Woven Dining Chairs

Woven Dining Chairs : For Kitchen And Dining Room Furniture

Building a good household requires a lot of work. You cannot get the most out of your home unless you have proper furnishings available at every corner of your home. But this job is easy said than done, and you also need to figure out what kind of furniture you are going to need for your home to look aesthetic and trendy.

For every home out there, requires proper dining chairs to be placed – in the kitchen and the dining room for having quality seating options. But like every other furniture piece, you can get confused while purchasing dining chairs as there are plenty of different variants available.

Our suggestion, right from the top drawer, would be woven dining chairs – which make one of the best kitchen and dining room chairs because of their appearance and usability.


Woven Dining Chairs: An Ode To Versatility

Most of us would love to add a touch of elegance in every corner of our homes and we need to do this subtly. However, as much as we want to decorate and design our interior with furniture, sometimes we really go out of ideas.

Woven dining chairs, are a versatile option that one can use and get the most out of every space in their abode. These chairs work as fine as kitchen chairs as they do as dining room chairs. However, not only that, woven dining chairs are versatile for a number of reasons:


  • Versatility in material: Woven dining chairs can be made of different types of fabric that suit different occasions. Along with fabric, woven dining chairs can also be made of rattan or wicker. The versatility in terms of material makes woven dining chairs quality options for customers who can use these fabric dining chairs for different occasions and in different spaces of their homes.

  • Versatility in colours: Woven dining chairs come in plenty of different colours. This is quite natural given that we have different colours of fabrics and these colours can create different impressions when they are used in woven dining chairs. From having strong bright colours such as red, pink, or violet to adding a natural touch with brown, tan, or beige – these chairs can do it all. Most popular color dining chairs are black and white dining chairs, grey dining chairs and beige dining chairs.

  • Versatility in usage: Woven dining chairs can be used in multiple spaces due to their materials and colours and overall appearance. They can be used as kitchen and dining room chairs, as living room chairs, and if the appearance permits, they can also be used as outdoor dining chairs. Now this feature of woven dining chairs, make them a quality option for people who are not comfortable with investing in different dining chairs for different spaces.


Top 10 Woven Dining Chairs in 2022

Woven dining chairs always appear to be an elegant and trendy addition to your dining room. The below mentioned 10 woven dining chairs are trendy, popular and one of the top selling affordable dining chairs in Australia.

1. Daintree | Natural, White Coastal Rattan Dining Chairs

Daintree | Natural, White Coastal Rattan Dining Chairs

If you're looking for an elegant yet rustic look to your dining space while also being mindful of the environment and sustainability, this coastal dining chair is perfect.

The Daintree rattan dining chairs are hard-wearing with their sturdy, expertly crafted wooden frame & legs. The ultimate elegant dining chairs for those who want something beautiful but durable enough through time, so it doesn't need replacing any time soon.


  • Frame: wood
  • Seat: rattan
  • Chair weight limit: 120kg
  • Colours: natural and white


2. Sandbanks | Hamptons Chairs, Coastal Rattan Dining Chairs with Arms

Sandbanks | Hamptons Chairs, Coastal Rattan Dining Chairs with Arms


The Sandbanks dining chairs with arms will make you feel like you're sitting on the beach while enjoying your meals. These woven dining chairs have an elegant design with a clean-lined silhouette that is sure to complement any décor. 

Their lightweight, sustainable materials make them durable yet easy to move around. It has a rattan frame with armrests. They are great for small spaces like apartments and condos because they're lightweight enough to be moved around easily. 


  • Frame: Sustainable rattan frame
  • Chair Weight Limit: 140kg
  • Colour: Fog, Oceania, Black & White, White, Navy 


3. Cascade | Grey Fabric Coastal Rattan Dining Chair With Arms

Cascade | Grey Fabric Coastal Rattan Dining Chair With Arms

Bring the breezy feel of coastal living to your meals with these stylish rattan dining chairs. The modern design is perfect for most spaces, while the stylish design and breathable rattan back elevates your dining experience.

With its sturdy woven rattan backrest and comfortable 100% grey polyester fabric seat, the Cascade coastal rattan dining chair is perfect for any indoor - outdoor dining space.


