Dining chairs with a large weight capacity are comfortable for people of all sizes, including plus-size individuals. These chairs allow everyone to enjoy their meals and conversations without experiencing discomfort or pain. Check out our collection of large weight capacity dining chairs and choose the one that best matches the decor of your dining space.

Innes | Modern Grey Fabric Dining Chairs | Set Of 4

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Lachlan | Contemporary Recycled Leather Dining Chair With Arms


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Carlo | Contemporary Recycled Leather Dining Chairs | Set Of 2


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Large-weight capacity dining chairs are a need of every plus-size person. And the demand for these chairs is increasing day by day. Because large-weight capacity dining chairs provide a comfortable dining experience to all. On sitting in these chairs, plus-size people don’t feel uncomfortable and have an aggressive need to fit in. As they feel while sitting on general weight capacity chairs.

To keep you updated, typical dining chairs have weight capacity ranges of 90kg-120kg. Its seats are around 17 inches (43.18 cm) wide. These chairs may be perfect for most people generally. But, plus-size individuals have to suffer and feel discomfort on such chairs, which are not plus-size friendly. Here, large-weight capacity dining chairs come into the picture. These chairs' weight capacity ranges from 130-150kg. The width of the seat is also more than 17 inches (43.18 cm). By that, heavy-duty chairs provide the seat and weight capacity that plus-size people deserve. One may think that the large-weight-capacity dining chairs near me also offer these heavy-duty chairs. Well, it may not be the case. Because there are many chairs with fake heavy-duty tags present in the market. That’s why, one should do proper research about the chairs, before buying them.

Large-weight capacity dining chairs designed for good quality products at reasonable costs.

Types & Style

Only dining chairs offer a wide variety of large-weight-capacity dining chairs. That too, with various materials, designs, and styles. Some of them are:

  • Large Weight Capacity Wooden Dining Chairs

    Wooden chairs, like Parker dining chairs, are known for their strength and longevity. With no extra care, these chairs can company you for decades. Wooden chairs like wishbone chairs are a perfect blend of quality, strength, and craftsmanship. To add style and a modern look, these chairs are available in a variety of color options like Black Dining Chairs of Wood or White Wooden Dining Chairs.

    One can pair the teak, timber, and oak dining chairs, with diverse kinds of dining chairs. Maple wood dining chairs, Cedar and Redwood dining chairs, and Mahogany wooden dining chairs are also included in the large-weight capacity dining chairs list. From Edgewater, Stillwater, Highfield, and Berwick, to Vienna & Riviera. Numerous styles and designs of large-weight-capacity wooden dining chairs are available for all.

  • Large Weight Capacity Metal Dining Chairs

    Metal dining chairs are available in several kinds of styles and designs. Metal’s shine never fades away even in the long run and maintains its new looks. Not only that, metal makes the chair sturdy and durable. These chairs are portable and easy to maintain. Perfect for any kind of interior, metal chairs are pocket-friendly too.

  • Large Capacity Plastic Dining Chairs

    Plastic dining chairs offer style and design variety like no other. Plastic chairs are strong, durable, lightweight, and easy to maintain too. These chairs are not only comfortable but pocket-friendly too. Its elasticity can take a bow, as plastic chairs are unbreakable and weather resistant as well. People with small or limited budgets can always rely on plastic chairs. Not only indoors, but outdoor dining chairs are also available. Among its versatile style and designs, one will surely get a set of plastic chairs worthy of their dining room.

  • Large Capacity Leather Dining Chairs

    Natural material leather has a unique lavish appearance. These chairs are easy to maintain and quite affordable too. Along with classic leather, faux leather dining chairs, woven leather dining chairs, aniline leather dining chairs, Armed leather dining chairs, and upholstered leather dining chairs are also available. Large-capacity leather dining chairs include numerous styles of comfortable dining chairs including Vogue.

  • Large Capacity Velvet Dining Chairs

    To add comfort and a luxurious look to your dining area, velvet dining chairs are the best choice. Velvet chairs are very soft and comfortable. As it’s a premium quality velvet, it will not lose its shine or fade away even after a decade. Our velvet dining chairs are so comfortable and inviting, that you may want to hop onto them. Florence, Rosedale, Amandari, and many other types of velvet dining chairs are included in the large-capacity dining chairs collection.
Among several material options for large-weight-capacity dining chairs, buy the most suitable one for you.



Each chair of the large-weight capacity dining chairs collection has to go through numerous quality checks before getting delivered to your doorstep. To make sure the quality of these chairs is top-notch, we use only the best quality materials in the manufacturing of the chairs. We are so sure about the quality of our products that we provide a lifetime warranty on limited products too. Explore the large-weight-capacity dining chairs for your home and get the best shopping experience with us.


We use premium quality materials for production. Now, stop looking for Large weight capacity dining chairs near me. As one can get chairs of any material, anytime, with us. We always suggest people try to test our products. Shop large-weight capacity dining chairs' best-selling pieces and get premium quality products at affordable prices. 


Many people don’t feel comfortable in typical types or size chairs. Either they try to fit into the poorly sizes chairs or have to stand alone. To solve the problem and make the life of plus-size people easier, Only dining Chairs presents large-weight capacity dining chairs, in Australia. In this collection, one can find plenty of Comfortable and heavy-duty chair options. That too, of many styles, designs, and colors.

Keep in mind that your large-capacity dining chairs should have a weight capacity double your actual weight. One can choose the dining chairs without armrests to enjoy an easy-going feel. The large-weight capacity dining chair's price ranges from $219, onwards.

Explore our large-capacity dining chairs and get the most comfortable and worthy dining chairs for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How do I choose large-weight-capacity dining chairs?

    To select large-weight-capacity dining chairs, buy a chair having a weight capacity double your weight. Either avoid chairs with armrests or pick chairs having more than 17 inches (43.18 cm) of seats. The high-density foam padding should have gentle curves too.

  • 2. Where to buy large-weight capacity dining chairs?

    Only dining chairs is the best online marketplace for large-weight capacity dining chairs across Australia. Along with top-quality large-weight capacity dining chairs, you can also find several other dining chair variants on their website.

  • 3. Do dining chairs have weight limits?

    Yes. Typical dining chairs have weight limits ranging from 90-120kgs. Whereas, large-capacity dining chairs have capacity ranges, of 130-150kg. Depending on the chair.

  • 4. What are the alternatives to large-weight-capacity dining chairs?

    Along with outdoor dining chairs, oak dining chairs, wishbone chairs, plastic chairs, and parker dining chairs are the alternatives to large-weight-capacity dining chairs.

  • 5. Which type of chair is best for long hours?

    Ergonomic chairs are best for long hours of sitting.