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What to Look For In Outdoor Dining Chairs?

Choosing the right kind of furniture indeed adds a lot more value to your outdoor space.

When the shinning sun calls for hosting patio parties and bringing more activities outside, you may require sustainable outdoor furniture to deck up your space.

Exterior decoration, however, is clearly not just buying any set of chairs and hoping it would make your outdoor space look great; instead, it involves many points to ponder.

From material to function, you must have an idea about the factors affecting your purchase.


Outdoor Dining Chairs


A brief dot point summary of what to expect in this post:

  • Purpose and Usage - Why do you want to add furniture to your outdoor space?
  • Weather factors to consider before buying Outdoor dining chairs
  • Additional factors to look for in Outdoor Dining Chairs
  • Perfect Material for Outdoor Dining Chairs
  • Mistakes to avoid before buying Outdoor dining chairs


Lets Begin!

Purpose and Usage - Why do you want to add furniture to your outdoor space?


Are you planning to host fancy outdoor lunches where guests are required to be seated formally? 

Do you want to leisurely lounge on your patio whilst the children play under the sun?  Your outdoor furniture must serve the purpose appropriately.


We recommend adding dining chairs first before any other furniture piece.


Adding a couple of multipurpose outdoor dining chairs is the most cost-effective idea.

Whether you want to invite friends and family over an outdoor barbecue or you want to have a relaxing drink under the sky, dining chairs would serve the goal.


Outdoor Dining Chairs in Courtyard


Outdoor dining chairs are timeless, easier to move and more weather friendly as compared to upholstered sofas or loungers.


Be it your wooden deck, stylish patio, or well-manicured garden and dining chairs can effectively revamp any outdoor space, regardless.


The versatility and elegance these outdoor dining chairs offer are also commendable. 

Various designs, colours and materials are available to match your décor perfectly.



Weather Factors To Consider Before Buying Outdoor Dining Chairs


Rain and Moisture

Outdoor dining chairs are exposed to rain and regular moisture, especially when humidity is high in the atmosphere.

Moisture build-up can damage the fabric of furniture and invites fungus and bacteria at the same time.

IF you are buying upholstered outdoor dining chairs or looking to place cushions over chairs for added comfort, invest in water resistant fabric.


Any other material that retains moisture will be decomposed quickly will double the maintenance cost.

Moisture build-up also leads to the development of mildew and mould, which can irritate people who have sinusitis allergies.

Beware of cheap quality fabric and always buy good quality material for dining chairs.


 Outdoor Dining Chairs In Rain


Excessive U.V. Rays Exposure

Constant exposure to extreme weather conditions like heat or cold causes the outdoor furniture material to contract or expand.

Cracks, brittleness and colour fading is also expected due to U.V. rays.


To avoid such problems, you must buy material like rattan that can withstand even the harshest climate because it comes from a natural source.


Skin burns against the outdoor furniture are also widespread due to heat retention in the table left to heat up under the sun.


Winter and Wind

The dry winter air can cause the dining chairs to bend and crack over time if the material is not durable enough.

Dry winter winds are as challenging for outdoor dining chairs due to the brutal summer heat.


If you live in an extra windy area, you may opt for denser dining chairs like chairs having a teak wood base.


Heavy wind can easily blow away a lightweight chair causing irreparable damage.

It is better never to underestimate seasonal hiccups and invest in dining chairs according to your need and requirements.  



Additional factors to look for in Outdoor Dining Chairs


Outdoor Dining Chair Cleaning


Cleaning and Maintenance

Wooden and rattan chairs are comparatively easier to clean, whereas metal and steel require intensive care against rust and rot.

You may select the dining chair material according to the time you have for cleaning and maintenance.



Rattan and wicker dining chairs are slightly more expensive than chairs with metal or aluminium frames.

You may opt for dining chairs according to your budget.


A clever idea is not to increase your budget; instead, look for retailers who provide great sales and discounts. 

You may also want to consider shopping from the only place that offers a lifetime warranty on their dining chairs to get total value for your hard earned money.


Dimension and Size

You would not want to order outdoor dining chairs only to discover they do not fit appropriately in your outdoor space.


Always calculate the distance and dimension of the area you need to revamp before purchasing any furniture.


Compact looking rattan chairs with curved backs look best in patios and small decks, whereas high back dining chairs are ideal for placing in sidewalk areas, poolside lounge and lush gardens.



Sustainability and durability top all requirements while ordering outdoor furniture.

It is the main element that sets outdoor furniture apart from indoor versions.

How well a material can withstand coarse climate determines its usage.

If you are buying dining chairs only for decorative purposes and your outdoor area usage is minimal, even the lightweight chairs would do.

However, if you are going to use outdoor dining chairs regularly, you must invest in good quality and premium material.


Perfect Material for Outdoor Dining Chairs


The quality and material of exterior furniture are often more questionable.

Outdoor chairs serve the purpose of décor and seating and resist weather conditions such as rain, scorching heat, or mildew.

You may look carefully into different materials and select one according to your location or the type of weather you are generally exposed to.


Wooden Dining Chairs



Sturdy frames, durable designs and a clean look make the wooden pieces ideal for revamping outdoor spaces.

Wooden chairs do not get rusty and are highly water-resistant, so these may be ideal for people residing in rainy areas.


Softwood like cedar, pressure treated pine, and fir is also widely used in making hardwood furniture.

Softwood is easy to mould, which is why it comes in various shapes.

The furniture made up of softwood cannot stand against weather for a long time and is more susceptible to wear and tear.


