Quality, Comfort & Durability - these three factors makes our dining room chairs superior. Dining chairs available in every color, fabric & material, for indoors as well as outdoors. Select one that complements the décor of your living space.

Stockton | Grey Fabric Wooden Dining Chairs | Set Of 2

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Electra | Modern Velvet Dining Chairs Australia | Set Of 2

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Your dining room deserves the best makeover to appear extraordinarily elegant. With the range of finely crafted dining chairs available, you can finally shape your dining space in your desired way. Install these top quality and extremely comfortable dining room chairs in your dining space and enjoy a dining experience like never before. In fact, at Only Dining Chairs you can choose from multiple designs, styles, materials and colors for your dining chairs.


Dining Chairs Styles

  • Dining chairs with arms: Comfort is the key that determines how much useful a dining chair will be for you. Purchase the highly comfortable dining chairs with arms and enjoy your dining experience like never before. These dining room chairs with arms are one of the most comfortable and one of the strongest dining chairs that you can have in your dining space.

  • Upholstered dining chairs: We all want our dining chairs to have soft comfortable seats and a soft backrest to have a luxurious dining experience. Our upholstered dining chairs come with beautiful and soft cushioned seats and backrests which significantly increases the comfort levels of these chairs. You can find several types of materials and colors for the upholstered dining chairs at Only Dining Chairs.

  • French provincial dining chairs: Our French provincial dining chairs collection boasts a wide range of luxurious and elegant French styled dining chairs. You can easily bring the European classic aesthetic in your dining space with these French provincial dining chairs from Only Dining Chairs. Our French provincial dining chairs come in different materials such as wood, fabric, leather and so on.


Best Material Dining Room Chairs

1. Rattan, cane, wicker dining chairs: Some of the most durable and lightweight materials that you can opt for in your dining chairs are rattan, cane, and wicker. These materials make for perfect outdoor dining chairs as they can handle the changes in weather quite efficiently. You can find the best quality rattan, cane, wicker dining chairs only on the Only Dining Chairs collections.

2. Wooden dining chairs: If you want your dining room chairs to be strong and durable, then look no further from our wooden dining chairs. We offer multiple types of wooden dining chairs which include oak dining chairs, maple wood dining chairs, mahogany dining chairs, mango wood dining chairs and so on. These dining room chairs are one of the strongest dining chair variants and they offer excellent longevity if maintained properly.

3. Leather dining chairs: Comfort and luxury – the leather dining chairs at Only Dining Chairs offer all three key factors that make for a unique dining chair piece. We offer dining chairs with real leather, and also with PU or faux leather. By purchasing these brilliantly crafted leather chairs, your dining experience will be cosy, comfortable, and one of a kind.

4. Velvet dining chairs: When it comes to luxurious dining chairs, no dining chair option will be better than the velvet dining chairs. The velvet dining chairs collection showcases a wide range of velvet dining chairs which come in different color and quality. Purchase our velvet chairs and improve the quality of your dining space and your dining experience by a significant margin.


Dining Chair Colors (Color-coordinate your space)

  • Black dining chairs: Our black dining chairs are truly unique and elegant and they go well with all kinds of home interior and background styles. The versatility of our black dining chairs makes them one of the most popular dining chairs. Introduce a sense of elegance and royalty in your dining room by purchasing our black dining room chairs.

  • White dining chairs: Only Dining Chairs offers a wide range of versatile and elegant white dining chairs that will blend well with whatever kind of interior you place them in. Our dining chairs will bring a sense of calm and peace in your dining space which will help you relax your mind and enjoy a comfortable dining experience.

  • Brown dining chairs: Brown is a versatile colour and brown dining chairs have that versatility as well. These dining room chairs fit with almost every interior and create an appearance that can truly reflect your aesthetic preferences. Brown dining chairs are quite easy to clean. You can spot the dirt on these chairs easily and wipe it off with a dry piece of cloth.

  • Grey dining chairs: The grey dining chairs are one of the best neutral color dining chairs that you can have for your dining room. We offer two different shades of grey – light grey and dark grey in our grey dining chairs collection. Make your dining space appear sophisticated and homely by purchasing our grey dining chairs.

  • Green dining chairs: One of the colors that always calms our mind and install a happy feeling in our minds is green. We offer brilliantly crafted and truly beautiful green dining chairs that add a natural touch to your dining space. Now enjoy a soothing dining experience by purchasing the green dining chairs from Only Dining Chairs.


Reasons Why Consumers Believe To Buy Our Dining Chairs

If you're looking to purchase dining chairs in Sydneydining chairs in Melbournedining chairs in Brisbane or any part of Australia for your existing furniture, there are some factors that might attract you towards dining chairs.

--> Blend with your interior:

Select a dining chair option that blends well with your interior décor and perfectly fits your dining space. By co-ordinations the colors and designs properly, you can bring out the best appearance out of your interior and your dining chairs.

--> No compromise in quality:

We offer top notch dining room chairs that are some of the best options across Australia. Here we make no compromise in terms of quality and we are dedicated to delivering the best products to our customers.

--> Explore the best materials:

Depending on your preferred style, explore the different options of materials for your dining space. You can find dining chairs that are crafted with the finest materials. Our options include fabric dining chairs, wooden dining chairs, metal dining chairs, leather dining chairs, plastic chairs, steel dining chairs, outdoor dining chairs and so much more.

--> Mix and match with mismatched dining chairs:

Make your dining space an attraction for the eyes with mismatched dining chairs. Install dining room chairs of different styles, materials, and colors in your dining space to create the contrasting appearance and have a unique dining environment.

--> A dining chair for every occasion:

No matter what the purpose is, we have a dining chair option for each and every occasion. Explore the different dining chair options for different occasions and get the best dining chairs to suit your home décor.

--> Dining chairs in every price range:

There are a lot of dining room chairs option for you irrespective of what your budget is. Find the best budget and affordable dining chairs only on the Only Dining Chairs website. You can also find different discount and sale offers on your favourite dining chairs.


Dining Chairs Superiority

Quality, Comfort & Durability - these three factors makes our dining room chairs superior. Our dining chairs are designed to fulfil the satisfaction of our customers and we rarely disappoint. As one of Australia’s leading online stores for dining chairs, Only Dining Chairs offer a wide collection of dining chairs for you to choose from.

We are reliable and trustworthy and our products are some of the best products in terms of quality, comfort, and durability. Our services and products make us one of the best places to purchase your next dining room chairs from. We also provide dining chairs set of 4dining chairs set of 6, in sets of 8 or depending on the chairs you require.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • 1. What kind of warranty do you offer on your dining chairs?

    We offer lifetime warranty on all our dining chairs. Contact us to know more.

  • 2. Is there any first-time customer discount?

    Yes, use coupon code “NEW10” at checkout for 10% off your entire order!

  • 3. Do you offer discounts on large scale orders?

    Yes, we offer special quotes on large scale orders. Contact us to know about our offers in details regarding your bulk orders.

  • 4. What are the payment options which you provide?

    We offer multiple payment options including all credit cards, Paypal, Apple Pay, Gpay, Afterpay, Humm and Latitude Pay amongst others.

  • 5. What are some of the best dining chairs option on your website?

    All of our products are excellent in terms of quality and comfort. Our wide range of collections include leather dining chairs, velvet dining chairs, Scandinavian dining chairs, steel chairs, wooden chairs, coastal dining chairs, rattan, cane, and wicker dining chairs, curved dining chairs and so much more.