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Affordable Dining Chairs In 2023 To Meet Any Budget

Affordable Dining Chairs In 2023 To Meet Any Budget

To give your home a fine makeover, you have to place the right kind of furnishings in the right spaces. The uniqueness of your household is heavily dependent on your choice of furniture. One mistake in the right choice can lead to serious shortcomings in the appearance of your abode.

An important place in the modern house is the dining space. The kind of dining chairs you choose to place in your dining space will define how fine and comfortable dining experience you get. However, a good set of dining chairs can cost you quite a bit of money in the current market. But thanks to our wide range of dining chair collections at Only Dining Chairs, we have got you covered.

On our website you can find a range of affordable dining chairs of high quality that will suit your dining space perfectly. Our products are designed to suit your budget and they will provide you with the ultimate solution to your dining experience.


Best Material Affordable Dining Chairs

On Only Dining Chairs website, you can find plenty of unique dining chair designs and options that you can choose from. Buying the optimum dining chair set for your abode is your ultimate goal regarding the dining experience and with our varieties of different types of dining chairs, you can finally fulfil your desire.

Redefine your dining experience with the affordable dining chairs options we offer.

Affordable Leather Dining Chairs: 

The leather dining chairs are one of the most beautiful and stunning furniture items found within the home.

Leather dining chairs are durable, very comfortable dining chairs and affordable as well. Leather look dining chairs are rich in look with a subtle sophisticated appearance and it effortlessly enhances the sleekness of your dining area.

Our leather chairs will have your imaginations running wild on what your dining experience could be both in and out. 

Top 3 affordable leather dining chairs available for purchase on Only Dining Chairs are:

1. Sterling | Brown Leather Modern Dining Chairs

Sterling | Brown Leather Modern Dining Chairs

Simplicity and refined aesthetic defines the Sterling diamond-shaped seat & back, and tapered black powder-coated iron legs. The Sterling dining chairs offer a minimalistic, practical, and functional modern seating with understated elegance.


  • Cover material: PU leather
  • Legs material: Powder-coated iron
  • Overall dimensions: 87cm x 45.5cm x 54cm
  • Colour: Brown (as picture shows)
  • Chair Weight Limit: 100 – 120kg

2. Minerva | Black & White Leather Wooden Dining Chairs

Minerva | Black & White Leather Wooden Dining Chairs


The Minerva is one of the most popular modern scandinavian dining chairs suitable for your table. It’s an exceptional chair because of its durable PP plastic seating, and it’s rich in colour beech wooden legs. The thick backrest and seat padding that appears to float above the framework provides adequate cushioning to create a fantastic seat, which is a pleasure to sit in.


  • Beech wooden legs
  • Felt protectors to avoid scratches to the floor
  • Overall Height: 82cm
  • Overall dimensions: 34 x 42 x 82cm
  • Seat Material- PU Leather

3. Midtown | Black Leather, Modern Dining Chairs

Midtown | Black Leather, Modern Dining Chairs

Add charm and luxury to your dining with this affordable mid century dining chairs. This piece adds both a versatile style and comfort that easily complements any current home decor. It’s sleek design balances clean-stitched lines that create quite a welcoming pattern. Your guests will always love it. 


  • Cover material: PU leather
  • Legs material: Powder-coated iron
  • Colour: black and wood grain 
  • Chair Weight Limit: 100 – 120kg
  • Overall dimensions: 92cm x44cm x 44cm

4. Langholm | Brown, Black Leather Dining Chairs

Langholm | Brown, Black Leather Dining Chairs

This unique Langholm PU leather dining chair set brings out the beauty of any home it’s fitted into. Its Cinnamon Brown PU Leather takes you back to the 60s and 70s with a modern day shape. These modern inspired dining chairs features a comfortable cushion seating and backrest upholstered leather with flowing stitching detail along the curves. It’s supported on tube-like tapered metal legs painted in black and fitted with rubber caps to prevent scratching floors.


  • Cover material: PU Leather
  • Leg material: Powder-coated metal
  • Chair Weight Limit: 100 – 120kg
  • Colour: Cinnamon Brown or Black


Affordable Wooden Dining Chairs:

Another strong and durable dining chair option that suits your budget is the wooden dining chair. Along with their pocket-friendly pricing and stability, they also add a fine natural touch to your dining space.

You can find wooden dining chairs for sale and other discount offers on Only Dining ChairsWhatever style you pick, we assure you of the finest-quality, craftsmanship & design.

