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Is PU Leather For Chairs Worth It?


Adding leather upholstery can instantly add warmth and texture to your dining room. 

However, the question that baffles most is whether it's worth looking into PU leather dining chairs? Or to go for dining chairs made with genuine leather only?


Whether PU Leather dining chairs are worth it or not depends on a number of factors.

The factors majorly include the Cost, Durability, Appearance, Maintenance, Usage and Sustainability of the dining chairs, compared to Genuine Leather dining chairs.


But before we begin to weigh the factors, let's first learn what PU Leather is and how is it different from genuine leather?


What is PU Leather?


PU Leather


PU leather, also sometimes referred to as synthetic leather, is not a naturally occurring material.

It is created using polyurethane, a plastic with a similar feel and looks like leather.


Polyurethane leather or PU Leather is gaining a lot of popularity over the past two decades. It is a durable, extra-durable & flexible polymer.

This man-made leather is widely being used in diverse industries.


It has evolved in terms of quality in recent years and has become the most promising substitute for leather.

It is way more economical than genuine leather, smoother and far easier to clean.

During the earlier days, PU leather was meant majorly for the growing global shoe industry, later adapted by the furniture industry for the making of PU leather dining chairs, armchairs and more.



Langholm Black PU Leather Dining Chair


What makes PU Leather and Genuine Leather different?

Genuine leather comes from animals, especially cows. At the same time, PU leather is entirely man-made.

Simply put, It is a form of plastic that resembles leather and works as efficiently. However, both have their pros and cons.


But more on that later.


Let's first discuss in detail the factors that will help you decide whether PU leather dining chairs are the right fit for you.



Are PU leather dining chairs worth it?


●     Cost

 When it comes to purchasing something as regularly used or significant as dining chairs, the one thing that we all consider is the cost.

While there are many who prefer to choose quality over cost, most people still look for affordability.


And PU leather is far more affordable as compared to genuine leather.

So it's either you give up on the look or the money.


And to be brutally honest, PU leather is not so bad. It looks pretty similar to genuine leather and lasts well too. It looks good in many styles.


In fact, one of the most in-demand products at Only Dining Chairs is PU leather chairs, in the style of industrial dining chairs and contemporary dining chairs.



●     Durability


If you compare the durability of PU leather with genuine animal leather, you will be disappointed.

Because genuine leather is far more durable and ages like fine wine.

But with more durability comes a heavier price tag.


On the other hand, if you compare PU leather with other faux leather alternatives or even other fabrics, you’ll see that PU leather holds up well for years.


It doesn’t dry out or peel like the cheap quality of fake leathers, which are often confused as PU leather.


PU leather has been a popular choice of material for its durability over others.

It has an additional layer of coating for industrial & heavy-duty applications, which further strengthens and adds durability to it.


Unless you stab it with a knife or have a pet that likes to gnaw its paws into expensive furniture, PU leather dining chairs can last a decade before starting to show imminent signs of aging.


 Cole White PU Leather Dining Chairs

 Cole | White PU Leather Dining Chairs


●     Appearance


All types of leather, whether PU, genuine or faux, have a distinct look and feel.

However, from afar, PU leather and genuine leather almost look the same.

The only way to tell the difference is if you come close and notice the grain.

Anyone with a slight bit of knowledge on reading the grain can tell the two apart.


The only noticeable difference in appearance comes when both PU leather and genuine leather begin to age.

The latter ages, gracefully taking over a layer of patina.

While the former, PU leather, stays as is.



●     Maintenance


PU leather dining chairs are easy to maintain compared to genuine leather or other upholstered dining chairs.

For cleaning, all you need is a dry lint-free cloth to remove dust from collecting over it.


PU leather is not breathable, but that also makes it spill proof. And since dining chairs are accustomed to spilling, PU leather is a "God send" material, which makes life easier for all.


In case of spillage, all you need is a damp cloth to wipe the spill off.


But when we say it's easy to maintain, people often think it can endure all.

Easy maintenance only means that you won't have to maintain it as regularly as genuine leather or other fabrics.

For example, you won't need to apply sealants or creams, like you need to do for genuine leather.


But you must clean it with a lint-free cloth every 2 or 3 days, depending on how often it gets dirty. And in case of a spill, wipe it off immediately.


Because PU leather may not absorb the contents, but if kept for long, the range of spillage can affect the top layer of the PU leather dining chair, drastically reducing its age.


●     Usage


PU leather is both comfortable and easy to use.

The need for minor maintenance makes it an easy to use the material for dining chairs, while the soft and almost leather like feel makes it comfortable.


PU leather is impermeable, which means that it's not airy and can heat up your body temperature if you are sitting in it for too long. Especially in a poorly ventilated area. Or in a humid area where you are more likely to sweat.


So unless you live in the middle of a desert, or have no source of ventilation or air conditioning, mid-century dining chairs made with PU leather are a great choice for your home.


