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Are Dining Chairs Bad for Your Back?

Do these situations sound familiar?


  • Are you amongst those who have started working from home this past year?

  • Are your back and neck hurting lately?

  • Are you surprisingly missing your boring but comfortable office chair the most?


The back pain problem is not new to any of us.


16% of the Australian population suffers from back pain at some point in their life, according to recent stats by National Health.

The problem is more common among people working from home as the structure lacks a typical office-desk environment.


Back Pain


Before covid-19, millions of people used to work part-time or full time and now the figure has significantly grown even more.  

Work from home calls for a comfortable setup.


You cannot possibly juggle between your coffee table and the sofa without hurting your back if you have to work for long hours.

Traditional dining chairs also shortfall the medical structure required to support spinal health while sitting on the chair for longer.



Is Dining Chairs Bad For My Back?


Many people think high back dining chairs are a perfect solution to ditch back pain, which is an absolutely a myth.

High back dining chairs can keep your back straight for a shorter span; however, it may not be an ideal solution for those who have to be seated for more than five to six hours.

Sitting on chairs with high backs can make you slouch down in the chair, which is not a healthy posture for the spine.

 Back Pain Dining Chairs


Ideally, it would be best if you sat on the chair with your shoulders away from your ears while your screen is right in front of you and you don't have to look down at it.

However, this setting is unlikely to be achieved at home unless you invest in a good dining chair designed scientifically to support spinal ligaments and avoid back pain.


Features Of A Comfortable and Supportive Dining Chair


A comfortable seat not only puts you at rest but feels inviting at the same time.

You may not be eyeing your sofa or bed while sitting on your dining chair, provided you have made a perfect purchase.


The 5 key areas we will address will be:

  1. The Ergonomic Backrest

  2. Extra Padding

  3. Supporting Armrests

  4. Avoid Sofa-like Chairs

  5. Premium Quality Upholstery


Certain dining chairs aid in achieving correct posture.

If you want comfort and style without overlooking your health, you are required to consider a few key features when buying a dining chair:



  1. The Ergonomic Backrest

Contemporary dining chairs provide elegant shape and scientifically designed backrest, which keeps the spine aligned.

The backrest should be slightly curved to keep your vertebrae in place.

An ergonomically designed dining chair with a curved back decreases your chances to slump forward, which helps you ditch neck strain, muscle tension, and lower back pain in the long run.


Always look for a chair that has a backrest ending below your shoulders to maintain natural spinal curvature. 

High backs above your shoulders are only for decorative purposes and may not strengthen a suitable posture.


Extra Padding


  1. Extra Padding

Save your time and energy; stop collecting pillows around the house every time you need to adjust yourself while sitting.

Instead, invest in a dining chair that offers extra cushion and comfortable padding.

However, a thick foam layered ineptly on a metal frame is not your dream dining chair. 


The thickness of the foam only provides an extra cushion, which feels nice, but the real game-changer is the ergonomic shape of the padding.

Expertly designed chairs with contemporarily shaped padding support the lumbar region and help you maintain a great posture.


  1. Supporting Armrests

For additional comfort, look for chairs encompassing armrests support.

Whether you are eating, having conversations with family, or working while sitting on your dining chair, you may need an armrest then and there.


Armless dining chairs have a smaller width than dining chairs with armrests, making it a less convenient option than the former.

Armrests also enhance the overall look of a dining chair, so it's an easy way to get comfortable with the class.


Dining chairs with armrests also make a more reliable and safer option for children and the elderly.

These chairs have broader seating and arm handles which lessen the risk of toppling over and fall.


  1. Avoid Sofa-like Chairs

You may think the squishiness of the chair or sofa is directly proportional to a great posture and healthy spine, but unfortunately, it is untrue.


It might look "oh-so-inviting" and comfortable when you are sitting on a chair having a rigid frame, but from a health perspective, the sofa or bed disturbs the spine's natural balance, leading to lousy back problems.


You are highly likely to tuck in your legs while sitting on a sofa-like chair twisting your spine.

