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Guide To The Top 10 Most Popular Dining Chair Styles

Suppose you take a good scroll through your social media applications.

In that case, chances are you will come across multiple types of chairs being marketed, bought and sold.

From chairs used in lounges to dining, there will be many styles that you will find.


Currently, when it comes to dining chair styles, ten popular styles are dominating the marketplace right now.

From Danish to Wing Back and Hoffman Side chair, there are plenty of styles to choose from when redecorating your dining room.


To learn more about the different styles you can choose from, here is a thorough guide that takes you through ten different dining chairs that can be the ideal addition to your spaces.

So, without wasting any time, here they are.



1.    The Danish Style Dining Chair

 Granada | Danish Dining Chair

Granada | Natural Wood Danish Dining Chair


The Danish dining chair is a style that many homes are furnished with across the globe.

This chair was designed by Danish architects that prized comfort and simple, clean looks over-elaborate designs for aesthetics to suit the tastes of many.

You can add this chair to complement your coffee tables as well as dining tables, depending on their height and size.


Danish dining chairs are typically made through various kinds of wood, mostly timber, which can then be painted over according to the aesthetic choices one wants to make.

Choose the Danish dining chair if you wish your space to communicate comfort, calm and simple beauty.



2.    The Tub Style Dining Chair

 Beverly Velvet Tub Dining Chair

Beverly | Velvet Tub Dining Chair


This style of dining chairs dates back to the jazz era when in salons and parlours, an exotic and expensive looking aesthetic was being desired.

The tub style dining chair is typically low-backed and has smooth curves instead of harsh cuts, giving the nod to the art deco days.


Consider setting up your coffee table using the tub style dining chair to incorporate a vintage touch to your home.

This chair will complement your side tables well with the right design, texture and colours, so be sure to browse through a number of tub styles to figure out what works best.


These chairs typically come with upholstery, which gives them a comfortable and soft feel when one sits on them.

Therefore, you cannot go wrong with a tub style dining chair if you wish to make your guests feel at ease when dining with you.



3.    The French Provincial Cross Back Dining Chair

Virginia French Provincial Dining Chair

Virginia | Natural French Provincial Dining Chair


The French cabinet maker Michael Thonet came up with the first design and structure for the provincial cross back dining chair, using timber and steam.

The specialty of such chairs is that it does not catch bugs, which makes it desirable in certain climates.

The cross back design can be an elegant addition to your home without overpowering any other furniture within your space.


It is a sophisticated yet simple design that offers comfort and a subtle attractiveness that can revamp your dining area with an elegant vibe.

These chairs are light enough to be moved around the house, so if you wish to dine outside in your porch or lawn area, you can easily move them around without having to put in a lot of labour.

Find yourself a good spot outside, and you're all set for a lovely meal outdoors.



4.    The Wing Back Dining Chair

 Amalfi |  Ruby Red Wingback Velvet Dining Chairs

Amalfi | Ruby Red Velvet Dining Chairs


This design is said to have originated in the 1700s, with the desire to create a snug-like experience for the sitter to protect them against the cold of the winters and also against the heat of the fire.

Thus, it is a smart design that offers a unique sense of comfort other dining chairs may not be able to offer.


As shown, the wing back dining chair typically comes with upholstery of some kind to offer the snug-like feeling.

The wings on each side are put there for this exact purpose and can be a wonderful addition to your reading corners as well, especially during the colder months.


When dining with family and friends during the holiday season, the wing back chair can offer great comfort for longer periods of time, unlike other chairs, and also offers a clean and elegant look when placed in your dining area.

So, be sure to check this style out before making the final call for your dining area furnishings.



5.   The Wishbone Dining Chair (Hans Wegner)

 Ramsgate | Black Wish Bone Dining Chair

Ramsgate | Black Wish Bone Dining Chair


Like the French Provincial cross dining chair, the wishbone dining room chair can also be easily identified by its unique design at the back of the chair; a Y-shaped curved high back, which is placed to support the chair’s structure as well as for the person’s back who will be sitting on it.


Another name by which this type of chair is known is Hans Wegner Wishbone Dining Chair, which is also a Danish design for fine dining.

The wishbone chair is used widely in restaurants, cafes and homes that want to refurbish their spaces to add more sophistication and chicness.


Normally, the wishbone dining chair is made from oak, and depending on the density of the wood, can either be heavy or light.

It can be easily moved around with little effort if it is the latter, offering you mobility and control over how you display your dining chair seating area.



6.    Eiffel Eames Dining Chair

 Matisse | Light Grey Eiffel Eames Dining Chair

Matisse | Light Grey Eiffel Eames Dining Chair


The Eiffel Eames dining chair has been around since the 1950s and is a smart design to incorporate within your dining spaces for its compactness and ease of movement.

In recent years, the chair has been improved upon by adding a uniquely constructed upholstery for comfort, support and an increase in variety when it comes to colour, design and structure.


