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What Makes A Comfortable Dining Chair?

What Makes A Comfortable Dining Chair?

The dining area is indeed one of the most important areas in any home that needs to be furnished in an exemplary manner.

A well-furnished dining area reflects upon your aesthetic sense and the choice of furniture clearly shows how good you are at amalgamating comfort with style.

You can read your victory on the faces of your friends and family when they can sit on your selected dining chairs for long hours without mentioning discomfort.

All the efforts in researching and finding the most comfortable and perfect dining chairs for your home are worth it because it helps keep your loved ones seated together.


Velvet Dining Chairs

Only imagining it is enough to give you goosebumps, right?

The happy kind, of course.

Fortunately, selecting luxurious and comfortable dining chairs is not as hard as it may seem, provided you consider a couple of points before making a purchase.

Here is a small guide for you to take into account before selecting dining chairs.

Here's a overall view:


  • First Take Measurements
  • Selecting the Dining Chair Frame
  • High Back Dining Chairs Can Be Most Comfortable
  • Did Anyone Mention Extra Cushioning?
  • Material Matters
  • Colour and Theme - The final choice


Follow these points and be ready to offer your loved ones comfort and style all at one place - your precious dining area.


1. First Take Measurements


Choosing a dining chair design without considering the size of your dining area is the worst move to start with.

Even the most exquisite piece would look bad if it is stuffed up in a room, while an ordinary dining chair can beautifully revamp your dining area if placed right.

You cannot choose four-wide chairs when you are a family of six; therefore, always keep in mind how many dining chairs you need before selecting any design.


The ultimate seating comfort lies in having one chair per family member.

The average dining chair width ranges from 40 to 50cm, but if you are looking for more comfortable dining chairs, you must go for the ones having a width in the 50 - 63 cm range.

Never style chairs side by side and leave at least 15cm space between each chair so that everyone will have enough room to move in and out of the chair without having to disturb others.


If you have a smaller dining area, but you need to incorporate many chairs, always opt for armless dining chairs to save up space.

Armless dining chairs give a clean look and require less space as compared to the other heavy designs.


Top Picks:

Red Velvet Dining Chair

Amalfi | Ruby Red Contemporary Dining Chair

This vibrant armless dining chair in velvet finish is a head-turner.

A thick layer of foam cushion and velvet upholstery promises additional comfort, which makes it undoubtedly the most comfortable armless chair design out of all.

Amalfi chair is best for those who are into retro-style unique dining areas.



Brown Leather Dining Chair

Ascot | Hazelnut Leather Dining Chair

The beautiful hazelnut colour of this chair gives a contemporary look to your dining area, while the leather finish adds extra glam.

These top-notch armless chairs are provided with foam padding and a slightly curved backrest to render extra comfort and class.  

If you are considering leather dining chairs then our blog post may help: "Is PU Leather For Chairs Worth It?"


2. Selecting The Dining Chair Frame


When it comes to the dining chair frame, comfort is a highly subjective word.

A person who loves dining chairs with arms would never feel comfortable on an armless dining chair, no matter how posh the design is and vice versa.


You may ask your family's input before adding to the cart.

Most people prefer dining chairs with arms and rate them more comfortable because it provides an extra elbow rest.

Further frame features depend upon your requirements.


For instance, if you have more child members than adults, you may go for the dining chair frame with a leg support handle beneath the chair for added comfort.

Similarly, padded dining chairs work best for those who use their dining area for office work and have to sit on the chair for long hours.


It can always be wise to invest in a dining chair made up of a solid wood frame for extra durability.

The dining chair is a one-time investment, so it shouldn't start looking worn out in just a couple of months which happens in hollow wood frames and low-quality dining chairs.


Top Picks:

 Ainslie Velvet Dining Chairs With Arms

Ainslie | Upholstered Contemporary Dining Chairs with Arms

Available in grey and blue colour with a velvet finish, these upholstered contemporary dining chairs with arms are very smooth and comfortable.

These chairs can grab the attention of your guests in no time and complements almost any area it is placed in.

 Berkshire Modern Dining Chair

Berkshire | Grey Modern Dining Chair

No need to wriggle in the chair anymore.

With a wide seat and high-density foam inside diamond-quilted velvet upholstery, these chairs are one of their kind in providing comfort and sophistication.

Epoxy iron legs further enhance the overall look and these chairs are ready to give your dining area an aesthetic readiness.



3. High Back Dining Chairs Can Be Most Comfortable


Who does not like backrest while indulging in excellent meals and long conversations with family?

High backed dining chairs beefs up an extra warmth and increases the comfort level.

Recently, high back dining chair designs have raised the bar and you may see them everywhere.


People are really into high back dining chair designs from bars to roadside cafes and restaurants to fancy dining rooms these days.

These types of chairs would not only provide comfort but will also make your dining area look more polished.



For a contemporary yet comfortable look, go for a high back dining chair design.

The backrest promotes proper sitting posture, so high back dining chairs are perfect for working remotely or freelancing.


Upholstered high backs are ideal for those looking for comfort plus style. 

A wide variety of high back dining chairs is available at Only Dining Chairs.

Split back, spindle back and ladder back dining chairs are there to choose from.

For more on these types of high backed dining chairs- check out our blog post called: "Types of High Back Dining Chairs for a Classic & Contemporary Interior".

Whether you are a fan of country style dining chairs or want a retro look for your dining area- we have it all. 