Top 3 affordable wooden dining chairs available for purchase on Only Dining Chairs are:

1. Allyn | Grey, Charcoal Grey Velvet Wooden Dining Chair

Allyn | Grey, Charcoal Grey Velvet Wooden Dining Chair


Allyn chair uses a perfect blend of modern and minimalistic design. Its sleek modern look will easily fit in any home. This beautiful modern-styled chair is the ideal accompaniment to any dining table.

It has a comfortable backrest and  smooth attractive edges to make your guests envious. You'll be wowed by the sleek seat profile and sturdy legs' craftsmanship, which bring out the aesthetic look of polished wood—a perfect purchase.


  • Material: plywood
  • Cover material: velvet
  • Colour: Charcoal Grey
  • Chair Weight Limit: 100 – 120kg
  • Overall dimensions: 63cm x 51.5cm x 80cm

2. Aspire | Upholstered, Grey Wooden Dining Chairs

Aspire | Upholstered, Grey Wooden Dining Chairs


Crafted with vintage Scandinavian retro lines and overtones, these Aspire Wooden Dining Chairs are in a class of its own. The unique and minimalist combination of wood and fabric dining chairs creates an appealing appearance that everyone, family and guests will appreciate. 

The back is slender and slightly curved to offer sleek back support. The frame is reinforced to guarantee stability and durability.


  • Seat material: Linen fabric
  • Frame material: Beech wood
  • Overall dimension: 42cm x 44cm x 81cm
  • Chair Weight Limit: 100 – 120kg
  • Anti-slip floor protectors to keep you safe

3. Minerva | Multi Coloured, Wooden Dining Chairs

Minerva | Multi Coloured, Wooden Dining Chairs


The Minerva is a great buy affordable option for your dining space. The multi-color seating option makes it easy to match with existing furniture & décor. 

The backrest and the thick, padded seat, which appears to float above the wooden framework and legs, combine to create a chair, which is a pleasure to sit in. 

It has a ABS plastic seat frame covered with thick foam and fabric covering for comfort.


  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Cover material: Polyester fabric
  • Leg material: Beech wood
  • Chair Weight Limit: 180kg


Affordable Velvet Dining Chairs:

Velvet dining chairs create a fancy luxurious atmosphere for your modern-age dining space, which can be a statement of style on your part.

The colours of velvet dining chairs have more depth than a simple plain material due to the way that velvet catches up light.

Affordable as they are, these beautiful dining chairs are very comfortable and would definitely add a fine touch to your dining room space. 

Top 3 affordable velvet dining chairs available for purchase on Only Dining Chairs are:

1. Cayenne | Dark Grey Dining Chairs, Velvet Dining Chairs

Cayenne | Dark Grey Dining Chairs, Velvet Dining Chairs


This gorgeous metal-frame Cayenne velvet dining chair is refined to offer you the ultimate comfort with the most minimalist design.

The contoured seat rests combined with the understated iron legs with dark grey upholstery with shiny black legs. It has an anti-slip design & solid iron legs for dependability and durability. 

Enjoy sumptuous meals with the Cayenne dining set in your dining space.


  • Seat material: Velvet
  • Leg material: Iron
  • Wide comfortable seat
  • Colour: Light Dark Grey
  • Chair Weight Limit: 150kg


2. Cooper | Blue, Grey Velvet Modern Dining Chair With Arms

Cooper | Blue, Grey Velvet Modern Dining Chair With Arms


Add some style to your dining area with this Cooper velvet padded arm chair. The seat is lined with velvet that gives a smooth, comfortable feel that leaves your family and guests relaxed as they enjoy a meal or have a conversation. 

Crafted with arm and low backrests designed to give a hug feel and let you revel in its comfort, this dining chair ensures everyday comfort and convenience.

Explore your inner style and get creative by purchasing a mix of blue and grey dining chairs and add some life to your home.


  • Frame: Metal
  • Legs: Metal - Epoxy Black
  • Fabric: 100% Polyester
  • Colour: Blue & Grey
  • The sturdy metal frame and splayed legs can hold 120kg of weight.


3. Electra | Modern Velvet Dining Chairs Australia

Electra | Modern Velvet Dining Chairs Australia


Versatility overflows in these Electra velvet dining chairs. The linear tufted design, rich velvet fabric texture, and gold metal legs blend to create a retro-modern styled chair with a touch of old school Hollywood taste. Get your choice of colour with the Electra dining set to make an electrifying, funky, and welcoming statement to your dining space.

