Mismatched Dining Chairs

Best Mismatched Dining Chairs - A New Trend For Modern Households

Dining Chairs Of "Various Materials & Fabrics" To Mismatch With Your Dining Room Décor

Decorating your dining space can be a headache for many. The contemporary households require the correct choice of furnishings which enhance the appearance of the interior and adds significant aesthetic value to your home décor.

This means you have to think and understand the best furniture design for your abode in order to stand out in today’s generation.

At Only Dining Chairs, we provide dining chairs options to our customers that blend in with every kind of home décor and interior.

One of the modern day trends which has emerged in the choice of dining chairs is that of mismatched dining chair sets.

However, what exactly is this trend? Let us have a closer look.


What are mismatched dining chairs?

The traditional way of using dining chairs brings out a unique and classy appearance for your dining space. Using simple synchronising shapes and sizes of dining chairs has always been the primary trend.

However, at present we are witnessing the emergence of a new trend in dining chairs decoration: mismatched dining chairs.

It is actually quite simple to use mismatched dining chairs: all you need to do is move away from the basics and use different shapes and styles and mater and colours for your dining chairs in the same dining space in order to create a modern, pop ambience.

From Only Dining Chairs, you can purchase unique, comfortable, and top quality dining chairs of different materials, shape, and colour which can be paired together for a mismatched dining chairs decoration.


7 Best dining chairs choice for Mismatched dining chairs

Dining chairs in 
different colors, styles, materials and shapes are always a perfect fit for one's décor. The below mentioned 7 mismatched dining chairs are trendy, popular and one of the top selling affordable dining chairs in Australia.

Select the best chair to mismatch that can provide a sublime look to your dining space.

1. Langholm | Brown, Black Leather Dining Chairs

Langholm | Brown, Black Leather Dining Chairs

This modern inspired Langholm elegant dining chair features a comfortable cushion seating and backrest upholstered leather with flowing stitching detail along the curves.

It’s supported on tube-like tapered metal legs painted in black and fitted with rubber caps to prevent scratching floors. 

This unique PU leather dining chair set brings out the beauty of any home it’s fitted into. This is one of the most loving and best selling dining chairs to fit any home décor.


  • Cover material: PU Leather
  • Leg material: Powder-coated metal
  • Chair Weight Limit: 100 – 120kg
  • Colour: Cinnamon Brown or Black


2. Vienna | Scandinavian Dining Room Chairs, Wooden Dining Chairs

Vienna | Scandinavian Dining Room Chairs, Wooden Dining Chairs


Choose the Vienna dining chair to add a touch of style to your interior decor. Together with the legs made of solid beech wood, these Scandinavian dining chairs are stable and sturdy.

Comfort is guaranteed with its polypropylene (PP) seat, which can be complemented by a throw pillow but is both aesthetic and pleasant as is. 

Built with durable steel fixings under the seat, combined with a firm polypropylene seat, these wooden dining chairs offers a timeless design to style smart-casual dining rooms with ease.


  • Colour: White or Grey
  • Chair Weight Limit: 100 – 120kg
  • Durable steel fixings under the seat
  • Plastic protectors to avoid scratches to the floor


3. Marseille | Black, French Provincial Chairs, Wooden Dining Chairs

Marseille | Black, French Provincial Chairs, Wooden Dining Chairs

The Marseille dining chair with arms is upholstered in quality black fabric linen and 13cm thick resilience foam set over a durable rubberwood frame

The tufted button design of the backrest and the iconic curved back legs ooze myriads of class and sophistication that adds to the overall charisma of this classic chair.

This french provincial dining chair has a super thick foam padding for luxury and comfort and a rubberwood frame that will last for years to come.


  • Seat material: Velvet
  • Leg material: Rubber wood legs
  • Overall dimensions: 96 x 62 x 54cm
  • Chair Weight Limit: 100-120kg


4. Palmerston | Grey Velvet Dining Chairs With Arms

Palmerston | Grey Velvet Dining Chairs With Arms

Simple and elegantly styled, the Palmerston velvet dining chair is a firm statement in sophistication.

It proudly stands out in your dining room. The Palmerston contemporary dining chair offers a padded foam seat and all-round hugging design that provides optimal user comfort and support degree.

This grey dining chair also features legs tipped with anti-slip floor protectors, assuring that the chair will not damage floors when moved.

These, along with the chair's exquisite soft velvet upholstery, combine to provide you with a relaxing dining experience.


  • Cover material: Velvet
  • Leg material: Powder-coated iron
  • Colour: Grey
  • Chair Weight Limit: 100 – 120kg


5. Marli | Light Grey, Upholstered, French Provincial, Wooden Dining Chair

Marli | Light Grey, Upholstered, French Provincial, Wooden Dining Chair

Crafted with a simple, classic design, these luxury dining chairs are made to look expensive, inviting, and comfortable at the same time. They are one of the most beautiful dining chairs and the details are perfect.

They have a high-density foam that won't deform easily and are constructed with rubberwood legs to last long and provide adequate stability

Bring some glamour into your home with Marli, a great dining chair that oozes luxury.


  • High quality faux linen fabric
  • Seat material: Polyester Fabric
  • Leg material: Rubberwood
  • Chair Weight Limit: 100 – 120kg
  • Extra thick foam padding


6. Midtown | Black Leather, Modern Dining Chairs 

Midtown | Black Leather, Modern Dining Chairs

Add charm and luxury to your dining with the Midtown residential and industrial dining chairs. Featuring wear-resistant PU leather and a unique iron blend material, this outstanding dining chair set provides an astonishingly stable chair that will last you for years to come.