Top Picks:

Bordeaux Grey High Back Dining Chair

Bordeaux | Dark Grey PU Leather Modern Dining Chair

This dining chair is the king of high back dining chairs.

With PU leather finish and incredibly comfortable upholstery, the Bordeaux is all set to impress your guests.

You may choose this chair without hesitation if you want to give a refined look to your dining area.


The backrest of this chair is not only padded but also curvaceous to support correct posture. 

PU leather is easy to maintain, and a gentle wipe down with a wet washcloth is enough to clean it in case of any spill.



4. Did Anyone Mention Extra Cushioning?


The more, the merrier. Cushioning scales up the comfort level and instantly gives a luxurious look to the dining area.

Padded dining chairs and Upholstered dining chairs have been admired by people who want comfortable dining chairs. 


If you want to hold high-end dinners at your table and wishes to give your guests a posh dining experience, look no further and invest in upholstered dining chairs with extra cushion.


Your friends and family would love to spend more time at the dining table due to the comfort provided by these chairs.


Top Picks:

Lancaster |  Natural French Provincial Wooden Dining Chair

Lancaster Natural French provincial Wooden Dining Chair

French-style Lancaster dining chairs in natural finish blends easily with the décor of your dining area, giving it a Victorian-era look.

These chairs are not only sophisticated, but the linen upholstery is super easy to clean and maintain.


High-density foam in the seat and backrest screams for comfort and style.

It's a multi-purpose chair and can efficiently be utilized in the dining room, kitchen, makeup room, living room, or in front of the office desk.



5. Material Matters


You cannot expect a comfortable dining chair out of cheap material.

Most Modern dining chairs are composed of premium quality leather and gold-standard velvet for a magnificent look.

Velvet dining chairs look not only ultra-posh but also feels comfortable against the skin.


The satiny feel is something to die for, while the colours and finish of velvet is a treat for the eyes.

Leather dining chairs can completely transform the look of your dining area and are highly recommended for those who want easy-to-clean contemporary dining chairs.  

Rattan dining chairs with a wooden frame finish are great for those looking to set up comfortable seating on the patio or balcony.

Not sure about rattan dining chairs? Here's a blog post we did called: "Wicker, Cane and Rattan Dining Chairs: What’s The Difference?".

Check our latest collection for unlimited dining chairs designs.


Top Picks:

Sutton Velvet Dining Chairs

Sutton | Ruby Red Velvet Dining Chair

These ruby red velvet chairs are beyond beautiful and elegant with a sponge pad and full fabric covered legs.

The seat and backrest have light foam padding to provide comfort and class at the same time.


The seat is also wide enough to curb down fidgeting in the chair and you can comfortably rest in it after having a fancy meal.

The backrest is curved, offering additional cushioning and support.


For a contemporary , sleek look, this Sutton wingback silhouette is highly recommended.

One can never go wrong with this chair, so add this to the cart now and get ready to receive extra compliments for your high-end aesthetic sense.

This piece is a personal favourite.


Brampton |  Mushroom Coastal Indoor Outdoor Wooden Dining Chairs

Brampton | Mushroom Coastal Indoor Outdoor Dining Chairs

For material other than velvet or leather, these Brampton wooden dining chairs with sun-proof acrylic cushion material must be the ultimate choice for you.

These chairs are ideal for indoor and outdoor seating and can be moved around easily due to light-weight material.


The curvy ergonomic design with a tweaked wood finish instantly makes everyone falls in love with it.

Thus, you wouldn't regret investing in this unique styled furniture.


It has a minimalistic finish and can be decorated in any corner of the house.

These chairs are perfect for patio parties.



6. Colour and Theme - The Final Choice


While the colour of the dining chair and theme of the dining area may not seem to have a direct link with comfort, however, no one feels comfortable in a poorly decorated dining area, no matter how plush and snuggly the chairs may get.


Artistically designed dining area adds an extra oomph to the overall vibe, providing comfort to the aesthetic sense of people, so colour and theme do matter in putting up a cozy dining area.


If your walls are white, you may opt for differently coloured dining chairs; otherwise, beautiful shades of brown and white are always available to pick from.

Choosing timeless colours makes your dining chairs multi-purpose and give them an unfathomable grace.


Top Picks:

Sandbanks | Rattan Dining Chair

Sandbanks | Coastal Rattan Dining Chairs With Arms

These lightweight, portable and delicate Sandbanks dining chairs are perfect for indoor as well as outdoor seating.

Sustainable rattan material is wrapped around the wooden frame for increased durability, and each piece is hand-crafted with great care.


These feather-like chairs can be moved even by children and do not occupy a lot of space.

Rattan chairs are best for small spaces like apartments or on rent and have to move often and coastal themed interiors.

A variety of colours is available to mix and match dining chairs.



Let’s Wrap Up

 Read more:

Like they say, “dining rooms are really all about the dining chairs and table”.

Selecting a dining chair that looks not only great but also provides ultimate comfort is a serious business.

After considering your dining chairs location, measurements, budget, theme, design, and material, the next thing is to decide where to shop from.


For that, we recommend investing in dining chairs with life time warranties unique to Only Dining Chairs.

Our customers vouch for the quality they receive upon ordering with us and we are also confident about the material and standard we always meet. 

Please go through our vast collection of the most comfortable dining chairs and order soon before the stock runs out.