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How Can I Spruce Up My Dining Room? 5 Additions To Remarkable Transformation

We all love spending time with our families in the dining room three times a day.

But if your dining room is monotonous and dull, the experience isn't worth it, right?

So, why not give it a premium transformation?


In this guide, we will help you revamp your dining room using budget options.

Forget about getting stuck in the "your eyes want one thing; your budget wants another” dilemma.


Budget constraint prevents many interior-design-enthusiasts, like you and us, from restyling our homes.

That’s why we have gathered 5 budget-sensitive additions to revamp any dining room within a minimal budget.

Restyle your dining room with these fantastic inexpensive add-ons!

 Dining Room Glamour


In this post we throw up the following 5 ideas and what dining chairs may suit:

1. Gold Flatware or Black Flatware

2. Add a Rug

3. Stunning Artwork

4. Ambient Lighting

5. Purchase Themed Dinnerware


Lets dive in!


1. Gold Flatware Or Black Flatware


Gold flatware can instantly lift the mood of your dining room. The premium metallic sheen on the golden cutlery is the symbol of “high-end”.

Recently, gold flatware has been a trending dining décor because it signifies class, luxury, and decency.

However, not everyone is a fan of shiny cutlery. Do we share the same interests?


Flat Black Cutlery


Instead of gold flatware, you can add matte-finished black flatware that is equally popular and classy.

We prefer the matte black flatware as it perfectly matches every color and does not end up having thumbprints all over it like shiny flatware.


What Dining Chair Is Best Suited With This Option?

Black Wooden Dining Chair

Our Kensington Black Wooden Dining Chair will look astonishing with matte-black or gold flatware.

Enjoy a graceful accent on the iconic dining chair that will give your dining room a spacious and modern finish.

The Kensington Dining Chair is one of our best sellers that features a curvy back and a modern-styled armrest.   

If you have your heart set on some dining chairs with arms then check out our blog post devoted to this topic called: "The Best Dining Chairs With Arms For 2021".


2. Add A Rug

Some might disagree that rugs aren’t for dining rooms, but they can surely enhance the vibe once you choose the right one!

A rug in your dining room will not only make the room appear cozier but would also keep the floor safe from harsh scratches caused by the chairs and dining table.

Rugs also help absorb sound, preventing any echoes in the room. 

Also, if you have a wooden or marble floor, then you need to get a rug as soon as possible because it would give the floor a clean and gorgeous look.

Dining Room Rug

Choosing the best rug for your dining room

Now that you know that a rug will be a good choice for your dining room, here’s how to select the best one for you!


Pattern Or No Pattern?


When choosing a rug, consider that darker colored rugs will hide stains and spills better than lighter shades.

But if you do believe that a lighter shade will match your table and chairs, go for a patterned rug.

Patterned rugs are pretty good at hiding blemishes, even if they're light-colored.

The intricate look will cover up all the flaws and not reduce the beauty of your dining room one bit.


Round Or Rectangle?


You don't have to think a lot about the shape.

"Like matches" might be a norm, but people pair rectangle tables with round rugs and vice versa!

I like going for similar shapes, i.e., round rugs for round tables and rectangular rugs for square or rectangle tables.

But in the end, the choice is all yours!

Go with your heart and select what you think is suitable for your dining room.


Which Size Is The Best?


Decide the size of the rug based on how much space your table and chairs occupy, plus your dining room area.

Generally, it would help if you chose a large enough rug to have two spare feet when the chairs are tucked under the table.

This would ensure that when the chairs do slide out, they stay over the rug.

However, doing so isn’t completely necessary when you have a small dining area.

Placing a massive rug in a small dining room would make the rug look like a carpet.


What Material Should You Go For?


Rugs come in various materials, but the best ones for dining rooms are made using polypropylene (synthetic) and wool.

Outdoor rugs made to withstand harsh conditions are good too!

Your rug needs to be easily washable because avoiding spills in a dining room is nearly impossible.


Plus, it shouldn't stain too quickly. The materials mentioned above are excellent in that department.

As for the shagginess, go for low-pile rugs, preferably less than half an inch thick.