This black dining chair adds a versatile style and comfort that easily complements any current home decor.

It’s sleek design balances clean-stitched lines that create quite a welcoming pattern. Your guests will always love it!  


  • Cover material: PU leather
  • Legs material: Powder-coated iron
  • Colour: black and wood grain (as picture shows)
  • Chair Weight Limit: 100 – 120kg


7. Daintree | Natural, White Coastal Rattan Dining Chairs Australia

Daintree | Natural, White Coastal Rattan Dining Chairs Australia


If you're looking for an elegant yet rustic look to your dining space while also being mindful of the environment and sustainability, this chair is perfect.

This coastal-inspired rattan chair fits seamlessly in a rustic, Scandinavian and Hamptons themed home.

Daintree coastal dining chair has a slightly curved seat & backrest for ultimate comfort and reinforced wooden structure for extra durability. 

Dine in pleasure then stretch, lay back and relax for hours after your meal.


  • Frame: Wood
  • Seat: Rattan
  • Chair weight limit: 120kg
  • Colours: Natural and White


How to get the best mismatched dining chairs set?

Installing a set of mismatched dining chairs to your dining space can be a tough code to crack for many.

Just by placing random designs of chairs, you cannot have a proper mismatched dining chairs set.

The whole decoration has to be planned and executed accordingly so that all the pieces of the dining chairs look like they complement each other and your home décor as well.

  • Height of the chairs: The key to creating the perfect dining room appearance with mismatched dining chairs actually hides in a “match”. For your mismatched dining chairs, you must always remember to buy chairs that are of a similar height. You cannot overthink or overdo this part. The chairs must be of a similar height and at Only Dining Chairs, we have the perfect solution for that. You can check the dimensions of the different dining chairs on our website and purchase dining chairs that come at the same height.

  • Contrasting colours and shapes: You can experiment with the style and colours of the chairs in two varying ways. You can either use chairs that are of similar style but come in different color dining chairs like grey, black and white dining chairs or use chairs that are of different styles but come in a similar colour. Some popular colors are blue dining chairs, black dining chairs, beige dining chairs and green dining chairs.

  • Mixing different eras together: The good part of installing mismatched dining chairs is that you can experiment with the style and colours as you prefer. You can mix different eras in your dining space using different styles of dining chairs. However, the choice of dining room chairs should ensure that they complement each other ands well as your dining space. The visual experience needs to be appealing and at Only Dining Chairs, our range of mismatched dining chairs can be your perfect fix for your dining space.

  • Symmetrical styling: Maintaining a stability and visual symmetry is still essential if you are using mismatched dining chairs. With all the mismatched style, shape, or colour – you still need to maintain some sort of visual balance in your dining space for an aesthetic makeover of your dining room. You can find different unique dining chairs on Only Dining Chairs that will help you build a visual symmetry in your dining space while also enhancing the appearance and dining experience.

    Some of the best material chairs for mismatching are oak dining chairs, leather chairs, timber dining chairs, velvet chairs, wooden chairs and hard plastic dining chairs.


What are the benefits of installing mismatched dining chairs?

As we have discussed the do’s and dont’s of purchasing mismatched dining chairs, it is crucial for you to have a guarantee of comfort and quality on all of the dining chairs. Mismatched dining chairs, are a treat in this regard. 

If you're looking to purchase dining chairs in Sydneydining chairs in Melbournedining chairs in brisbane or any part of Australia for your existing furniture, there are some benefits that might attract you towards mismatched dining chairs.

1. Visual Appearance: Mismatched dining chairs come in different shapes and colours, which makes your dining space appear quite attractive. These dining chair styles are quite out of the box, and will ensure that your dining room looks elegant, modern, and pop.

2. Personal Preferences: In every family, everyone has different preferences when it comes to the design and colour of furniture. With mismatched dining chairs, you can fulfil the personal preferences of everyone in your family. 

3. Quality and Comfort: Mismatched dining chairs are a combination of multiple dining chairs that have the similar quality and comfort. Your dining experience is going to turn into a unique and comfortable one with the help of mismatched dining chair sets.

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Mismatched dining chairs are a statement of fashion for modern households. If you are bored of the same old dining space styling, then it is high time for you to explore your options through mismatched dining chairs. The new trend is taking over the market and the area of home décor.

From Only Dining Chairs, you can purchase various kinds of dining chairs to pair together and experiment on the appearance of your dining space.

With our best dining chairs, you can finally give a fitting appearance to your dining area and create a nice dining experience. We also provide dining chairs set of 4dining chairs set of 6, in sets of 8 or depending on the dining room chairs you require.


Frequently Asked Question

  • 1. Will the mismatched dining chairs be comfortable?

    Yes. At Only Dining Chairs all of our products are comfortable including mismatched dining chairs. They are also strong and durable for long run.

  • 2. Can I get warranty on mismatched dining chairs?

    Yes, we offer lifelong warranty on our dining chairs that cover both structural and natural damages.

  • 3. Can the mismatched dining chairs be used for multipurpose?

    Yes, most of our dining chairs can be used for multipurpose. They can be used as a kitchen chair and can be used indoors as well as outdoors.

  • 4. When will my dining chairs be delivered?

    At Only Dining Chairs, we partner with efficient delivery partners to ensure fast delivery of your products. Check the product page for more information.

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