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How To Match A Dining Table And Dining Chairs

This blog post is about how to match your dining table and dining chairs.

It discusses:

  • The importance of matching
  • What you should look for when buying a set
  • And some tips on what to avoid as well


I hope this article helps you find the perfect set that will last many years!


Modern Dining Table Set


All About Dining Tables

The dining table is the centre of any dining room or kitchen.

The classic set, which includes a large table and dining chairs, has become popular because it can be used for multiple purposes.


It doubles as a gathering place in smaller rooms or when you have guests over and provides ample space to eat meals comfortably by yourself or with your partner, children, and/or friends.


The first step in selecting a dining table is to measure your space.

The table should comfortably seat all of the people who will use it and leave an appropriate amount of space around it so that the chairs do not impede movement.


Wooden Dining Table


You need to measure both length and width and the space at either end of the table (in addition to the length).


For example, if you are using a rectangular dining table with 4 chairs on both ends and a bench in the middle, you will need to make sure that there is room for all 5 pieces of furniture to fit comfortably without overlapping.


Once your measurements are complete, it is time to decide what dining table style you would like.

Many styles are available, from rustic farmhouse tables and traditional pedestal and leg styles to sleek modern glass-top sets.



Tips For Choosing The Right Dining Table

There are many factors you will need to consider when trying to decide on the best dining table for you.


Small Dining Table and Chairs


Size And Shape

As mentioned above, the dining room must have adequate space for the set.

Also, consider the size of your dining chairs.

If you have larger chairs, a smaller table may look awkward or too small for the space.

Conversely, if you have small chairs and a large table, it will feel crowded once all of your guests arrive.


Sturdiness And Safety

A sturdy dining set is imperative to safely seat your family and guests.

If the dining table feels wobbly or unstable, check to see if the table as adjustable legs, if it doesn't then it is better to stay away from it and exchange it rather than take a chance that someone may get hurt over time.



Your dining set should be comfortable for you and all of your family members and guests who will be seated at the table.

Chairs should feel sturdy and well-balanced, with cushions that are both supportive and comfortable.


Durable Dining Table



The dining set should be made of high-quality materials to last you for many years.

Therefore, it is always best to buy with a focus on quality from the beginning to avoid having to replace it soon after.


Overall Aesthetics

Finally, the dining set you choose must look good in your space.

This means taking some time to consider your current décor and thinking about how the table and chairs will fit into the overall aesthetic of your home.

Once you have decorated your space, look for the perfect dining set that will complement it.


Mixed Dining Chairs


All About Dining Chairs

The dining chair is an integral part of any dining room or kitchen.

This can be somewhat overlooked when choosing furniture since you will usually pay more attention to the table itself, but make sure that they are sturdy and safe for all family members and guests who will use them and aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.


Sturdiness And Safety

To start, you must choose a chair with sturdy legs, as well as one that is wide enough to provide good support for your back.

The width of the seat should also be comfortable enough for anyone who will sit in it throughout a full meal.


If the chair feels too narrow or small, people may not sit comfortably for a long time at the table.

One great dining chair to choose for safety is the Nero black velvet dining chair pictured below:

 Black Velvet Dining Chairs



The seat should feel comfortable to sit in, especially when compared with other chairs of the same style that you may have sat on before.

It should also have lumbar support so that your back feels well supported while seated.

Finally, the arms should provide ample room to rest your arms and minimize any dangling.


It should be noted that the angle of the seat can play a major role in how comfortable you can sit for a long time.

For example, there are chairs with an angled seat which some people find more comfortable than others with vertical seats.

One great chair to choose for comfort and back support is the Manhattan PVC leather dining chair which comes in a set of 4 (pictured below):

Manhattan Black Dining Chair



You want your dining chair to be strong and durable enough to stand up to repeated use at the dining table.

In addition, the chair should come with a warranty, especially if you are planning on using it frequently over several years.


Leather dining chairs can be a great choice but you maybe wondering if PU leather is worth it- if so, check out our blog post on this exact topic: "Is PU Leather For Chairs Worth It?" .

One great chair to choose for durability is the Midland dark grey PU leather dining chairs, which comes in a set of 2 (pictured below):

Midland Dark Grey Dining Chairs


Finally, the dining chair is an important part of its aesthetic appeal.

Make sure that it matches your decor and is easily incorporated into your overall design or theme.


You can find a wide variety of dining chairs to choose from, but you need to pick the most appealing style for your lifestyle and tastes.


One great chair to choose for aesthetics is the Bunbury wicker wooden dining chair (pictured below) that has a thick and strong wooden frame and angular legs for a more modern appearance and stability.

Bunbury Wicker Wooden Dining Chair

When you are out shopping for furniture, remember to keep safety in mind by choosing chairs that look sturdy and secure, as well as comfortable enough for everyone who will use them.

Also, make sure that they look good with the rest of your décor for a complete and cohesive space.

If you are wondering whats the best material for dining chairs then check out our blog titled: "The Best Material For Dining Chairs: A Users Guide".


Tips For Your Dining Room

 Dining Table And Dining Chairs


Now let's have a look at some other tips for your dining room:


Have A Seat

Chairs are the "furniture stars" of the dining space, so make sure that you choose a set of chairs that fits your style.

Make sure your chair is stable enough to handle the demands of daily use.

One good choice could be the Vaucluse fabric dining chair with a comfortable seat and back with durable powder-coated steel legs! (Pictured below:)

Vaucluse Grey Fabric Dining Chairs


Buying Tip For Dining Room Furniture

When picking your chairs for your dining room, make sure that they will fit into your dining room table.

Make sure that you choose a chair at least the same height as your dining table, if not slightly taller.

You can go with the Langholm brown grey modern dining chair with a perfect minimalistic design and durable too! (Pictured below):


Langholm Brown Grey Modern Dining Chairs


Pick Your Style

You can choose from a variety of styles when picking your chairs, such as wood, metal, fabric, or upholstered.

This is an important step in what type of chair to pick for your dining room, and it should match the rest of the décor (or even complement it).

 If you are stuck on what dining chair style may suit your decor then check out our blog post titled: "Guide To The Top 10 Dining Chair Styles".


A Classic Is Just Right

For both classic and modern styles, chairs with thin legs will create an elegant look.

One great choice would be the Northampton gunmetal grey modern dining chair with a sturdy and durable frame made of solid metal! (Pictured below):


Northampton Gunmetal Grey Modern Dining Chair


Do Dining Tables And Chairs Need To Match?

The idea that dining tables and chairs need to match is a common misconception.

You can have the same or contrasting styles as long as they fit in with your overall décor.

A good tip is buying by function rather than style, so look for something that provides comfort and durability above all else.


Last Thoughts

If you've made it this far, congratulations! You now know all about dining furniture and your options for making a cohesive space with tables and chairs.


Dining tables are essential to creating the perfect atmosphere in any room, so take time to do your research before purchasing one.


The last thing you want is mismatched or tacky-looking dinette sets that look like they were picked up from a thrift store.


We hope these tips have helped make the process of choosing new dining furniture easier and more enjoyable for you!

Remember to check out our dining chairs with our exclusive life time warranty! 

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