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10 New Dining Room Trends For 2023

Long gone are the days of traditional monotonous dining rooms that were only used for eating purposes. These last few years, dining rooms have become the centre of attention!


Nowadays, a dining room is not only used whenever there are guests around. This room has become the usual family meeting spot, a study area, and a casual lounging area too!


Luxury Dining Room


So, why leave your dining room old and dull looking when you can brighten things up and decorate it according to the latest trends!

That’s why we’re bringing you the top 10 new dining room trends for 2021!

These trends are super "in" these days and you wouldn’t want to miss out on them.


In this post we go through the following 10 trends and what dining chairs match some of them:


  1. Elegant Marble Tables

  2. Extension of the Kitchen - Dining Room

  3. Casual and Less Traditional Look

  4. Use of Nature Inside

  5. Al Fresco (Outdoor) Dining

  6. Round Dining Tables

  7. Incorporating Wood

  8. Multifunctional Dining Area

  9. Modern Metallic Elements

  10. Bright and Bold Colors


Let’s get into it!



1.   Elegant Marble Tables

Marble is a really neat choice for a dining table as it does not only exude elegance but is also low maintenance!

It gives a nice and clean look to your dining room, immediately inviting onlookers to sit around it.


Marble Dining Table


Marble furniture has recently started trending quite a lot, thanks to marble's smooth finish, non-porous and scratch-proof surface, and timeless minimalistic look.

If you’re going for a light vibe for your dining room, you should definitely invest in a marble dining table as it would immediately lift up the mood of the room!

However, if you're into a darker vibe, you can find lots of gorgeous black or brown marble tables too.

That’s the best part about marble, it comes in a variety of shades for you to choose from; each shade is absolutely dashing!


What Dining Chair Would Suit A Marble Table?

Grey Fabric Dining Chair

The Cara Grey Contemporary Wooden Dining Chair goes really well with marble dining tables.

Soft and comfortable dining chairs such as this one complement the hard and sturdy feel of marble dining tables really well.

This wooden dining chair boasts a contemporary style, coupled with a comfy seat with padding inside, covered by light grey upholstery fabric.

The armrests offer further support, allowing you to get cozy in the chair. Plus, the wooden legs are crafted using quality wood to look elegant and keep the chair durable and sturdy at all times.


2. Extension of the Kitchen - Dining Room

Instead of keeping a separate room for dining, people have recently started to incorporate both the dining area and the kitchen in the same space!


Luxury kitchen and dining


This idea not only makes it easy for food to be served but also looks quite modern and chic.

The best part is that you won’t have to make any major adjustments to try this trend out.

All you need to keep in mind is that your island, cabinets, and kitchen counter should go well with the dining table and chairs to have a consistent look.

The colors and materials can complement each other but should look like a part of a single theme.


3. Casual and Less Traditional Look

The traditional antique-looking dining rooms are things of the past.

Nowadays, people are going for modern and chic-looking furniture that won’t look too sophisticated but still exude elegance.


Modern Dining Room


Going for a less traditional look means changing up a few things like:

  • Avoiding the same colours and using different colours for the set of dining chairs and table.

  • Getting rid of gigantic antique-looking chairs and table, and replacing them with smaller lightweight alternatives.

  • Using colorful rugs to brighten the room up.

  • Picking a low hanging light over the table rather than the usual light sources.

  • Going for a different shape of the table compared to your old dining table (that’ll definitely switch the vibe up!).

Keep in mind that in this age, functional dining rooms are preferred over formal dining rooms.

So, set up your dining room the way you want to rather than to please others.


What Dining Chair Would Go Well With A Casual Look?

Scandinavian Wooden Dining Chair

The Barkly Cocoa Scandinavian Wooden Dining Chair has the exact vibe you would want for a casual dining room!

This dining chair is modern and stylish, boasting a soft curved shape and finely veneer tapered legs.

The plush fabric seat offers maximum comfort while the oak wood legs and back give proper support.


This dining chair also acts as the ideal pull-up side chair, when you’ve got a bunch of people over, thanks to its casual look!

If you are unfamiliar with the different dining chair styles then check out our blog post called: "Guide To Dining Chair Styles".


4. Use Of Nature Inside

Bring freshness into your dining room by adding a touch of nature!

Plants not only give a cute look to the dining room but also provide filtered air and refresh the vibe.


Nature in dining room


You can place tall potted plants in the corner, or a cute little vase on the table. Plant wall hangings have become quite popular too these days.

Whether on the chandeliers or on the walls inside pots, these hangings look very aesthetic.


Plants are good for adding a natural irreplaceable touch to the dining room.

The plus point is that you won’t have to spend too much money on these plant decorations either!

Just make sure to not go overboard as you’d have to maintain the plants too.


5. Al Fresco (Outdoor) Dining

Dining doesn’t always have to be inside, so enjoy the fresh outdoors and dine Al Fresco style!

Always eating inside gets boring at times, especially when the weather outside is really nice and you want to get that refreshing vibe when enjoying your food.


Outdoor Dining


Moreover, parties and gatherings are more enjoyable outside with a calming setup incorporating fairy lights and nature.

There are loads of dining tables and chairs that are made for outdoor use, such that they don’t get affected by the atmosphere and stay in perfect shape.


