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Guide To Dining Chair Styles

Guide To Dining Chair Styles

There are a lot of ways you could amp up your dining experience with the style you choose for your dining table and chairs.

Although it may seem as if the styles you pick for your seating options don’t alter your vibe much, but it is actually quite the opposite.

So, it is important that you choose just the right style to match the vibe you’re going for.


Dining Chair Styles

The style of dining chairs you choose can either make or break your dining experience.

A well thought of design will help you set the mood.

Are you going for a more formal set up in your elegant dining room?

Or are you looking to style up your everyday dine-in with the family?

In either case, even with a basic dining table, your dining experience can feel more welcoming just with the right style of dining chairs.

Modern Style Dining Chairs

Design is ever-evolving; the most variety of designs you can find in dining chairs come under the category of modern style.

Modern dining chairs are design masterpieces.

From a minimalistic design to unique, attention-grabbing pieces, these dining chairs will rescue any dull moment in your dining environment.

Modern Dining Chair

 Lexington Turquoise Modern Dining Chair


Suppose you're going for a more formal setting.

In that case, these modern cuts covered in posh fabric and elegant colours with some attention-grabbing details will create a very modern yet sophisticated look to cater to your more formal affairs.

Pop open a bottle of your finest wine, bring out your fancy china and you have a fine dine experience in your home.

These dining chairs will help you set the mood for intimate date nights or fancy dinners with your colleagues from work.

The best part these statement pieces are just enough to dazzle up your dining room.

So, even if you have a basic dining table, these chairs will instantly amp up the look and make it look more luxurious.


Light Grey Modern Dining Chair

Eldon, Light Grey Upholstered Modern Dining Chair


If you're looking to style up your everyday dining area for breakfast, lunches, family dinners, a more casual setting of your dining chairs will set the perfect vibe.

The most trending modern dining chair designs, especially ones catering to a more casual aesthetic, are usually minimalist designs.

With striking colours, smaller sizes, and little detailing, these add the perfect harmony to your casual everyday dine-ins.

A more minimal modern approach to your dining chair styles will not only add a calm aesthetic to your dining area, but it also is a mood lifter.

With modern styles, you get to play around with colours and make the dining area as interesting as your heart wishes.

It is perfect for catching up with mates over a few beers or your morning coffee with your loved ones.


Contemporary Style Dining Chairs

Contemporary designs are for those who like a sleek, sophisticated look.

Contemporary designs work more with textures and neat lines, hence allowing a wider variety in terms of the material.

These designs work with more space and less of the object itself, so if you have a beautiful interior already, a neat contemporary-style dining chair will be the right fit for you.

The main focus of contemporary designs is the shape, feel and colour of the chairs; this allows you to experiment with your style to a great extent.

Here are a few examples of how you can choose the right style for your dining area.


Black Contemporary Dining Chair

Braun Black Contemporary Dining Chair


Contemporary designs experiment with material to play with the negative spaces.

The most common are metals and wood.

This metal chair gives you a sleek, fresh look for your casual dine-in experiences. It is not too much for the eyes.

If you have a well-decorated interior for your dining area, this chair will not take away the attention from it but will only add to the visual aesthetic.

Metals work really well for casual dining areas.

It works really well with a well-decorated coffee table or even your basic everyday dining table for the family.

This pairs best with well-lit up rooms that create a sense of outdoorsy sunlight within your space creating a homey aesthetic for your family to bond over dinners or your best mates after a tiring day at work.


Red Velvet Contemporary Dining Chairs

Sutton Ruby Red Contemporary Dining Chairs


You'd think that contemporary styles with their experimental aesthetic might not be the right pick for your formal dining experiences, well you're incredibly mistaken.

With textures, neat lines, a touch of colour, paired with clean cuts, contemporary-style dining chairs can really bring about a luxurious feel to your dining room.

This red velvet-covered eye candy is as good as it can get for when it comes to contemporary styles of dining chairs.

The curved high backs provide ultimate comfort, a royal feeling and the pop of colour can amp up any dull moment in your dining area.

We have a blog post called: "Types Of High Backed Dining Chairs For A Classic And Contemporary Interior" that may be of interest. 


Industrial Style Dining Chairs

Industrial design is more about raw materials and an unfinished aesthetic.

This type of dining chair style includes raw materials in their unfinished form, mostly metal, to create that rustic industrial feel.

Don't worry though, unfinished doesn't mean what you think it means; the chairs are designed to still look as luxurious as you want them to.


Industrial Dining ChairsLonsdale Industrial Dining Chair


Industrial dining chairs are more unique and unconventional styles of dining chairs.

However, with the right interior décor, a matching metal-based dining table, low hanging lights and yellow hue lamps, this would make an excellent aesthetic for an intimate dinner date or just a casual beer session with your mates in the evening.


Coastal Style Dining Chairs

A coastal aesthetic is to evoke the breeziness of the beach. It is more about natural elements and textures.

Coastal dining chairs usually involve rattan and weaves, giving that natural handmade look to enhance the beachy vibe.

If you like the idea of rattan dining chairs then check out our post on rattan dining chairs called " Wicker, Cane and Rattan Dining Chairs: What's The Difference?"


Coastal dining chairs are trendy not only in coastal areas with sea-facing houses but even if you're landlocked and you miss the ocean, you can set up your interior to make up for some of it.


