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Revamp Your Dining Area with Perfect Dining Chairs | Style Guide

Your interior is your first impression on anyone who pays a visit to your house.

No matter how posh you may look and how many delicious meals you have prepared for the evening, the first thing to get noticed is how smartly you have decorated your house. 


Clever decoration does not require heaps of money, rather a witty mind that knows which piece of furniture goes with that wall and shops from retailers who offer unmatchable quality, aesthetic designs and great value.  



Therefore, investing in elegant dining chairs is essential if you plan on making a point to your family and friends in terms of how exceptional your home management qualities are.

Here we will talk about trending interior aspects and what’s new in dining chairs, so read carefully and build your knowledge to make a wise purchase. 


Why do I Need to Invest in Good Dining Chair Set?


The dining room is the heart of every home - a space where we nourish our body with food while sharing long conversations with family, relatives & friends. 

All of this is not possible if you do not have comfortable seating at your dining table thus, why it is indispensable to pick the right dining chairs to create an inviting space that everyone will love. 


There are plenty of options for dining chairs and choosing the best ones seems baffling.

From Scandinavian to Mid-century designs and Leather to Metal dining chairs, each one catches the attention; however, you may need to consider your overall interior, theme, lighting and how spacious your area is where you aim to set your brand new dining chair set.


For this purpose, you are required to get your hands on even the most trivial details of the types of dining chairs available in the market. 

Let’s dig in. 


A Guide to Different Types of Dining Chairs 


Selecting the right dining chair is undoubtedly a win-or-bust situation, as one wrong decision would haunt you in the long run.

Unfortunately, your significant other may never let you forget how you picked up the wrong style and children keep complaining if the dining chairs are uncomfortable... 

So while selecting a chair design for your lovely dining space, you need to consider the comfort, functionality and style. 

Dining chairs mainly come in three basic styles that are:


  • Armless chairs- these are also known as side chairs. You may have seen them placed on the sides of a dining area in a formal setting; however, they are used as proper dining chairs in a casual setting. The material and design vary according to budget and quality. 


  • Arm Chairs- With straight, rounded, carved, or simple backs, these chairs come in several designs with arm support on each side. These chairs make a perfect formal to casual appearance and are relatively more reliable due to arms on the side, especially if you children around. 


  • Parsons chairs- All the upholstered chairs, whether armless or with arm support, come under the category of parsons chairs. These are relatively more comfortable due to extra cushion and upholstery material that varies from linen to leather and simple to patterned design.


Armless or arm support chairs made with wood or metal look better in casual dining areas, in front of bar space, or small spaces, whereas upholstered/parsons dining chairs look better in spacious rooms or fancy to a formal setting. 


If surfing through a vast collection makes it hard for you to make a decision and you worry about making a wrong purchase, you may buy from a reliable site like  Only Dining Chairs, which offer courteous customer support and guidance along with a lifetime warranty for all types of dining chairs.  


These basic styles have further contemporary expansions according to the back design, material quality, functionality and colour schemes.

We have chosen some popular categories and their latest chairs that will help you in the decision making process.   



1. Scandinavian Dining Chairs 


The Scandinavian dining chairs are well-known for their aesthetics & comfort.

They are popular in the market even in today’s modern age.

These chairs are constructed out of natural and superior materials such as leather, fabric and wood. 

They can be easily integrated into the decor of your living room’s interiors because of their artistic feel that looks incredible.

Scandinavian Dining Chair

Minerva | Scandinavian Dining Chair

In addition, the Scandinavian-design chairs have the uncanny ability to create a cozy atmosphere in your room.

They provide excellent comfort with either a padded seat, backrest or both.

Upholstered comfort, striking design & durable materials are the hallmarks of our range of Scandinavian dining chairs.

We recommend you choose chairs that match your dining table’s finish or mix & match to create an electric style. 


Algate Scandinavian Dining Chair

Aldgate | Scandinavian Dining Chair

Scandinavian crafting is famous for its striking beauty and sleek designs that possess the ability to completely transform the look of any area. 

These chairs help turn a plain dining space into a most modern-looking space that you may have seen in movies or magazine covers. 


We sell Scandinavian dining chairs in the most distinctive colours.

From aquamarine to crimson and walnut to pebble grey, each colour has its class, and every chair is truly a masterpiece. 

The versatility of Scandinavian dining chairs speaks volumes.

These chairs are a one-stop-shop for people looking for simplicity and extravagance all in one place. 



2. Mid-Century Dining Chairs


Mid-Century Dining Chairs are elegant and timeless.

Even if you are not a big fan of retro style, the mid-century dining chairs will catch your attention right away with their artisan handcrafting that gives a rustic feel. 

Durable and comfortable, mid-century dining chairs are built to last. 

 Keswick Mid Century Dining Chair

Keswick | Mid Century Dining Chair

They are simply traditional chairs designed with a modern approach; thus, an old wooden chair has a contemporary twist.

The sleek lines and geometric forms of the mid-century chairs can make anyone fall for them. 