  • Cover material: Fabric
  • Backrest: Rattan
  • Frame: Propylene construction - matte black
  • Chair Weight Limit: 120kg


4. Summerset | White, Coastal, Indoor, Outdoor Rattan Wooden Dining Chair

Summerset | White, Coastal, Indoor, Outdoor Rattan Wooden Dining Chair


The Summerset outdoor dining chairs feature a stylishly curved seat and ergonomic backrest that makes it comfortable to sit in all day long. It has a reinforced solid wood frame that is designed for long-term use

This modern dining chair is made of sustainable, environmentally friendly, and durable teak wood and rattan, so it will last you for years to come.

You can use these white woven dining chairs indoors or outdoors undercover with confidence, knowing that it’s durable enough to withstand just about anything.


  • Teak wood frame
  • Seat: Rattan
  • Chair Weight Limit: 120kg
  • Colour: White


5. Shoreline | Sand, Coastal Wooden Rattan Dining Chair

Shoreline | Sand, Coastal Wooden Rattan Dining Chair

With these rattan dining chairs, you can bring that peaceful feeling to your own dining space or backyard. These wooden dining chairs have a design that will complement any décor, and it’s made with high-quality materials that will last for years.

This Shoreline outdoor dining chair is perfect for diners who want the comfort and style of rattan furniture with a modern touchThe piece is made from solid teak wood, with a stylish Viro synthetic cord on the seat and back.


  • Frame: Solid teak
  • Seat: Woven Viro cord seat
  • Chair Weight Limit: 120kg
  • Colour: Sand


6. Seabreeze | White, Black, Natural Coastal Rattan Dining Chair

Seabreeze | White, Black, Natural Coastal Rattan Dining Chair


These beautiful rattan dining chairs are the perfect addition to any room. They’re comfortable, breathable and lightweight. The coastal rattan design is cosy and fun to dine in.

You'll love these woven dining chairs because they're durable and easy to clean. Plus, this white woven dining chairs come with a removable seating pad. These make your home feel warm and inviting while still being stylish enough to impress guests.


  • Frame: Rattan Frame
  • Chair Weight Limit: 120kg
  • Colour: Natural, White and Black


7. Whitehaven | Black, Rattan, With Arms, Coastal, Outdoor Dining Chair

Whitehaven | Black, Rattan, With Arms, Coastal, Outdoor Dining Chair


With the Whitehaven black woven dining chairs, you can comfortably stretch, lay back and relax for hours after eating. You won’t even notice it. It is waterproof, has a removable and washable seat cover and cleaning up is hassle-free. 

These black woven dining chairs are sumptuously cushioned, meticulously weaved and made on a sturdy powder-coated steel frame, ensuring long lasting durability, functionality and practicality well into the future. These beautiful dining chairs will instantly become family favourites, with everybody bickering over who gets to sit in one of them first.


  • Material: PE wicker
  • Cushion thickness: 5cm
  • Chair capacity: 150kg
  • Colour: Black with grey cushion 


8. Hinchinbrook | Natural, Coastal, Wooden Indoor Outdoor Dining Chair

Hinchinbrook | Natural, Coastal, Wooden Indoor Outdoor Dining Chair


Do you need a new dining chair set? The Hinchinbrook outdoor chairs are perfect for any outdoor as well as coastal themed space. With this chair, you can dine in comfort while enjoying the beauty of nature around you.

It’s also easy to clean and maintain as they are water-resistant. It’s made of stylish synthetic cord and beech wood, so it will fit in with your indoors dining decor or outdoor patio furniture. 


  • Teak wood frame
  • Backrest: Synthetic cord
  • Seat: Outdoor sun-proof acrylic cushion
  • Chair Weight Limit: 120kg
  • Colour: Natural


9. Sorrento | Grey, Black, Rattan Outdoor Dining Chairs

 Sorrento | Grey, Black, Rattan Outdoor Dining Chairs

Designed for long-term use, this wear-resistant PE grey and black woven dining chairs are meticulously weaved to bring out exceptional workmanship. The framing of these contemporary seats is sturdy powder-coated steel, meaning it’s durable and long lasting.