 Coastal Dining Chairs

Portland Grey Coastal Dining Chair


Coastal dining chairs are the best fits for outdoor dining; they're weather resistant and durable.

The block style and weaves are a great aesthetic to add to the natural environment and sunlight.

It can make for a great candle-lit dinner with your loved one at night or be cozy campfire furniture for when you have your mates over.

The best part about coastal dining chairs is that you can use them for both your formal affairs or your casual everyday hangouts.


French Provincial Style Dining Chairs

French Provincial style screams luxury and royalty.

French provincial aesthetic combines ornate carvings, mouldings and decorative wrought iron with simple textures and sturdy furniture with posh fabric detailing.

French provincial styles go back to medieval times.

The concept encourages bigger size, block colours, intricate carving details and a lux feel.

French provincial style of dining chairs is usually used for formal dining experiences.

It goes really well with fancy gowns and butlers serving the finest champagne.

Speaking of which, the colour champagne alongside the gothic black is one of the most common colours of the French provincial style of dining chairs.


Grey French Provincial Dining Chair

La Pyrenee Grey French Provincial Dining Chair


Heavily padded, with button detailing, it is one of the more trending designs these days.

With a sleek dining tabletop with carved legs, a well-lit-up room and flower vases, these gorgeous pieces can make your dining areas feel like royalty.

If you have giant windows and a high ceiling, then that is a bonus!


Hamptons Style Dining Chairs

A Hamptons dining chair is similar to the coastal aesthetic.

Hamptons dining chairs main feature is the colour white and the neat cut wooden carves.

These chairs are conventional designs, basic and minimal.

Yet, they stand out because of their beautifully carved backs and the cushioning with intricate patterns.

These bring out a very English aesthetic, perfect for tea parties with your friends or even a casual dinner with your family.

 Hamptons Dining Chair

Rutherford With Arms Hamptons Dining Chair


Country Style Dining Chairs

Country style aesthetic is more about natural elements, sunlight, light colours, smaller sizes and more negative space.

This style includes minimalistic wooden stool-type dining chairs that cover less space.

We covered alot of wooden country style dining chairs in our blog post called: "Types Of High Back Dining Chairs For A Classic and Contemporary Interior" that would be worth your time checking out.


Black Country Dining Chair

Bellinger Black Country Dining Chair


Paired with a small round dining table and a jug of freshly squeezed orange juice will give you that farmhouse aesthetic and calmness.

This style is evergreen; it goes well with most furniture pieces and is one of the easier interiors to maintain.

It is best of a sweet candle-lit dinner with your loved one or just your country pals over for a beer!


Mid-Century Style Dining Chairs

Mid-Century style stems from the post-industrialization time.

The characteristics include sleek lines, geometric and organic forms.

With minimal ornamentation, mid-century furniture focuses on functionality as much as it does on aesthetics.

There is a huge variety of different styles you can find within this umbrella term.

From block structures to minimal wireframes of chairs, these can elevate your dining experience by bringing in the rustic look from the use of non-traditional material and the elegance from their sleek, neat lines and geometric forms.


Black Mid Century Dining Chair

Botanica Black Mid-Century Dining Chair


For a more casual setting, grid frames with an unconventional base of the chair is a unique mid-century element for your dining area.

A minimalistic dining table with a few pops of colours can really elevate your dining experience.

It is perfect for an everyday dining look; it sets the mood for a casual breakfast with your family early in the morning or a cuppa with your best mates after a long day at work.


Charcoal Mid Century Dining Chair

Stockton Charcoal Mid-Century Dining Chair


For a more formal setup, wood and a lux fabric are the best options; with low hanging lights a beautiful tabletop your most delicate crockery, this dining chair will amp up your entire vibe for a luxurious formal dinner, maybe with your boss and family, or your in-laws on Boxing Day!


Scandinavian Style Dining Chairs

Scandinavian dining chairs have just two characteristics, simplicity and function.

These chairs being simple in design, are easy to transform from casual to formal dining experiences with ease.

The basic colours match well with any interior; they do sound basic but have beautiful cuts which give just the right amount of pizazz you need to elevate your dining area from boring to hella chic.


Scottsdale Natural Scandinavian Dining Chair


Hollywood Regency Style Dining Chairs

Imagine the lux statement pieces of furniture you would find in a star-studded party in Los Angeles.

Hollywood means full glamour!

These styles of dining chairs include the dazzle you think of when you see popstars. This is heavily inspired by pop culture.

These are statement pieces with gold and silver highlights.


 Hollywood Regency Dining Chair


Beverly Black Hollywood Regency Style Dining Chair


Hollywood-style dining chairs scream luxury.

They are great pop-art pieces for a formal dinner.

The use of funky colours or just statement gold and black are a few common combinations in this style.

They make great attention-grabbing pieces and can instantly light up your dining room.

It is never a dull moment with Hollywood-style dining chairs, although it is a choice to be made wisely because these chairs require very specific interiors to go with the pop-art / pop culture theme.

It can quickly be overdone!


Now that you've read through our guide on choosing the right style of dining chairs for your dining area, you probably have a clear idea of what vibe you want to set for your dining experience.

Go through our collection curated for all types of dining rooms.

From formal luxury indoor dinners to outdoor dining experiences, we've got it all!

Make sure it is a well-informed decision because it is an expensive one!

We are here to cater to all your dining chair needs.

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