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One common challenge of living in a small home is finding enough space for all your belongings, especially furniture.

Stackable dining chairs solve this problem, as they can be easily stacked on top of each other, taking up minimal space.

Not only are these chairs space-saving, but they are also comfortable, durable, and lightweight, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

So, if you're looking for a convenient and space-saving option for your dining chairs, consider stackable options.

Discover various types of stackable dining chairs with us, and get the best one to snug onto them.

Types & Styles

Comfortable stackable dining chairs are preferred by all. Other than stackable wishbone chairs, oak dining chairs, and Parker dining chairs. These are some unpopular stackable dining chair options:

  • Stanley Plastic Stackable Dining Chairs

    Stanley stackable dining chairs are alluring and appealing with smooth curves. Available in two most demanding colors – Black and gray. The smooth and upholstered backrest will make one at ease. And let one easy to move in the absence of armrests. As these stackable chairs are made of premium quality plastic, their weight capacity is 150 kg. These chairs are highly comfortable, lightweight, durable, and easy to store as well.

  • Moresby Plastic Stackable Dining Chairs

    Moresby stackable dining chairs with resin frame legs and rattan design are worth a look. One can snug into it to get a warm feel with the backrest and armrests. These plastic chairs are UV stable. Thus, can be placed outdoors too. Moresby stackable chairs are a perfect fit for coastal, minimalistic, and modern interiors. These easy-to-clean chairs are available in four trendy colors – Black, gray, Taupe, and red.

  • Eden Stackable Dining Chairs

    These lounge-style stackable dining chairs go perfectly with outdoor and commercial use. Best choice for comfort-loving people, these chairs are easy to maintain. With this coastal style with rattan-effect material, the stackable chair has a 150 kg weight capacity. Eden Stackable dining chairs are worth a try. Try any of the three color variations to get these chairs at your home.

  • Alton Stackable Dining Chairs

    Alton stackable chairs are available in six color variations. Among all, Alton's black stackable dining chairs are the most demanding ones. With strong cross-section backrests, these chairs are offered with and without armrests. These chairs are the epitome of perfect stackable chairs. Because it's lightweight, UV-stabilized, comfortable, durable, and stylish. These stackable chairs at such affordable prices are hard to resist.

  • Madden Stackable Dining Chairs

    Add some flare to your dining area with these sleek stackable chairs. These stackable dining chairs are highly durable with a weight capacity of 150 kg. Available in five color options, these chairs are an easy fit for small space rooms. Its black stackable dining chair variant is always in someone’s cart. Get these cross-back stackable dining chairs for everyday use. Its design is one of a kind. Curvy comfortable seat, square backrest, and anti-skid fiber legs. What else could be better than this?

  • Regan Stackable Dining Chairs

    Ever tried circular rattan design backrests? If not, then get Regan stackable dining chairs. These lightweight and durable dining chairs need low maintenance. By that, these chairs can save your room’s space as well as money. Available in four variants, its versatile look can match any interior. Anti-skid fiber legs ensure stability too.

    These are some modern stackable dining chairs, offered by us. Although, all these stackable dining chairs are prominently made of plastic.

    Would you like metal stackable dining chairs? Kindly, let us know. As Only Dining Chairs thrive to fulfill every customer demand. Don’t search around anymore for stackable dining chairs near me, but only dining chairs.


The quality of these stackable chairs is not less than the best. Whether one prefers any style or design or color, one will get the original piece only.

Not only black, gray, and white, stackable chairs are available in various color options. The quality of the product depends on the material used. That’s why we never compromise on quality.


Every product is made of premium quality materials only.

Most of the offered stackable dining chairs are made of plastic material, prominently. But, Only Dining Chairs offers a gigantic variety of dining chairs, made of various materials.

Be it leather, wood, velvet, etc. Dining chairs of almost every possible material are available here. Shop once and one will know why our dining chairs are the best.


Turn your outdoor area into the perfect relaxation zone with our latest outdoor dining chairs.

Just take a look at the most recent dining chair which we have added to our list, which includes Wishbone chairs, High back chairs, and Parker dining chairs.

We have a collection of oak dining chairs with stunning cross-back designs in natural wood finish.

Also, we have a trendy collection of plastic chairs, which are famous for their sassy pattern and variety of colors. If you have a living space with a light grey texture then you can go for our trendy velvet chair, it would be the best match for your living space. 

Brown leather dining chairs are easy to maintain and add a timeless look to your home decor. They come in a range of colors and finishes, making it easy to find one that complements your existing dining room decor.

New-age stackable dining chair demand is increasing by leaps and bounds.

Because apart from many advantages like comfort & durability, stackable chairs can be piled up.

Which is great for small abodes.

Only Dining Chairs presents stackable dining chairs, in Australia. Which includes various varieties of stackable dining chairs of premium quality.

One can pick the most suitable stackable chairs for their abode, at affordable prices.

For restaurants, training institutes, etc. we also offer discounts on bulk orders. To go neutral, one can go with white stackable dining chairs.

Or visit Only Dining Chairs to get stackable dining chairs, best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Where to buy stackable dining chairs in Australia?

    Only dining chairs is the best online marketplace for stackable dining chairs across Australia. Along with top-quality stackable dining chairs, one can also find several other dining chair variants on their website.

  • 2. How to choose the best stackable dining chairs?

    Other than your preferences like comfort, durability, etc. One can consider the height, quality, weight, and space covered by the stackable dining chairs. Select the best stackable dining chairs.

  • 3. Which different colors are available in stackable dining chairs?

    Stackable dining chairs are available in many color variants, including black, white, gray, olive green, red, and navy blue.

  • 4. What are the alternatives to stackable dining chairs?

    Outdoor dining chairs, oak dining chairs, wishbone chairs, plastic chairs, Parker dining chairs, etc. can be placed as alternatives to stackable dining chairs.

  • 5. Why are stackable chairs good?

    Other than being comfortable, durable, and cheap. Stackable chairs are best for less spacious abodes.

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