Made from wear-resistant and durable PE wicker, these ergonomically comfortable dining chairs offer stylish comfort in every meal. It has a open-weave design for a comfortable, cool and relaxed dining experience.


  • Material: PE wicker
  • Cushion thickness: 5cm
  • PE wicker thickness: 1.2mm
  • Chair capacity: 150kg
  • Colour:  Black with grey cushion


10. Fantome | Natural Coastal Rattan Dining Chair With Arms

Fantome | Natural Coastal Rattan Dining Chair With Arms

This beautiful rattan dining chair with arms offers a cozy, welcoming feel for all your meals. It’s made with high-quality materials and features an elegant mahogany frame hand-wrapped in layers of light and dark brown woven rattan peel. 

This attractive coastal dining chair is perfect for any dining room and adds elegance at other events - from casual dinner parties with friends to formal dinners with family members.


  • Frame: Durable mahogany frame wrapped in rattan peel
  • Seat: White cushion
  • Chair Weight Limit: 120 kg
  • Colour: Natural 


Benefits Of Installing Woven Dining chairs

When it comes to buying kitchen or dining chairs, woven dining chairs can be one of the best dining chairs options to be used in your dining space. If you're looking to purchase dining chairs in Sydneydining chairs in Melbournedining chairs in brisbane or any part of Australia for your existing furniture, there are many benefits that might attract you towards woven dining chairs.

1. Comfort: Depending on the softness of the fabric and other materials, woven dining chairs are one of the most comfortable dining chair options out there. These chairs will be a gentle addition to your home in terms of comfort levels.

2. Durability: Woven dining chairs are durable, and they perform well in the long run. The only thing that you need to make sure is that the weaving is perfect and storing in order to get a long term solution for your kitchen and dining room.

3. Versatility: As we have specifically mentioned it earlier, woven dining chairs happen to be very versatile. They can be used for multiple spaces and occasions and they fit perfectly well.

4. Environment Friendly: Depending on the material of the fabric that is being used for woven dining chairs, these chairs can be eco-friendly. These chairs are good for the environment and are sustainable options that you can use in your home.


Woven Dining Chairs: Two Things You Should Remember Before You Buy

While woven dining chairs are a great option for your dining room or kitchen, there are two major concerns which you should look out for before you buy these chairs.

  • Check the weaving: If the weaving is poor, the fabric can loosen over time. This will make your woven dining chairs less durable and you do not want that. Do not forget to check the quality of the weaving thoroughly before you buy woven dining chairs.

  • Good maintenance: Woven dining chairs require good maintenance. If you spill liquid on the fabric, it can take serious efforts to clean the chairs. If you cannot afford to invest some time for the maintenance of these chairs, it would be wiser to look out for different options.


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As we can derive from the discussion, woven dining chairs are actually a very good option for your home despite having a few slight issues. You can find different variants of woven dining chairs on the Only Dining Chairs website. If you are looking for purchasing kitchen chairs or dining chairs on sale – woven dining chairs can be a great option for you on our website. We also provide dining chairs set of 4dining chairs set of 6, in sets of 8 or depending on the chairs you require.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What kind of fabric should I choose for the woven dining chairs?

    The choice of fabric is a personal one and you should go with the fabric that you like. You simply need to consider a few factors like durability of the fabric and the softness which will decide the comfort levels.

  • 2. Is it easy to shift woven dining chairs if I want to?

    Yes, you can shift woven dining chairs easily as they are very lightweight.

  • 3. How to maintain the durability of the fabric of my woven dining chairs?

    It is not extremely difficult to maintain the durability of woven dining chairs.
    1. Check for any loose ends in the weaving, quickly fix it if you find one.
    2. Keep the chairs clean, dirt and dust often damages fabric.
    3. Use the chairs with care, it is something that stands for any kind of furniture. If you use the woven dining chairs with care, they will last longer.

  • 4. What is the best choice for woven dining chairs: fabric or rattan?

    It depends on the kind of position you are placing the chairs in. For outdoor situations, rattan would be a better choice of woven dining chairs as they can withstand the harshness of the weather better than the fabric. For indoor dining space, fabric can create that posh and luxurious appearance that will make your woven dining chairs a perfect fit for your home. 

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