It has a dense foam padding provides a comfortable seat and stain-resistant velvet for luxe elegance and long-lasting use.


  • Cover material: Velvet
  • Frame: Wood
  • Leg material: Metal
  • Colour: Pink, yellow, green & blue
  • Chair Weight Limit: 150kg

Why Should You Buy Affordable Dining Chairs?

At Only Dining Chairs, you will find a wide range of affordable dining chairs options which you need to take a look at before purchasing the ideal dining chair set for you.


  • Our wide range of affordable dining chairs are designed for everyone irrespective of their budget limitations. The prices are always adjusted and you will not have to pay a fortune to get our products.

  • The dining chairs at Only Dining Chairs are absolutely top-notch in terms of their quality and you will not be disappointed if you choose our affordable dining chair options. We do not compromise on quality and always deliver the best dining chairs to our customers at the best price.

  • At Only Dining Chairs, we offer a broad range of affordable dining chair options. You don’t need to rush and buy the first thing that you see. You can explore the various affordable dining chair options that are available on our website and choose the right one for you.

  • We offer various good deals, discount offers, and sale offers on our products. Visit our website to find the best deal on our affordable dining chair options.

Things to Consider While Buying Affordable Dining Chairs:

As you would have done while purchasing other kind of furniture, it is essential to keep a few things in your mind while buying affordable dining chairs from Only Dining Chairs.

Only Dining Chairs offers top quality and affordable dining chairs that are equally pleasing aesthetically. Let us further guide you in the following section, before you decide to choose the right style, material, or colour for your dining chairs.

Material: The most essential factor that you need to consider before you buy our affordable dining chairs, is which material would be the best fit for your dining chair solutions.

With different materials like rattan dining chairs, leather dining chairs, oak dining chairs and various others you can get different appearance and styles and it is something that you need to outline prior the purchase of your dining chair set.

If you have decided which material you are looking for, you can search for dining chairs made of that materials on our website.

At our website, we offer a vast range of different materials like cane dining chairs, wooden dining chairs, walnut dining chairs, velvet dining chairs, timber dining chairs and others that are designed just for your unique needs.

Search for these top quality affordable dining chairs on sale and other discount offers on our website.

Size and style:
The second most important feature that must be considered prior to buying dining chairs is the size and style of the chairs and whether or not they blend well with your dining space.

Different size and styles of dining chairs complement different styles of backgrounds.

For eg: French provincial dining chairs mostly have a larger dimension and a high back which will suit perfectly for a big dining space.

In case your dining room is not large enough, you should avoid buying large dining chairs as they create a feeling of suffocation. Your dining space needs to be airy and breathable and your dining chair choices should reflect that.

The colour you choose for your dining room chairs will reflect your personality and with that in mind, you must make a wise decision. Not every colour goes with every background and you must consider this before you jump to purchase your favourite dining chairs set. If you have made up your mind, you can visit our website to find the desired affordable dining chairs set for your dining room.


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The above were the top affordable dining chairs to suit every style and design. These dining chairs are extremely durable, comfortable, of high quality and perfectly dedicated not only for your dining space but also for indoor and outdoor use.

Decorating your abode with the right kind of furnishings is the dream of everyone. With our multiple affordable dining chair options, you can finally define your dining experience in a positive manner and decorate your home within your budget. Visit our website and find the best deal for you.


                Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Are the affordable dining chairs durable and sturdy?

    Yes, our range of affordable dining chairs are strong, sturdy and they are durable for the long run.

  • 2. Are the affordable dining chairs comfortable?

    Yes, the affordable dining chairs are extremely comfortable to use and will give you a favourable dining experience.

  • 3. Why you should invest in affordable dining chairs?

    Affordable dining chairs are designed for everyone and you will not have to pay a fortune to get them. One is getting beautiful, high quality and sturdy dining chairs at the best affordable price possible.

  • 4. Where can I buy affordable dining chairs from in Australia?

    If you are looking for buying affordable dining chairs in Australia, Only Dining Chairs is one place that you might want to explore. The online store specialises in dining chairs and brings to you a large collection of unique dining chairs. We also provide dining chairs set of 2, set of 4, set of 6 and set of 8 depending on the chairs you require.

  • 5. When will my affordable dining chairs be delivered?

    At Only Dining Chairs, we collaborate with prominent delivery partners to ensure fast delivery of our products. Check your order page to find out the actual delivery date of your affordable dining chairs set.