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The Best Dining Chairs for Your Dining Room

Dining chairs are a vital part of your dining room that can make or break the entire look that you’re aiming for.

These pieces of furniture hold great importance when it comes to beautifying your dining area, even more so than the dining table itself!

Dining Chairs

However, the market is saturated with so many amazing dining chairs that it becomes really hard to pick the right ones.

Therefore, we’ve selected the best dining chairs for your dining room to make the selection process easier for you!


A list of these chairs are:

  1. Clements velvet dining chair
  2. Marion velvet dining chair
  3. Madison velvet dining chair
  4. Preston leather dining chair
  5. Sterling leather dining chair


Our top picks are stylish, comfortable and will go with multiple themes as well!

Browse through our selection and choose your favourite.

Let’s dive into it!


1.  Clements | Mint Green, Velvet, Modern Dining Chair


The mint green Clements velvet dining chair is the epitome of modernity.

This stylish chair looks super inviting thanks to its plush soft upholstery and aesthetically pleasing colour. 

This dining chair is very eye-catching and is ideal for multiple settings, including the dining area, the lounge and even the study area.

Modern Dining Chair

Key Features

  • Mint green polyester fabric

  • Epoxy black legs

  • Metal frame

  • Dimensions: 50(L) x 54(W) x 79(H)


Modern & Minimalistic Look

This dining chair boasts a modern yet minimalistic look with its extremely simple yet convenient design. The chair features a curved and angled back, which will easily support whoever is lounging on it.

The black metal legs sport a thin look that gives an elegant feel, making this chair ideal for multiple settings.

The Clement mint green dining chair is super trendy and perfect for those going for lighter beachy themes.


Sturdy Metal Structure & Comfortable Seat Material

This dining chair has a metal steel frame that is extremely sturdy and can support 120kg weight. The mint green seat fabric is 100% polyester which is soft to the touch and comfortable.

The legs are made using metal and are epoxy black. They might look dainty but are very strong and will keep you upright and safe at all times.


Safe & Easy to Clean

This dining chair features skid-proof foot caps for floor protection and safety.

You won’t have to worry about your precious floor any longer with this dining chair!

Moreover, the seat fabric is easy to clean and can be wiped off with a dry cloth for easy dusting.


2.  Marion | Grey, Velvet, Mid Century Dining Chair


A dining chair that stands the test of time, the Marion grey velvet dining chair is a sleek and stylish beauty.

This dining chair can be used in almost any kind of setting thanks to its cohesive look.

This chair is perfect for multiple looks ranging from formal to even casual and carefree themes.

Grey Velvet Dining Chairs

Key Features

  • Soft grey velvet fabric

  • Solid iron frame and legs

  • Dimensions: 45(W) x 42(D) x 86(H)


Sleek Mid-Century Design

Marion grey mid-century dining chair is super minimalistic yet trendy.

This dining chair has an uncluttered design that allows it to keep the area around it roomy.

You can have multiple chairs of this type and still feel like there’s loads of room to spare.

The chair offers a wide seating area with a slight dip in the seat to accommodate you perfectly. The back is upright, yet a bit angled to keep you fresh.


Solid Frame & Soft Velvet Upholstery

The Marion grey velvet dining chair has a solid iron frame that is sturdy enough to support 150kg weight. The legs are low-profile and black in colour.

The seat upholstery is soft grey velvet which is extremely comfy to lounge on. Moreover, the fixings are very strong, making this chair perfect for all types of users.


Super Safe & Easy to Assemble

This dining chair features anti-slip floor protectors on each foot to provide maximum stability and give you a sense of calm whenever you’re lounging on it.

Moreover, this chair is super easy to assemble as well!

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3.  Madison | Navy, Velvet, Contemporary Dining Chair


The Madison navy velvet dining chair is a gorgeous contemporary styled dining chair with a bold colour.

This chair is perfect for a formal looking dining room that boasts a lovely clash of colours that steal the show.

With a convenient design and soft foam padded seat, this dining chair is the epitome of comfort and is super inviting.

