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How To Mismatch Dining Chairs

If you have ever designed a dining room or are doing one now, you would know about the growing trend of using mismatched dining chairs.


At first, it sounds absurd, but once you see the array of possibilities, there is no turning back. Designers all over the globe are using 2 or more styles, materials and colours of dining chairs, all in one dining room.

So what are we doing buying identical dining chairs?

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While the results are astonishing, the process of designing a dining room with mismatched dining chairs can be a little overwhelming.


From where to begin to what not to pick, there is a lot that goes into designing the right dining space with mismatched dining chairs.


So at Only Dining Chairs, we decided to gather a few tips and tricks to make styling mismatched dining chairs a breeze.


Benefits Of Using Mismatched Dining Chairs:


A mismatched dining chair says a lot about your creativity and adds a personal touch to your dining room without having to spend a lot.


This particular design theme is designed especially by you, for you.

This means there is little chance that you will find an exact design elsewhere, making it particularly yours.

Now ain't that exciting!

 Mis Matched Dining Chairs


 It Adds Demeanour To The Room


Looking to add some colour or character to your dining room?

Instead of painting an entire wall or using bright curtains, add a bold chair instead to add a pop of colour to the room.


Now the catch is that it doesn't necessarily have to be a high-end chair as advertised by most designers. Anything from a local brand or even a flea market can make it to your dining room.


-  It May Be Cost-Effective


Why buy a set of 6 chairs when you can buy 2 at a time!

This method can help you save some cash as you can gradually over time buy your dining chairs from different brands and use them in your mismatched dining room setting.


Pssst. Smaller brands often have a sales section where you can always find a piece or two of amazing accent dining chairs.


On the other hand, you can use one pair of expensive chairs, while the rest of the chairs can be from a local brand or artisan.

More so, you can look into the flea market and get a set of chairs from there, remodel them and voila, you have your very own mismatched dining room, without the hassle and expenditure of hiring a designer.


 Mixed Dining Chairs


It Helps Save Some Space


For families that often host, we recommend a set of 8 dining chairs at least. But often these families are small and use only about 2 to 4 chairs every day.

Using mismatched dining chairs can help cut up the extra need to buy dining chairs.

They can use 4 identical chairs on the dining table for everyday use.

While, when they have guests over, they can add on two armchairs from the common room or a bench or settee from the patio. Or maybe even both!



Rules To Ace The Mismatched Dining Chair Look:


- Keep In Mind The Height Of Each Chair


One rule that all designers, big or small, abide by is the dining chairs' height.

Each dining chair, whether same or different in style, should have the same height.

So that everyone gathered at the table is at the same height. It makes conversation easier and also adds a definitive pattern to the room.

 Mis-Matched Dining Chairs


Find The Right Balance


When it comes to using mismatched dining chairs, finding the right balance can be tricky. But not impossible. We have a simple rule at Only Dining Chairs Australia, and we urge you to follow the same.


Don't put too much sugar and don't put too little. Find your 'just perfect' moment.


Do not add on a bunch of mismatched dining chairs and call it a theme.

Likewise, using a minimalistic approach in this particular design theme may not be the best course of action.


 Mis Matched Dining Chairs


-  It Takes Two To Tango


Humans are accustomed to and are pleased by patterns.

While there are many ways to design a mismatched dining room, one particular way that most follow is using 2 of each mismatched dining chair.

This helps add both a unique touch and character to the room while still having some pattern to make the look feel complete.



Different Ways To Use Mismatched Dining Chairs In Your Dining Room Or Area:


Designing your dining room, all on your own, without hiring a designer?



Here are some easy to execute design arrangement ideas that are sure to make your dining area shine bright like a diamond!


One particular thing that stays the same in each of the arrangements below is the use of some sort of pattern, which we like to call - "Unity amongst Chaos".


So until you have that sense of balance maintained, there is literally anything and everything you can add to your dining area.


Arrange By Shape


If you want to keep the look subtle yet not feel boring and monotonous, go for contrasting shapes of chairs. Chairs that have different shapes but some subtle similarity like, same colour, wood, upholstery or even accessory like, cushions.

 Dining Chairs


Choose a Colour Palette


If you want to play with colours, go for similar looking chairs.

Now you can choose between several colour themes. You can go for a classic two toned theme, for e.g. 4 grey chairs with 2 teal.

Or you can go for a more unique 3 tonal colour palette.

Just keep in mind that whatever colour palette you choose, make sure to stay with it.

Whether you are going for pastels, wooden colours or bright hues, stick to the plan!