If you enjoy the outdoors, do get an Al Fresco dining setup!


What Dining Chair Would Be Perfect For An Outdoor Dining Setup?

Wooden Outdoor Dining Chairs

The Somers Natural Coastal Wooden Outdoor Dining Chair is built for that fun outdoor vibe!

It is both practical and stylish enough for outdoor dining and parties.

Designed with a solid teak frame and upholstered in high-quality strap fabric for the seat and back, this dining chair is crafted to withstand the outdoor harshness all the while providing comfort.


This dining chair is durable, water-proof, and perfect for all seasons. You should definitely consider getting it if you're planning to set up an Al Fresco dining space.

If the Somers outdoor dining chair isn't quite your style then check out our guide called "What To Look For In Outdoor Dining Chairs?".


6. Round Dining Tables

If you’re thinking of changing the feel of your dining room, then go for a round table rather than a square or rectangle one.


Round Dining Table


Round tables change the formal vibe of the dining room into an informal one.

Considering that there is no head seat, everyone can look at each other, and the conversation can flow better.


Moreover, round dining tables can fit into small areas and prevent the room from looking stuffy.

So, if you don’t have much space in the dining room, a round table will be perfect for you.

Overall, round tables are far more casual and versatile, giving a modern look than the traditional look of rectangle tables.


7. Incorporating Wood

Wood is always associated with dining furniture; it is simply timeless.

However, the new woody trend actually utilizes wood in its natural form rather than polished or covered with veneer.


Wooden Dining room


The Bohemian-style wooden dining furniture has a vibe of its own; it looks classy and incorporates nature into it.

The pure wooden look brings an air of coziness to the dining room, making it look warm and welcoming.


Moreover, this kind of furniture goes very well with all kinds of themes!

Whether you’re trying classy or casual, formal or informal, wooden furniture always maintains its elegance.

Pair it up with bright rugs, potted plants, or colorful wall hangings, you can never go wrong with Bohemian-style wooden furniture.


What Dining Chair Would Match A Woody Theme?


Coastal Wooden Dining Chair With Arms

The Savannah Natural Wooden Dining Chair incorporates all the elements that will look gorgeous in a woody theme.

The open weave design gives a Bohemian look, fitting well in any casual or semi-formal setting.

This chair is built for comfort with a soft seat cushion that is also removable.

Moreover, it has a mahogany frame and upholstered fabric that are strong enough to withstand both indoor and outdoor conditions.


8. Multifunctional Dining Area

If you’ve got less space in the house, then you can make your dining room multipurpose!

That’s right, your dining room can still be a place to eat food but it can also be a working area, a lounging space, or a study area.


Extended Dining Table


For this to work, try not to go for structured furniture sets, instead, mix and match!

Replace erect dining chairs with comfy ones, get benches, or stools, and get a multifunctional dining table!

A multifunctional dining table can be transformed into multiple designs to incorporate each use.

You can shift this table to work mode or to dining mode, and hit two birds with one stone.


9.  Modern Metallic Elements

Wood used to be the primary component of dining room furniture but now, metallic elements are taking the market by storm!


Hollywood Style Dining room


Metal dining chairs and decoration pieces give a modern vibe to the dining room.

Metal furniture is available in loads of colors that not only make the dining room look sophisticated and elegant but also brighten up the area.


We have gold, copper, silver, rose gold, and even black-colored metal furniture. The choices are unlimited and you’ve got plenty of room to test things out.

These years, there is nothing staple for a dining room. Whether it be metal, wood, or marble, anything goes as long as it pleases the eye.


What Dining Chair Will Exhibit The Perfect Metallic Design?

 Grey Modern Dining Chair

The Granville Modern Metal Dining Chair is the exact chair you need if you’re looking for a metal dining chair to lift the mood of your dining room.

The dark grey soft linen fabric of this modern dining chair complements the sturdy metal frame in powder black coating.


The padded back and seat rest make it easy for you to get settled into this chair.

Moreover, the diamond quilted design on the back is very modern and eye-catching.


10. Bright and Bold Colors

Don’t be shy of choosing bright and bold colors for your dining room.

We understand that you can’t just go for a bright color and follow it thoroughly for your theme.

Instead, try to incorporate bright colors into some pieces of furniture like decorations, chairs, rugs, etc.


Green Dining Room


Pantone’s 2021 colors are Illuminating (a gorgeous yellow) and Ultimate Gray. Both the colors allow loads of room for exploration.

You can go for a minimalistic vibe with greys, whites, and blacks, or incorporate boldness into your dining room with yellows and blues, and pinks.

You can really go for anything you want; choose what you like.

These years, everything’s in fashion!


Last Thoughts

Keeping up with the trends and changing up your dining room not only pleases the guests but also livens up the mood of the house.

The trends mentioned above are not difficult to follow at all.

Revamping your dining room would require just a few changes. We bet it’ll be a fun process!

All these trends are fresh and will make your dining room a safe space that’s exciting to be in.

Just don’t get too much into following the trends by the dot, add your own touch to your dining room too.

We hope our tips were fun and helpful!

Do apply these trends and surely your dining room would turn out gorgeous.

Happy revamping!

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