Navy Velvet Dining Chair

Key Features

  • Navy blue velvet fabric

  • Lightly foam-padded seat

  • Powder-coated metal legs

  • Metal frame

  • Dimensions: 59(W) x 56.5(D) x 87(H)


Contemporary Design with a Bold Look

This contemporary dining chair has a very cozy look with its navy blue velvet fabric and curved back.

The flared and tapered seat provides ample room to get adjusted into the seat while giving support.

The metal legs are in a black powder coating that compliments the navy blue velvet upholstery super well and brings out the dashing look of the chair even more.


Strong Metal Frame & Padded Velvet Seat

The frame of the chair is made using metal, which can hold up to 120kg weight.

The seat fabric is velvet, which is very soft to the touch. The seat is also lightly foam padded to allow maximum comfort.

The legs of the chair are powder coated metal and extremely sturdy.


Very Accommodating

The chair’s design is very accommodating, with a flared and tapered seat having a bigger area to allow even large people to sit comfortably.



4. Preston | Black, PU Leather, Contemporary, Wooden Dining Chair


This black PU leather dining chair called the Preston is a truly timeless piece.

It suits themes ranging from classic ones to even the most modern ones with its unique, minimalistic design and inviting construction.

This chair is definitely a go-to dining chair for any kind of setup that you may have. Moreover, the leather seat material is very easy to maintain.

Wooden Dining Chairs

Key Features

  • Black PU leather seat

  • Extra thick foam padding

  • Reinforced wooden frame

  • Rubberwood legs

  • Dimensions: 94(H) x 39(W) x 50(D)


Timeless Look & Functional Design

This dining chair has a unique design that incorporates both classic and modern elements. The chair never goes out of style and works well in multiple settings.

The backrest is high to support your body perfectly. Plus, the rubberwood legs contrast really well with the PU leather seat, further enhancing the look of the dining chair.


Reinforced Wooden Frame & Comfortable PU Leather Seat

The Preston PU leather dining chair has a strong reinforced wooden frame that can support up to 120kg weight. The legs are made out of rubberwood which is super sturdy and holds the chair up well.

The seat material is PU leather which is comfortable and very low maintenance. Moreover, the seat is fitted with extra thick foam padding to offer you support while you’re enjoying your meal.


Safe & Stable

This dining chair comes with anti-slip plastic floor protectors on the feet to offer extra stability and prevent the dining chair from scratching the floor.


5. Sterling | Brown, PU Leather, Modern Dining Chair


If you’re looking for elegant dining chairs to match your creamy aesthetic dining room theme, then Sterling’s brown PU leather metal dining chair is the perfect pick for you.

This dining chair boasts a minimalistic yet practical design that can fit in multiple modern settings.

You can use this chair in your dining room as well as in a study room, thanks to its simple yet functional look.

Leather Dining Chair

Key Features

  • PU leather brown seat

  • Durable iron legs

  • High-density foam padding

  • Dimensions: 87(H) x 45.5(W) x 54(D)


Elegant Look & Cozy Design

This dining chair has a very simple yet elegant design which is quite well accommodating.

It has a slightly curved back which allows for easy lounging, while the dip in the seat allows you to fit cozily.

The brown PU leather upholstery features diamond-shaped padded stitching that is pleasing to the eye.

Moreover, the comfy density foam padding looks quite inviting. The powder-coated iron legs also compliment the brown of the seat.


Sturdy Iron Frame & Comfortable PU Leather Material

This dining chair has an iron frame which is super sturdy and supports 120kg weight.

The powder-coated iron legs similarly keep all the weight balanced and offer support. Moreover, this dining chair also has reinforced steel fixings.

The PU leather cover material is quite comfortable to the touch and is low maintenance as well, letting you easily wipe off spills.


Keeps Your Floor Safe

This dining chair features anti-slip protectors on the chair’s feet to prevent the chair from skidding over the floor, thus keeping your floor safe from scratches.

Last Thoughts

These were our top 5 picks as the best dining chairs for your dining room.

All five of these can fit into multiple themes according to your preference and are very sturdy and easy to handle.

We have highlighted all of their ideal characteristics to make it easier for you to select your favourite one.

These five chairs are only a few out of the amazing collection we have.

Only Dining Chairs hosts a large variety of gorgeous dining chairs that are unique and functional. Head over to our catalogue now and browse through all the options available.

Happy Shopping!

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