Antique Dining Chairs

Antique Dining Chairs - Detailed Guide

If you are having a hard time deciding what would be the best possible furniture options for your home, then we understand you. It is indeed a difficult job considering the plethora of furniture options available for purchase in the modern day market.

Every space of your home requires accurate furniture, including your dining space. The dining space is one of the most crucial areas in your abode as it will decide the quality of your dining experience. You will need to pick the dining chairs with precision to define a comfortable dining experience.

One of the classic yet evergreen option that you can choose for your dining space is antique dining chairs. Antique dining chairs are most certainly going to be an addition in your dining room that oozes class, elegance, and quality.


What makes a dining chair antique?

Antique Dining Chairs

When it comes to antique dining chairs, or antique furniture overall, quite a lot of people have one common misconception. It is widely believed that any ‘old’ dining chair qualifies as an antique dining chair. However, we are here to burst that bubble. Antique dining chairs, in fact have more specifications on top of just being ‘old’.

  • The age of the chairs: First of all, it must be noted that any old chair does not qualify as an antique chair. The dining chair must be at least older than 100 years to be considered as an antique piece. Dining chairs that do not have such a long lifespan, may qualify as vintage dining chairs but they are not antique.

  • The history attached with the chairs: Additionally, antique dining chairs are also supposed to have some sort of history associated with them. What makes these chairs antique is the story that they have to tell. The antique value of the chairs hide in the magnitude of the story that they are carrying. Dining room chairs without a significant history should not be considered as antique dining chairs either.


Antique dining chairs: A treat for curious souls

Because of their unique appearance, elegance, and style – antique dining chairs are a treat for people who have the curious soul to experiment with their furniture. If you are a person who is interested in the essence of time, if you are interested in the stories of history – then antique dining chairs are simply made for you.

Their elegance, their class and standard, their beauty can only be explored by people who have that knack in storytelling. Overall, antique dining chairs are crafted for people who can measure both the material and immaterial value of these dining chairs and can do these dining chairs justice by maintaining and using them properly.


PROS and CONS of having antique dining chairs in your home

Antique Dining Chairs

In the dining chairs market, antique dining chairs are an under-explored option. People are not really too comfortable with buying dining chairs that feel as old as time itself. However, we are here to solve that doubt. Let us list out the multifarious benefits of having antique dining chairs in your home with a few certain disadvantages that also come with the chairs.


Pros of antique dining chairs: 

There are multiple benefits of installing antique dining chairs in your home.

  • Appearance: Antique dining chairs have quite an unique appearance. In fact, the appearance of antique dining chairs depend on the era they are from. These dining chairs are truly beautiful in terms of crafting and they will add a touch of flare to your dining room.

  • Quality: The quality of the antique dining chairs show true craftsmanship as these chairs are really top-notch in terms of quality. Even their age does not show any degradation in quality. These chairs are comfortable to use and will help shape your dining experience for better.

  • Durability: A lot of people have doubts over the durability of antique dining chairs but in our opinion that is way out of order. These dining chairs have survived for more than a century and there is no reason they will not survive even further. However, for the antique dining chairs, proper maintenance is key as it will help in keeping the chairs as new.

  • The history: The antique dining chairs hide within them a history that is the USP of these chairs. You can install these chairs in your dining space and take part in the continuation of the story of the antique dining chairs.


Cons of antique dining chairs: 

Despite having multiple benefits, the antique dining chairs have a few disadvantages as well. These include:

  • Difficulty in matching with background: The antique dining chairs are a classic and they just do not go with any random interior. To have these chairs in your dining space, your home décor must be a classic one which justifies and complements the appearance of your antique dining chairs.

  • Maintenance: Because these chairs are quite old, they need proper care for their durability. Yes, we can state without a question that with proper maintenance these dining chairs will be quite durable. However, the proper maintenance can be lengthy and depend on the build, and the material of the chair. Check the proper maintenance procedure of your antique dining chairs before you make the purchase.

  • Physical wear and tear: These chairs are quite old and despite most of the antique dining chairs are maintained quite well, some chairs can have signs of their age. The wear and tear from prolonged usage of these chairs can be visible on some, while some antique dining chairs might face issues of colour fading and so on.



Antique Dining Chairs

The antique dining chairs may require quite a lengthy process of maintenance but they are absolutely worth buying solely depending on the class and elegance they carry. Place the antique dining chairs in your dining space and you will have a new story to tell your guests whenever they visit your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Are the antique dining chairs comfortable?

    Typically, most antique dining chairs are comfortable. However some of them can cause slight discomfort due to previous use and their age. Do check this before you buy the chairs.

  • 2. Can I get antique dining chairs in different colours?

    Most of the antique dining chairs come in classic colours such as black, brown, tan, beige etc. You need to check with the place you are buying from for more colour options on antique dining chairs. 

  • 3. Do antique dining chairs get damaged easily?

    No. The craftsmanship behind the design of these chairs are simply out of this world and they are not as fragile as some people think them to be.

  • 4. What is a more viable option for me: antique dining chairs or normal dining chairs?

    It depends on a lot of factors. Overall, our suggestion would definitely be ancient dining chairs if you can use these chairs properly and if you have the interior to justify their appearance.

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