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8 Best Elbow Dining Chairs For Your Home Décor

Elbow Dining Chairs In "Various Materials, Colors & Fabrics" With Features & Specifications

The entirety of your abode is filled with different unique pieces of furniture. All of these furniture have unique features and functionalities. But have you ever grown tired of such heavy furniture pieces? Have you ever wished for simplistic and comfortable pieces?

If you have then you are indeed in luck. For your dining space, there exists one such minimalist, simple and comfortable dining chair options in elbow dining chairs.

If you are interested in authentic Scandinavian styled dining chairs that ooze class and style and comfort, then you should look no further than these elbow dining chairs.


8 Best Elbow Dining Chairs in 2022

The below mentioned 8 elbow dining chairs are trendy, popular and one of the top selling affordable dining chairs in Australia. They will surely give a touch of elegance to your home décor and your family a gratifying dining experience.

Top 8 elbow dining chairs available for purchase on Only Dining Chairs are:

1. Shoalhaven | Natural, White, Outdoor Mid Century Wooden Dining Chairs

Shoalhaven | Natural, White, Outdoor Mid Century Wooden Dining Chairs

The wooden outdoor dining chair is the perfect addition to your outdoor space. The solid frame is made of strong teak timber. It does not warp, split, crack or shrink, and it will last a lifetime.

The Shoalhaven parker dining chair is built to withstand the harsh elements of Australian landscapes and be subtle in your indoor dining space as well. It’s made of premium and solid A-grade teak timber that has been kiln-dried to prevent mold, mildew, and cracks when it’s rained on or left under intense heat.


  • Solid teak timber frame
  • Seat: White Sunbrella quick dry fabric
  • Chair Weight Limit: 120kg
  • Colour: Natural frame and white seat


2. Maverick | Light Grey, Mid Century Wooden Dining Chairs

Maverick | Light Grey, Mid Century Wooden Dining Chairs

The Maverick mid century dining chairs will set your dining ensemble apart from the rest. These elbow dining chairs elevates the way you dine! Revel in the chic mid-century design and unique solid oak wood structure that subdue your home with a modern twist.

These parker chairs have an ergonomic backrest with padding and a seat pad for added comfort. With modern practicality and bold tones, the Maverick’s partially open backrest renders ample comfort and innate style. 


  • Frame: Solid White Oak
  • Seat & Back: 100% Polyester
  • Seat & Back Colour: Light grey
  • Seat Padding: High resilient Foam Density 20
  • Fabric & Filing are Fire resistant


3. Ramsgate | Scandinavian Mid Century Dining Chairs

Ramsgate | Scandinavian Mid Century Dining Chairs

The Ramsgate is a mid-century brown dining chair designed to bring out a classy traditional Scandinavian look to your home. This light but sturdy, solid wood chair boasts a unique look, instantly creating an interesting and comfortable conversation corner in your home.

The warm and natural appearance of the long dainty legs, combined with the classy spindle back, brings out a classic shape that makes this chair at home in almost any decor.


  • Frame material: Solid beech wood
  • Colour: Walnut, Natural, Beech and Black
  • Chair Weight Limit: 100 – 120kg


4. Aldgate | Scandinavian Coastal Wooden Dining Chair

Aldgate | Scandinavian Coastal Wooden Dining Chair


Inspired by the Danish merchant’s portrait, the Aldgate coastal dining chair is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that will bring comfort and style to the room. 

The Aldgate elbow dining chair is made of solid oak, which means that it can withstand years of wear and tear from the most vigorous dinner parties.

Aldgate beautiful dining chairs add a fascinating conversational charm to your living room or dining area. This oak dining chairs simple design and different color versions make them a great addition to any decor scheme.


  • Frame: Solid Oak Frame
  • Seat: Danish Paper Cord
  • Chair Weight Limit: 120kg
  • Colours: Coastal Oak, Natural , Black and White Oak


5. Hayman | Natural Coastal Wooden Dining Chair

Hayman | Natural Coastal Wooden Dining Chair

The Hayman wooden dining chair is hand-made from teak with a woven paper cord. It brings the perfect blend of natural and rustic elements into any space, making it the perfect addition to any home.

This dining chair is made from all-natural materials that are both sturdy and comfortable, so you can enjoy it for years without worry about wear and tear. The beauty and character of the wood will shine through a lifetime.


  • Frame: Solid teak frame
  • Backrest: Paper cord
  • Chair Weight Limit: 120kg
  • Colour: Natural 


6. Bowman | Black, PU Leather, Wooden Dining Chair

Bowman | Black, PU Leather, Wooden Dining Chair


Inspired by mid-century design, Bowman leather chairs are consistently popular. A perfect mix of mid- century style combined with modern day comfort will have you not only enjoying your meal but also thinking to yourself “Gee these are good looking elbow dining chairs”.

The combinations come from left, right and centre: its black solid timber frame, its black on black look, its organic curves and comfortable seating area make you sit down and take it all in. 


  • Seat material: PU leather
  • Frame material: solid timber wood
  • Chair Weight Limit: 100 -120 kg
  • Comfortable wide seating and arm rests


7. Keswick | Natural Coastal Mid Century Wooden Dining Chair

Keswick | Natural Coastal Mid Century Wooden Dining Chair

Keswick mid century dining chairs are made from natural wood and has a sleek design that will look great with any decor style. It combines sculptural elegance and mid-century crafting to create a graceful, airy accent chair that is iconic, refined, eye-catching.