Initially, these chairs were designed as plastic chairs by Charles and Ray Eames using two major techniques; welding or bending a wire base underneath the chair and adding a plastic sculpture for the seat of the chair.

Given their unique design, these chairs can be an ideal addition to your lounge areas as well, depending on their size and can really liven up space if placed smartly.


Browse through to figure out whether you wish to add upholstery to the chair, or if you go with the traditional plastic chair design, you can even set them up outdoors.



7.    Hoffmann Side Chair

 Sahara | Black Hoffmann Dining Chair

Sahara | Black Hoffmann Dining Chair


Austrian architect Josef Hoffmann is credited with the first-ever designs of this dining chair, which is conveniently named after him as well.

The Hoffmann side chair contains a hand-woven cane design for the seat and the back, supported typically by a wooden skeleton that holds up the chair.

This is quite a comfortable chair, even though it normally does not come with upholstery.


The success of this chair, according to some, comes from the use of the cane, which also makes the chair quite lightweight, which also means it is a lot easier to move around in comparison to some other chairs we have seen.

What is even more special about this type of chair is that it is environmentally friendly, both in terms of the materials used and the processes involved in constructing it.


Therefore, for those of you looking to reduce your carbon footprint and make eco-friendly choices, the Hoffmann side chair is the one for you.


8.    Chaise A By Xavier Pauchard

Lonsdale | Gunmetal Chaise A Dining Chair

Lonsdale | Black Chaise A Dining Chair


Xavier Pauchard designed and manufactured the Chaise A in 1934, a dining chair that is considered to have been the first of its kind for being made using a sheet of steel, and that too at an industrial level.

Extremely lightweight and mostly indestructible, the Chaise A is versatile in its use as it can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Because of their durability – which comes from the materials used to make it and the design of the chair – the chaise A dining chairs are commonly used in bistros, cafes and outdoor restaurants.

These chairs can easily be stacked up, one atop the other, in order to make more space or to make cleaning the area easier.


If you are someone who likes to enjoy the outdoors and host parties on your porch, then the Chaise A by Xavier Pauchard is the ideal chair for you.


9.    Eames Moulded Plastic Armchair

Marlo Version 1 | Multi Coloured Eames Moulded Plastic Armchair

Marlo Version 1 | Multi Coloured Eames Moulded Plastic Armchair


Yet another plastic chair designed by the Eames is the Moulded Plastic Armchair, which mostly follows the sample principles in terms of design and materials used as the Eiffel Eames dining chair.

Similarly, these chairs can now also be supported using a variety of upholstery should you want it to complement your sofas and other furniture within your home.


Earlier forms of this chair may not have been environment-friendly, but with new ones being made using 100 per cent recyclable polypropylene, this concern is now fully addressed as well.

What is uniquely special about this design is that it provides added comfort to your legs and thighs, as pressure to these areas is reduced using the waterfall seat edge.


To get a better sense of what the moulded plastic armchair can offer you, consider visiting a store where they stock multiple designs and colours of this chair.

You will also be able to determine whether upholstery for this chair will be a good addition to the overall aesthetic of your home or not in this way.


10.    Beetle Dining Chair

Ava | Green Beetle Dining Chair

Ava | Green Beetle Dining Chair


One of the most popular designs in dining chairs currently is the beetle dining chair. It is a modern design for a dining chair made famous by GamFratesi, a design company from Copenhagen that created this chair for the firm GUBI.

The inspiration for this chair’s design draws from the beetle’s outer shell, as the seat and back are designed using harder materials to get the structure right.


However, the seat’s inside is extremely comfortable, which is also taken as inspiration from the beetle’s shell.

Structurally, the back and chair are curved forward to mimic the beetle’s shell.

The overall design is kept simple, which allows for a lot of customization in terms of colour, design, fabric etc.


While the design here might look quite hard, the chairs are actually very comfortable to sit in for longer periods of time.

Nowadays, the beetle dining chair has been reimagined and reinterpreted for multiple usages.


People often use them outdoors as they can be moved around with relative ease and can also be great additions to a dining space indoors as well.

It is these qualities that make the beetle chair an ideal companion either for more casual settings such as your home or for hospitality purposes as well.


This is why you may spot many a beetle chair in cafes, restaurants and bistros, for they are easy to clean, move around, yet stylish and chic. 



So, there you have it. The then most popular styles of dining chairs are here for you to browse through and learn more about, with visual aids to help you get an aesthetic sense of each type of chair.

Keep in mind that not all varieties of every dining chair look the same.

For example, some wooden or plastic chairs can also come with upholstery that can elevate the look of the product.


Having a well-designed dining area can add great value to your indoor spaces, especially when wanting to host a party or a gathering of people.

This can serve the purposes of bringing people closer together, accompanied by healthy conversation and good food, while also making space feel a lot more inviting.


If you are looking for help to execute the ideal dining area for yourself, consider reaching out to a professional interior designer for their services or advice, depending on the sort of help you need.

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