To withstand the harsh Australian climate, hardwood like teak must be preferred.

This type of furniture last longer and is worth the money you spend on it.


Bedarra | Natural Wooden Outdoor Dining Chair

For example, check out this Bedarra | natural outdoor dining chair.

The sustainable teakwood base, washable fabric and armrest make it classy and inviting at the same time.

A chair like this can be used both indoor and outdoor.   

Wooden dining chairs are easy to maintain; however, the colour might fade due to continuous sun exposure.




Wicker Dining Chairs



Wicker dining chairs are also the best choice when it comes to outdoor dining chairs.

Beautifully weaved wicker designs can be traced back to 3000 B.C. where wealthy Pharaohs used wicker style pottery and furniture.

To attain a contemporary retro outdoor look, wicker dining chairs are a must have. 

P.E. wicker material is UV-resistant and weatherproof.


Wicker is said to be an all-weather material and possess extraordinary lasting power with very little maintenance.

Wicker outdoor dining chairs are perfect for giving your outdoor space an elegant yet comfortable look.

Most wicker chairs have steel or metal frame, which adds strength and durability.


Portland | Wicker Outdoor Dining Chair


Suppose you want an outdoor dining chair that would last you for years to come.

In that case, you must invest in a sustainable wicker chair made galvanized steel frame like Portland outdoor dining chair




Rattan Dining Chair



Rattan dining chairs are similar to wicker dining chairs in style and comfort.

Still, they are made up of a slightly different material.

Naturally growing rattan trees are used in the manufacturing of rattan chair weaves.

Rattan trees are native to tropical regions of Australia and Africa.

Due to their flexibility, attractiveness and durability, the vines of these trees are widely used in making wicker style furniture.


Rattan dining chairs are not only sustainable but also lightweight and timeless.

These chairs never go out of fashion, thus provides a good value for money.


Rattan dining chairs can easily tolerate harsher weather conditions, making them more suitable for outdoor use.

The colour of natural tree vine weaves do not fade under the sun, so you don't have to take extra measures to protect your furniture against U.V. rays damage.

 Henny Rattan Dining Chair

Check out the Henny Coastal Rattan Dining Chair collection to better understand perfect rattan outdoor dining chairs.



Acrylic Cushion Fabric

Apart from frames and chair design, the cushion material placed on an outdoor chair is also vital.

Not all fabrics can withstand rain, U.V. rays, dust, and other environmental hazards.


While choosing fabric for outdoor dining chairs, always opt for Acrylic fabric.

This premium fabric protects against ultraviolet rays, sun damage, colour fading, fungus, mildew and is highly water-resistant.


Acrylic fabric does not shrink or wrinkle when exposed to water, so you only have to use an umbrella for yourself when it rains.


Outdoor Dining Chair Cushion Fabric


The acrylic fibre is made up of plastic polymer; however, it is soft to touch and provides comfortable seating.

The material is synthesized but resembles wool fibre in quality and feel. The fabric can be dyed in beautiful colours to go with your décor.

Therefore, which frame and design you may choose for your outdoor dining chairs, make sure you ask for cushions wrapped in acrylic fabric to multiply the durability.


Mistakes to avoid before buying Outdoor dining chairs


Prioritizing Price Over Material

Many people think that buying low-quality material for cheaper will help them stay on budget, which is absolutely untrue.

Reality is, however, the other way round.

Buying expensive but good quality material is a one-time cost.

Gold-standard dining chairs may come with an extravagant price tag; however, these chairs will last a decade.


On the other hand, cheap quality dining chairs are subjected to quick wear and tear, will bore a hole in your pocket and causing you to pay in the name of maintenance or repurchase. 


Outdoor Flooring


Buying Outdoor Dining Chairs Without Considering Flooring

Dining chairs with skinny legs can be placed on a plain floor, but the legs can be stuck between wooden gaps on a deck.


Constant reminders to look out for wooden planks before moving or seating in the chair can be extremely uncomfortable for your friends and family.

Be aware of your surroundings and flooring before ordering outdoor dining chairs so you may get the ones that are perfect according to your outdoor area theme and décor.



Choosing the Wrong Material

Impulsive buying does not work when you are ordering something as important as an outdoor dining chair.

Do your research.


Read about perfect materials which are suitable for weather conditions in your region and before selecting dining chairs.

Other logistics, such as the location where you are placing the chairs and whether the chairs will be under a shade or exposed to direct sunlight, must also be considered.


Outdoor Dining Chairs


Zero Planning after Buying Dining Chairs

A key is to look up and ask yourself what may fall on your dining chair if placed in this area, then prepare accordingly.

Placing dining chairs near the fireplace and expecting the material to remain ember-free is not wise.


In the same way, placing chairs under a huge tree but not cleaning dust and debris often will decompose even the most remarkable quality chairs within months.

If you want your outdoor dining chairs to last, have a good maintenance plan beforehand.



Final Word

Dining chairs are multipurpose and provide a stylish alternative to boring outdoor seating. 

To spruce up your outdoor space with a classic finishing touch, adding outdoor dining chairs is a perfect decision.


A perfect dining chair that is elegant, inviting and matched your décor requires you to complete your homework.

In order to help you make a wise purchase, we have elaborated in detail the points you need to look at before buying outdoor dining chairs.

You may check our outdoor dining chair collection at Only Dining Chairs to get an idea about the latest trends in outdoor furniture.


Note: If you need help regarding your indoor dining chair selection then check out our guide to top 10 dining chair styles.


With a lifetime warranty and high-quality material, our outdoor dining chairs are great value for money.

Happy shopping!

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