There is a myriad of options in the market for mid-century chairs, including dark walnut wood and chairs upholstered in striking velvet fabric.

Visit our online store to check out the latest styles of mid-century dining chairs


Mid-century dining chairs designs come in various colours.

Grey, white, blue, yellow, green, ash wood, and natural, all colours are available to help you mix and match according to the colour scheme of your dining space.

Henny | Mid Century Dining Chair

Henny | Mid Century Dining Chair

Mid-century dining chairs are also a great option for those looking to buy chairs for their patio or balcony.

These light-weight chairs are highly portable and would be a good addition to children's room due to wide colour range. 


Crafted with solid wood or durable plastic, these chairs are perfect to match any type of décor.

Place them in a patio, pair it up with a work desk, or decorate your dining space- the sky is the limit. 

Add a mid-century dining chair to your cart if you like to play safe and want a multi-purpose chair. 



3. Leather Dining Chairs


Leather Dining Chairs add a touch of class and distinct aroma, infusing the entire ambience with luxury.

These dining chairs provide a lavish dining experience and premium look that will make everyone fall for it. 

Not only leather is softer to present great comfort, but it also breathes life and changes temperature according to the human body, so be it summers or winters, leather dining chairs are an apt choice. 

Ascot | Hazelnut Leather Dining Chair

Ascot | Hazelnut Leather Dining Chair

These are easy-to-clean, and just a gentle rubdown with a wet washcloth is enough to revive their sparkle, so you may invest in good quality leather dining chairs, especially if you have children and you often have to clean up spills off the chairs after meals. 


Unlike fabric, leather does not hold dust, therefore best to buy if you have an asthma patient or someone with an allergy in your house.   

Why think or rethink? Browse our most updated collection of premium-quality leather dining chairs, which come in various colour choices. 

Bordeaux | Dark Grey PU Leather Modern Dining Chairs | Set Of 2

Bordeaux | Dark Grey Leather Dining Chairs

If talking about Leather dining chairs makes an image of plain and boring brown hard leather chair in your mind, immediately shrug it off and visit our official website to have a look at the most exquisite leather dining chairs in beautiful hazelnut, pure black, impeccable blue, natural, dark grey and walnut colours. 

Our leather dining chairs have a satin finish to them; thus, seating on these chairs would be a most lavish and unforgettable experience for you and your guests. 

If you are unsure on the types of leather chairs- check out our blog post called: " Is PU Leather Chairs Worth It?" .



4. Metal Dining Chairs 


Metal dining chairs never go out of style.

The metal dining chairs are both stylish and functional and almost fit in any kind of decor. They do not scratch as quickly as wood. 

Metal dining chairs are less expensive compared to solid wooden chairs. 

We update our stock with both class and modern metal dining chairs that match every decor.


Ainslie | Blue Metal Dining Chair with Arms

Ainslie | Blue Metal Dining Chair with Arms


There are amazing styles, designs and colours for metal dining chairs to complement any interior design. 

From pink, brown, black to different shades of grey, all types of decorous metal dining chairs are a part of our huge collection.

Metal chairs with upholstered seating are also available to give a contemporary yet voguish feel to your dining space. 

Berkshire | Grey Metal Dining Chairs

  Berkshire | Grey Metal Dining Chairs

Gold-standard PU leather or Veloutine is used as upholstery material to make these metal dining chairs more stylish and comfortable.

Maintenance of these also becomes easier due to the high-quality fabric and ingenious crafting. 

Mixing and matching metal & wooden dining chairs when done tastefully is a modern home interior trend.

We are here to help you find the perfect dining table chairs, get in touch with our experts today!


Let’s Wrap Up


The décor of your dining area is an expression of your style, elegance, smartness and aesthetic sense.

Your personality reflects in the choices you make for designing your dining area well.

The role of dining chairs in making or breaking the overall dining area look is undebatable. 


Dining chairs ultimately complete the look of a dining space and provide the utmost comfort to the family members, proving you a chance to cherish beautiful moments with your family and friends.

An ordinary mealtime can be turned into a lavish fine dining experience by adding contemporary and modern dining chairs. 


Each type of dining chair has its beauty and class.

For example, you may choose Scandinavian dining chairs if you prefer retro-style dining rooms with cozy and comforting vibes. 


If you have a traditional taste in furniture and you are a diehard fan of a contemporary look with a modern twist to it, the Mid-Century dining chairs are just the right pick for you. 


For fancy dining room lovers, Leather dining chairs are more suitable.

These chairs add an extra oomph to the environment and have the ability to make you a star host with their elegant designs and graceful aura. 


Last but not least, Metal dining chairs are for those who prioritize budget and durability over any other thing.

You may buy an elegantly designed modern chair with metal legs to refurbish your dining space if you prefer a timeless touch. 

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Why Shop With Us? 


Only Dining Chairs have the latest range of stylish and durable dining chairs available in several colour choices.

Our versatile collection consists of both modern pieces and classic designs.


Our dining chairs provide not only variety, quality, style and value but also comfort.

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Finally, think carefully about your lifestyle & family needs when browsing our dining chairs.

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