-  Work With Different Styles


Don't be afraid to mix different styles of chairs with one another.

A pair of unique mid century dining chairs will look absolutely stunning with a set of industrial dining chairs if paired well.

While they may be decades apart in era, the squared shape gives them a unified edge, bringing both modern and classic styles together.

Likewise, you can pair a set of leather dining chairs with a pair of upholstered chairs.

While the leather chairs showcase their uniqueness, the upholstered chairs can be made in a dazzling print to add some colour and character to the dining room.

We have a blog post related to styles of dining chairs: "A Guide to Dining Chair Styles." 

 Mismatched Dining Chairs


Styling Is Key


Before you begin, one thing that you need to determine is your mood board.

Visualize what exactly you want and where you want it.

This may require good research, a few trips to the local furniture market and some consults with a designer.


Once you have this settled, the rest of the things will come in flow eventually.


Now that you have your look, room size, colour and overall theme in mind, it's time to get the table.

The table plays a huge role in completing the entire look. Its size determines what chairs go where. While its colour determines the colour palette for the chairs.


When choosing a table, make sure to go for a neutral looking table that goes well with all chairs and doesn't take away the focus from them.


For shape, you will have to look into the space you have. A circular table takes less space compared to a wide rectangular table.


Likewise, a circular table gives more freedom for placing the mismatched dining chairs, while the rectangular dining table has limited but unique options.


A rectangular or square table adds more symmetry to the room, as compared to a circular one.


Arranging The Chairs According To The Shape Of The Table:

 Round Dining Table and Chairs


Round: When arranging chairs around a round table, you have a variety of options, which include:
- The classic alternating pattern: Which means two different types of chairs arranged alternatingly.

 - The set of twos: Two similar styled chairs set together, followed by a set of another similar looking chair and so on.
- A set of variants: Contrasting chairs, remodelled in similar upholstery, arranged waywardly.


    Square: Although limited options, arrangements around a square table always look aesthetically pleasing.

    - Two similar looking chairs on one side.

    - Two similar looking chairs on the opposite sides.


     Mis Matched Dining Chairs


    Rectangle: The most common type of table, as it adds both space and class to the room.

    Arranging chairs on a rectangular table are easy yet pleasantly unique.


    - Contrasting chairs at opposite ends of the table.
      - Contrasting chairs together at the head of the table.
        - Similar looking chairs at the long end of the table.
          - Two sets of contrasting chairs at the opposite long ends of the table.



             Once you have all of this considered, it's time to determine the type of dining chairs you require and buy them.


            To help you out better, here are some of our favourite mismatched dining chair arrangements that we go for when in need.

             Mis Matched Dining Chairs


            • Bench It Up:

            Pair a bench or cushion settee on one long side of the rectangular table, with similar looking chairs, on the rest of the sides.


            The bench you choose can be backless, cushioned, Victorian, high backed, walled or any style that best fits your dining room.

            As for the chairs, keep them simple if the settee or bench is glorious.

            In case the bench is simple, choose chairs that can add some character to the whole look.

            The same arrangement can also go well with a square table.


            • Armchairs With Modern Dining Chairs:

            A simple yet uniquely amazing way to amp up your dining area is by adding two relatively chunky or large sized armchairs at the opposite head seats.


            While the rest of the chairs can be simpler and more contained so that the focus lays more on the accent chairs laid on the opposite ends.


            If this sounds too subtle, add in some colour to the big armchairs. Switch up their upholstery to something more eye catching.


            Or keep the armchairs simple, just add in a bunch of cushions and accessories to add some colour and texture.


            The possibilities are endless.

             Mixed Dining Chairs


            • Wooden Dining Chairs With Contemporary Siblings

            If you are going for a more casual, cafe-like look, pair your wooden dining chairs with a pair of contemporary side chairs. Make sure that your wooden chairs and table are the same colour or style. 

            Contemporary chairs, since not similar, will add the right amount of contrast, making your otherwise dull dining room light up.



            • A Set Of Variants

            A set of different styled chairs, all remodelled identically and placed around a round table.

            Remodelling means either painted identical, or the upholstery changed to one colour or both.

            But none of the style or design is made changes to, which makes up for a unique set of chairs that are both varying in styles, shapes and sizes yet look pleasingly identical.


            This particular design works best around a round table, as it gives more freedom for arrangement and doesn't call for a lot of symmetry, which is what makes this design theme so appealing and unique.


            So whether it's your first time revamping your dining area or the last, make sure to have a theme and follow it. Once you do, all the rest will fall in place.

             Mixed Dining Chairs


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