Low-pile rugs don't trap any food bits, plus the chairs can easily slide over them.


What Dining Chair Is Best Suited With A Rug?

Blue Velvet Dining Chair

The Carine Contemporary Velvet Dining Chair goes perfectly well with rugs.

Its velvet fabric contrasts really nicely with low-pile rugs, patterned or patternless, giving a luxurious feel.

The cool tone colors it’s available in exude an elegant feel, perfect for a sophisticated dining room.


3. Stunning Artwork


The right kind of artwork can brighten up the entire vibe of your dining room.

Artwork can include paintings and even decoration pieces.

For dining rooms, nature-based and abstract art is preferred as both these themes give a cozy vibe.

Nature, including animals and plants, is a gorgeous theme for dining rooms as it subtly maintains a calming mood, contrasting well with brown and green dining room colors.


Dining Room Rug 2


With abstract art, you can never go wrong!

Abstract art, including all kinds of patterns, goes really well with modern-looking dining rooms.


Epoxy resin paintings are very famous nowadays as wall hangings, so make sure to go for them if you want to try out something new.

You can also go for decorative ceramic wall hanging plates that look beautiful on the walls and boost the foody vibe attributed to a dining room.


What Dining Chair Is Best Suited With Artwork?

Modern Wooden Dining Chair

The Marlo Version 2 Multi Coloured Dining Chair, with its abstract design and classy colors, will go really well with dining room artwork.

The fabric's huge variety of patterns and splashy colors allow this chair to be paired with any artwork, opening unlimited possibilities.


With a solid beech wood frame and a comfortable fabric seat, this dining chair is eye-catching and super comfortable.

If you are a fan of modern dining chairs then click the link to see more.


4. Ambient Lighting


Dining room lights brighten up the main dining area and make a statement with their classiness.

What's best about these lights is that they come in a huge variety of designs, sizes, and shades to choose from.

Designs like pendants, chandeliers, and flush-mounts are available in shades such as metal, linen, opal glass, and clear glass, offering different illumination each.


Modern Dining Room


To get the perfect light for your dining room, you should consider the fixture's diameter and its hanging length.

The diameter should be enough to illuminate the room entirely while focusing the light over the table.

As for the length, the hanging light should be 30 inches above the table center.


What Dining Chair Is Best Suited With Hanging Lights?

Grey Upholstered Modern Dining Chair

The Liverpool Upholstered Modern Dining Chair, with its curved embracing frame for maximum comfort, is perfect for lounging in the dining room with your family after a nice, filling dinner.

Sit back and relax against the plush padded seat as you down your glass of drink under the calming hanging lights.


5. Purchase Themed Dinnerware


Presentation matters the most in a dining room, especially when you've got guests over that you want to impress.

Going with a theme for your dinnerware will amp up the sophistication attributed to your dinner!


Themed Dinnerware


Dinnerware sets come in unlimited varieties.

Floral, gold-trimmed, abstract, birds, calligraphy and scenery are popular themes for these sets.

Moreover, you can find these themed sets in different materials such as bone china, melamine, earthenware, stoneware, glass and porcelain.

It is usually recommended to have 8 to 12 five-piece place setting as this is the perfect amount of dinnerware for normal use and formal dinners.


What Dining Chair Is Best Suited With Themed Dinnerware?

Grey Fabric Dining ChairThe Haggerston Coin Grey Coastal Dining Chair, with its luxurious design, is perfect for making a lasting impression!

Coupled with themed dinnerware, this dining chair will surely impress the guests and even you.


The interwoven upholstery of this chair exudes class and looks dashing. The armrests also make the chair quite inviting, comforting the guests during dinner.

Pair this chair with a gorgeous themed dinner set to awe everyone readily!


Last Thoughts


Revamping your dining room might seem daunting, but it's super fun to do!

With all the key points we mentioned above, it'll be a delight to pick and choose the best decorations to amp up the vibe of your dining room.

Keep in mind to follow your gut feeling because, at times, you might want to go straight by the book, but the outcome may not appear super great.

We hope our guide was helpful enough to make the revamping process easier and more fun for you! Happy decorating.

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