The deepness of the sofa seat leaves zero support for the spine, causing lower back pain and muscle tension.


Upholstered Dining Chairs


  1. Premium Quality Upholstery

Outer covering over the cushion of your chair also matters the most when it comes to elegance and comfort.

Cheap quality material feels rough against the skin, does not absorb skin heat, causing dampness, and may lead to skin irritation. 


Good quality upholstery is slightly expensive than other materials; however, it is easy to clean, lasts longer and helps you maintain a comfortable posture.

Always ask your retailer if the material they are using is airless, allowing the skin heat to pass effortlessly to avoid mould and rashes.



Top 10 Dining Chairs For A Bad Back


Finding chairs with all the characteristics required to make the best chair for bad back problems is difficult.

Here we are discussing the features of the top 10 best dining chairs for a bad back so select one according to your requirement and style:


  1. Allyn | Modern Wooden Dining Chair

Allyn Velvet Wooden Dining Chair

Plywood base, contoured seat and premium quality velvet upholstery make the Allyn velvet grey dining chair an ultimate choice for anyone looking to revamp their dining area with the most stylish yet comfortable seating.


This chair features a high-density padded seat and a comfortable backrest, which helps resist back pain and muscle strain.


The chair provides adequate support for the back, spine and hip with anti-slip feet and smooth edges.

The ergonomic cut-out of the backrest and superior angle is cherry on top.

This chair is for you if you are looking for a multi-purpose, elegant dining chair with a sturdy frame and comfortable backrest. 



  1. La Pyrenee | French Provincial Dining Chair

La Pyrenee French Provincial Dining Chair

Want to enjoy limitless time on a dining chair without having a bad back problem?

Look at this beautifully crafted grey dining chair featuring tufted buttons, floor protectors, plush padding, gold-standard linen upholstery and curved back legs.

La Pyrenee screams luxury from afar without compromising comfort.


Designed with maximum back support and accurate quality of upholstery, the La Pyrenee dining chair is undoubtedly a Godsend for people suffering from chronic back pain. 

The rubberwood legs further add to the durability of these chairs.


The classic French Provincial dining chair design and gorgeous grey colour make it look enchanting, whilst the linen fabric and ergonomic backrest design offer durability.



  1. Minerva | Black PU leather Scandinavian Dining Chair

Minerva Black PU leather Scandinavian Dining Chair

Does extra padding on the seat make you lazy and sleepy?

Minerva is the ideal chair for those who want just the right amount of cushioning.

Featuring the most elegant PU Leather seating and sturdy wooden frame, this chair is versatile and lightweight.


The chair may look minimalistic, but the backrest is comfortable and curved enough to support natural spinal curvature.

The ergonomically shaped backrest and slightly deep seating offer comfort and neatness at the same time.


Go for Minerva if you are looking for an easy to accommodate and low-maintenance sleek design dining chair.

If you where ever wondering if PU leather dining chairs are worth it then check out our blog post covering this topic called: "Is PU Leather for Chairs Worth it?'



  1. Levallois | Dark Grey French Provincial Dining Chair

Dark Grey French Provincial Dining Chair

Featuring elegantly designed pinewood legs, linen fabric, extra squishy padding and tufted button design, the Levallois is most suitable for people who are looking to purchase durable yet most fashionable dining chairs that match their décor. 


The insect and rot-resistant solid wood structure and fine quality linen upholstery are ideal for standing up to routine wear and tear.


You don’t have to choose between fashion and durability as this chair offers both and is designed to last for decades.

The backrest is specifically designed to support natural spinal curvature resisting muscle tension and back pain perfectly.



  1. Eldon | Grey Fabric Metal Dining Chairs

Grey Fabric Dining Chairs

If you are not into gaudy dining chairs decorated with buttons and heavy velvety upholstery and looking for a more budget option, then check out sleek Eldon dining chairs.


Featuring soft faux linen fabric with thick padding, solid metal frame, wide comfortable seat, sturdy legs fixings and anti-slip design.


