specific styles, colours like black and beige dining chairs, materials of dining chairs like wooden dining chairs and metal dining chairs which are going to fit in with your interior better than the others. With this in mind, select the one perfect set of elegant dining chairs that will blend in with your interior better than anything else.

  • Material: In consideration with your interior design, the next thing you have to consider prior to purchasing elegant dining chairs is the right material. In fact, it will not be an exaggeration to mention that the material is the most significant choice that you have to make regarding the dining chairs set.

    Different materials like oak dining chairs, leather dining chairs and  wooden dining chairs come with different kinds of appearance, different comfort levels, different levels of durability and they also create a difference in the cost of the elegant dining chairs as well.

    Some popular material dining chairs are scandinavian dining chairs, velvet dining chairs, timber dining chairs and walnut dining chairs. If you have decided which material is the best fit for you, you can browse through different designs of elegant dining chairs on our website. 

  • Size and style: When it comes to elegant dining chairs, another important feature that decides which would be the best choice for you is the size and style of the chairs. This choice should be made according to the kind of dining space you have. Not all kind of size and style fit all kind of dining spaces. The appearance and theme of your abode has a strong say in deciding the appearance of your elegant dining chairs.

  • Colour: The last and final factor which you have to consider before you buy your set of elegant dining chairs is the which colour are you looking for. The colour of your elegant dining chairs like grey dining chairs, white dining chairs and brown dining chairs should complement the colour of your dining space as you want.

    For example, if your dining space has brightly coloured walls, you can either use dark coloured elegant dining chairs like black dining chairs to tone down the brightness or use bright coloured elegant dining chairs like white dining chairs that justify the tone of your dining space.


What are the Benefits of Buying Elegant Dining Chairs?

When it comes to dining chairs, elegant dining chairs are one of the best dining chairs options to be used in your dining space. If you're looking to purchase dining chairs in Sydneydining chairs in Melbournedining chairs in Brisbane or any part of Australia for your existing furniture, there are many benefits that might attract you towards elegant dining chairs.

1. Appearance: It would be an absolutely unwise decision if we do not start talking about the advantages of buying elegant dining chairs without mentioning their appearance. The elegant chairs have an eye-catching appearance which enhances the beauty of your dining space.

2. Comfort and Quality: The most important part of a dining chair is the comfort levels. You would not want to sit on a chair that does not feel comfortable and elegant dining chairs have the perfect solution to this issue. The chairs are absolutely comfortable and top-notch in quality which assure you a nice dining experience.

3. Cost effective: Elegant dining chairs are budget friendly options, which means you do not have to spend a fortune to get these chairs. You can find a set of elegant dining chairs in every price range.

4. Different deals: If you are interested in buying elegant dining chairs, Only Dining Chairs offers different good deals, discount offers, and sale offers on our elegant dining chairs. Visit our website to find the best deals that cater to your needs and preferences. We also provide dining chairs set of 4, dining chairs set of 6, in sets of 8 or depending on the chairs you require.


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At Only Dining Chairs, we take pride in offering the best touch of attraction for our customers through our elegant dining chairs. Available in different materials, shapes, styles, colours and prices – these elegant dining chairs would not let you down and you can be assured of the quality and durability that they bring. Browse through your options on our website and find the best possible deal on your elegant dining chairs.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Will the elegant dining chairs be sturdy?

    Yes, at Only Dining Chairs we ensure the quality of our chairs and they are as sturdy and durable as you would like them to be.

  • 2. Will the elegant dining chairs suit my budget?

    Yes, our prices are adjusted for our customers and we have different options for different price ranges. We provide high quality affordable dining chairs.

  • 3. Can I get warranty on elegant dining chairs?

    Yes, we offer lifelong warranty on our dining chairs that cover both structural and natural damages. To find out whether you meet the required conditions, check our warranties page.

  • 4. Are elegant dining chairs available on sale?

    Yes. They are. You can also get discounts on bulk offers. Contact us to know more.


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