It has a curvaceous contoured backrest and is exceptionally comfortable. Whether you're looking for something simple or something more extravagant, this chair will fit into your space seamlessly because of how well-made it is.


  • Frame: solid teak wood
  • Chair Weight Limit: 120 kg
  • Colour: Natural 


8. Scottsdale | Natural Black Wooden Dining Chairs 

Scottsdale | Natural Black Wooden Dining Chairs

Kitchen cool & dining room sleek - this natural and black dining chair teams well with a retro furnished dining room. Its strong tapered legs add a subtle flair to the overall design.

The solid natural ash wood look gives a firm but attractive look while the curved contoured back and seat back imparts a smidge of unpredictability. 

The Scottsdale silhouette design can withstand dinner parties, late-night coffee discussions, and everyday dining needs.


  • Chair material: Ash wood
  • Colour: Natural and Black
  • Chair Weight Limit: 100 – 120kg


Features of Elbow dining chairs

The elbow dining chairs are one of the most prominent types of Scandinavian dining chairs, with its simplistic build and comfort.

There are some crucial features that separate elbow dining chairs from any other dining chair in the world. Some of these features are discussed below –

  • Scandinavian minimalist design: Elbow dining chairs are one of the best versions Scandinavian dining chairs. Therefore the most important feature of these dining chairs is their minimalist design. Unlike most of the chairs, elbow dining chairs come in a simple yet sturdy build which is durable and comfortable as well.

  • Unique structure: The elbow dining chairs have a specific structure which is crucial to the functioning of the chair. The backrest of elbow dining chairs have a gentle curve generating maximum comfort, the seats are upholstered with fine leather, and the body is built from strong and durable wood.

    While it all looks easy to assemble and use, without fine craftsmanship, these chairs cannot be durable or comfortable. Thus, it is very important to stick to the grammar while building these dining room chairs.

  • Wooden tone: The body of elbow dining chairs are made of fine quality wood. This means most of these elbow dining chairs come in wooden tones. The colour of the chairs make them a perfect fit for all kinds of home décor, be it modern or classic. The elbow dining chairs are not only minimalist in their design, but in their colour and appearance as well.

    Some of the most popular color dining chairs are beige dining chairs, black chairs, white dining chairs, brown chairs and grey dining chairs.


Why should you purchase elbow dining chairs for your dining space?

Elbow dining chairs are one of the finest options which you can use in your dining space. If you are wondering why should you buy these dining chairs in Sydneydining chairs in Melbournedining chairs in brisbane or any part of Australia, let us list the major factors which make elbow dining chairs a really great option for you!

  • Adaptable appearance: Elbow dining chairs are a nice and beautiful piece of furniture. Their unique appearance means they can be fitted into all kind of interiors, and they can be paired with any style of décor. With elbow dining chairs, you would not have to worry about whether these will be a misfit in your dining space or not.

    On top of that, the wooden colour tones of elbow dining chairs means you can pair them with any colour as well and they will create a luxurious appearance every time. Some unique material elbow chairs for an astonishing appearance are timber dining chairs, leather chairs, fabric dining chairs, wooden dining chairs and velvet dining chairs.

  • Minimalist structure ensuring breathability: The simple and minimalist structure of elbow dining chairs ensure that your dining space does not appear crowded or cramped. The simple structure leaves a significant amount of space for breathability and this ensures that your dining experience is a calming and refreshing one.

  • Comfortable and durable: Elbow dining chairs with their intelligent build ensure that they are comfortable to use and durable for the long run. These chairs may not look quite comfortable or sturdy but that is the beauty of theirs. Even when they appear to be extremely lightweight and fragile, they are in fact quite strong and they feel really comfortable when you use them.

  • Easy to clean: The minimalist design of elbow dining chairs help customers by reducing the efforts it takes to clean these chairs. The wooden structure can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth and the upholstery is easy to clean as well. The low maintenance of elbow dining chairs makes them a popular buy amongst customers in Australia.



Surely, all of us are always looking for the proper piece of furniture which we can use in our homes. Best dining chairs – that are comfortable, that are durable, and that are affordable – these are our dream purchases! Now you can fulfil that dream with the beautifully crafted elbow dining chairs. You can find some of the best elbow dining chairs only on the Only Dining Chairs website along with many other variants of dining chairs.

We also provide dining chairs set of 4, dining chairs set of 6, in sets of 8 or depending on the chairs you require.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Are elbow dining chairs the best option in Scandinavian dining chairs?

    It depends on your preference. At Only Dining Chairs we do recommend elbow dining chairs because of the unique benefits you get with these chairs but other versions of Scandinavian dining chairs are quite good as well.

  • 2. Can we customise the elbow dining chairs?

    Unfortunately, no. The elbow dining chairs are one specific type of dining chair who are famous because of their unique build and appearance. You cannot customise them because the authenticity has to be maintained.

  • 3. Are the elbow dining chairs expensive?

    At Only Dining Chairs, we try to ensure that our customers get what they need, and we can offer you the elbow dining chairs at the best price in the market. You can check our products and select the price range you are comfortable to go with.

  • 4. Can elbow dining chairs be used outdoors?

    No, these chairs are specifically build for the indoor settings. While there is no proper reason why you cannot use them outdoors, we suggest you to drop that idea and use these chairs in a way that justifies their authenticity and functionalities.

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