Check out this Emery PU Leather Dining Chair, available in 3 colours and a lifetime warranty, only at Only Dining Chairs.


●     Sustainability


PU leather is considered environmentally friendly.

To add to that list, no animals were harmed in the making of it.

These two are reason enough for most buyers.

With the growing trend and awareness of creating a sustainable and cruelty-free world, people are more often than not purchasing things that promise not to hurt the environment in any way.


That's all you need to know about the factors that make or break the use of PU material in dining chairs.


Still, confused whether it's right for you?


Here is a quick list of the pros and cons of PU leather.

This quick tally will help you determine if PU leather dining chairs are the right fit for you.


What are the Pros of PU Leather?


Here, we enlist some of the most prevalent advantages of choosing PU Leather :-


  • PU leather costs less than genuine leather and the manufacturing process is much easier.
  • Since PU leather doesn't absorb water, it is easier to clean.
  • PU leather is 100% vegan.
  • PU leather is available in a range of styles & colours.
  • Unlike genuine leather, PU leather doesn’t dry with time.
  • PU leather is most preferred as it is sustainable.


What are the Cons of PU Leather?


Here are some flaws of PU leather :-


  • PU Leather sometimes may look synthetic and fake.
  • It may have a chemical infused smell, especially if it is of cheap quality.


So simply put, If you have a large family or rigorous use such as with kids, PU leather sounds like the best material for dining chairs, especially if you want both style and ease of use.

As it can hold up to years of damage without costing you a fortune, not to forget the easy cleanup!


Sterling | Brown PU Leather Dining Chairs

Sterling | Brown PU Leather Dining Chairs


Before you make the final decision, here is some more relevant information that will help you decide better.


Is PU Leather Vegan?


The answer to your question is yes, PU material is 100% vegan. It is simply a blend of artificial chemicals.


But, whether you are buying a fashion accessory or furniture item, check if the label reads 100% pure PU leather, not an amalgam of PU and genuine leather.


So, by opting for PU leather, you are contributing to a world free of animal cruelty.



Is PU leather and Faux Leather the same?


People often confuse PU leather and Faux leather. The difference lies in manufacturing.

Pure PU leather is made using a mix of chemicals, while many faux leather use remnants of animal hide.

It's always good to educate yourself, so here is a quick rundown of how pure PU leather is manufactured in case anyone claims that PU leather is not cruelty-free.


Manufacturing of PU Leather

During the manufacturing process, chemicals and petroleum are employed. The entire PU leather process is divided into four steps as follows:-


Step 1: Start with the basic fabric.

Step 2: The application of polyurethane coating is made.

Step 3: An extra layer of colouring is added.

Step 4: Final texture touching is given.


Generally, a fibre base such as polyester is used, coated with a polyurethane layer, which is then further processed to give colour and texture.


The leather made in this process is lighter, much cheaper and environmentally friendly.


How to Tell the Difference Between PU and Genuine Leather?


Leather Comparisons


To the eye, PU leather looks the same as genuine leather. It can only differ if compared up close.

In fact, even up close, only those who know how to read the grain can tell apart the difference in each.


The first and foremost way to tell the difference is by simply looking at the product's tag.


But what if you are not looking at a ready product but a raw piece of leather?

How to determine whether it is genuine leather or PU leather?


  • The cost. It is the first thing that can help determine what it is. A genuine leather piece, even if raw, will cost far more than a PU leather piece.


  • Texture or Grain. The grain or texture of the genuine leather will be flawed. At the same time, PU leather will have a patterned grain or texture. Basically, a repetition of pattern all across the leather. Real leather will have a naturally occurring texture, which will have no determined pattern.


  • PU leather is thin and lighter, with a plastic-like smooth feel. Genuine leather is thicker and feels coarse to touch.
  • PU leather has a distinct chemical smell. The kind that often comes from plastic made things. Genuine leather, however, has no such odour. However, if treated, the scent of sealant or chemical may be present, but it's not as noticeable as in PU leather. 

If all fails, put THE LEATHER to the test:

Conduct the water test.

This means putting a small amount of water on the leather and see how it reacts.

If the leather absorbs the water, this means that it’s genuine leather. If the leather does not absorb the water, it means it is PU leather.


Basically, pure or genuine leather is permeable, which means it can absorb liquids or, in other words, liquids can pass through them.

Whereas PU leather is impermeable. Which means no liquids can be absorbed or passed through them. 

Where to Buy PU Leather Chairs?

Sage PU Leather Dining Chairs

Sage | Walnut PU Leather Dining Chair


But is there any place that offers Life Time Warranty?

Sounds absurd?

 Read more:

There is one! Exclusive to us at Only Dining Chairs!

At Only Dining Chairs, we not only offer a modern range of finest-quality PU leather dining chairs in various style & colour choices.

But also offer a Life Time Warranty to give you the best value for your money and confidence in your buying decision.

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