The chair may look lightweight but it can hold up to 120kg of weight.

It is extremely easy to assemble also. All you have to do is to attach metal legs beneath the seat for no complexity. 


These modern and minimalistic fabric dining chairs are perfect for bringing back style, joy and comfort to your dining area. 



  1. Amalfi | Dark Green, Modern Velvet Dining Chairs

Amalfi Dark Green Velvet Dining Chair

For enchanting dining chairs oozing out retro vibes, regal shape and uniquely charming design, look into Amalfi dining chairs.


Featuring as many features as you can poke a stick at:

  • velvet upholstery

  • posh foam padding

  • lower back vertical stitch detailing

  • high-density foam insert

  • wingback silhouette with slightly angled design

These chairs are ideal for adding comfort and class at the same time.


Amalfi offers a high-end look with a contemporary ergonomic design to support the whole back and shoulders.

Invest in these most appealing chairs and decorate your dining area with the most stylish and functional dining chairs while avoiding bad backs.



  1. Ascot | Blue Velvet Metal Dining Chairs

Blue Velvet Dining Chairs

Can velvet upholstery not give a minimalistic look?

Ascot dining chairs are here to bust this myth.


Aesthetically designed material featuring an ergonomic backrest, elegant legs and durable upholstery with just the right amount of cushioning, these Ascot velvet dining chairs are suitable for people looking to indulge in contemporary richness.


These dining chairs offer compact luxury with a velvet upper layer and minimal padding.

The backrest is ideal for curbing down bad back problems and releasing muscle tension.

Transform your regular meals into a fine dining experience with Ascot velvet dining chairs.


  1. Ivory | Black Metal Modern Indoor / Outdoor Dining Chairs

Ivory Black Modern Dining Chair

Are you suffering from chronic back pain or spinal tension?

The Ivory dining chair is perfectly crafted for those who have to be seated for long hours.

The ergonomic backrest and seating are curved enough to support the lumbar region and vertebrae, helping you achieve perfect balance and sitting posture.


With the help of modern-looking Ivory dining chairs, you can make your dining area have a lovely appeal and inviting look.


These chairs also have the added flexibility of going outdoors.

If you are thinking of purchasing outdoor dining chairs then our blog post called "What To Look For In Outdoor Dining Chairs" maybe just what you needed.



  1. Beaumont | Black PU leather Wooden Dining Chair

Black Leather Dining Chairs

If you prefer functionality over design and aesthetics, invest in Beaumont French provincial wooden dining chairs.

The sleek design and simple wooden frame construction add an artistic touch to your dining area or wherever you place these gracefully crafted dining chairs.


Featuring a PU leather seat, extra thick padding, ergonomic back shape and anti-slip plastic protectors, these chairs are multi-purpose and helps you battle successfully against bad back problems.


One can easily spend hours in this dining chair without feeling uncomfortable.

The cherry on top is its ability to support inter-changeable seat covers.

You can buy additional slip colours in various colours and play mix and match to amaze your guests every time.



  1. Collaroy | Grey Upholstered Wooden Dining Chair

Collaroy | Grey Upholstered Wooden Dining Chai

For an elegant and super-comfortable atmosphere, add the Collaroy dining chairs featuring a curved backrest, durable plywood frame and angled legs.

The grey fabric upholstery is also of fine quality and built-to-last.


Extra padding in the seat and backrest offer back support to those who have to be seated in the chair for a longer span daily.

The Collaroy dining chairs make a strong statement and a bold first impression, so be ready to enchant your guests by adding these supreme quality dining chairs to your home.


Final Word!


Assisting us during meal times, family conversations, online meetings and work from home, dining chairs are quite versatile and multi-purposeful.

Low-quality dining chairs can cause neck strains, muscle tension and constant backaches. 


To avoid this problem, modern yet scientifically designed dining chairs are now available to choose from.

We have covered a wide range of well-crafted dining chairs here to help you make a great purchase. Please pick one from our comprehensive collection and say goodbye to your chronic back pain forever.

Happy shopping!

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