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9 Best Types OF Wood For Your Dining Chairs

When we purchase a piece of furniture, our topmost priority is to have furniture that are durable and strong. This is the same scenario with dining chairs as well. This is why, wooden dining chairs happen to be one of the most popular dining chair options for our homes. Built from top quality woods, these dining chairs happen to be strong as well as comfortable because of their unique design. You can always choose wooden dining chairs for your dining space without any dilemma.


Why does the type of wood matter in building wooden dining chairs?

If you are purchasing wooden dining chairs, then you may want to check what type of wood is used in building those chairs. It is indeed true that if you are buying wooden dining chairs from reliable places, then you can leave behind your fears regarding the qualities of the chairs.

However, the choice of woods actually determines which feature of the wooden chairs gets highlighted more and if that goes in accordance with what you are looking for from your wooden dining chairs. Keeping this in mind, now let us take a look at the multiple types of woods used for building wood chairs.


9 Best Wood Type Dining Chairs Known For Craftmanship & Durability

The world has numerous types of trees and this ensures that the choice of wood for wooden dining chairs can be as versatile as it gets. While it is not possible to enlist all the wood types that are used for building wooden dining chairs, in this article we are looking forward to give you an idea of the best types of woods and the qualities they bring.

1. Silverwood dining chairs:

 Silverwood dining chairs

Often used as a substitute for oak, silverwood dining chairs are one of the oldest and one of the top choices for wooden dining chairs. The silver wood is moderately durable, and strong.

However, what makes these silverwood dining chairs special is their resistance to rot. With their unique features and appearance, silver wood dining chairs are one of the best options in our list.


2. Teak dining chairs:

Teak Dining Chairs

Teak wood is significantly strong and durable, and teak dining chairs can withstand wears and tears and a wide variety of climate changes for as long as you would desire.

These teak dining chairs are low maintenance as well, given their consistency and appearance. Teak dining chairs are strong, durable, sustainable and a fine option in wooden dining chairs.


3. Cedar dining chairs:

Cedar Dining Chairs

Cedar dining chairs have multiple advantages that make them a great option for wooden dining chairs. These are strong and durable dining chair options like the rest of the lot but their speciality lies elsewhere.

The best part of cedar dining chairs is the natural aroma they have because of the cedar oil. The cedar dining chairs smell beautiful and as well as keeps the pests away. Because of this, they are one of the best wooden dining chairs in our list.


4. Mahogany dining chairs:

Mahogany Dining Chairs

It will not be an exaggeration to state that mahogany is probably the finest and strongest type of wood for building wooden dining chairs. Strong, stable, and durable, mahogany dining chairs are a popular type in the dining chair markets throughout Australia.

On top of that, mahogany is resistant to moss and rot which makes them extremely suitable for using in your kitchen and dining space. Quite similar to the teak dining chairs, mahogany dining chairs are a perfect piece of dining chair for your home, and they do not disappoint as well.


5. Oak dining chairs:

Oak Dining Chairs

Oak dining chairs are a part of our exclusive dining room chairs that will fit perfectly with any dining table. The oak dining chairs are constructed from high-quality wooden furniture and oak. 

When we are talking about silverwood dining chairs, we have to talk about oak dining chairs, which happen to be an upgrade over the former type. Strong, durable, comfortable, and extremely sustainable – oak dining chairs have got it all to be considered as one of the finest wooden dining chair options which you can presently have.


6. Acacia dining chairs:

Acacia Dining Chairs

Another fine option for wooden dining chairs are the acacia dining chairs. Acacia is one of the densest and hardest type of woods out there which makes them a popular choice for building wooden dining chairs.

Just like the other types, acacia dining chairs are sustainable as well, but their strength is the one quality where they are unparalleled. Because of its availability in Australia, acacia also makes for an affordable piece of dining chairs.


7. Mango wood dining chairs:

Mango Dining Chairs

Mango wood is a dense, strong and hard wood and it falls under the “hardwood” category in this regard. Because of its strength, mango wood dining chairs are a great choice in wooden dining chairs.

On top of that, mango wood is resistant to rot and does not wear out quickly. Because mango is harvested as a fruit tree all across the globe, mango wood dining chairs are one sustainable option for wooden dining chairs.


8. Ash dining chairs:

Ash Dining Chairs

Ash wood is a light coloured and lightweight wood which is used for building ash dining chairs. The secret behind the popularity of ash dining chairs is its durability despite being lightweight. This means the ash dining chairs can be moved easily across spaces and they will not get damaged easily.

Ash dining chairs are also easier to process than some hardwood dining chairs, and this makes them a durable, more sustainable, and more affordable dining chair option.


9. Maple dining chairs:

 Maple Dining Chairs

The next option in our list happens to be maple dining chairs. Maple has been used for making wooden dining chairs since ages because of its qualities as a wood. The maple dining chairs are durable, strong and resistant to rot.

Maple dining chairs are easier to polish because of their strength and uniform colour. Surely one of the best dining chair options in the market, maple dining chairs are a customer favourite all across Australia.


Comprehensive Benefits Of Above Wood Types

Wooden dining chairs are one of the best option for your home because of the multiple advantages they bring due to their material. These advantages are as follows:

  • Strength and Durability: Built from natural woods, the wooden dining chairs have a strong frame which makes them a durable dining chair option for your home. The durability of furniture is something that we all want and this is where wooden dining chairs come in handy.

  • Quality of craftsmanship: The wood chairs are carefully and beautifully crafted. This means along with their durability, they also gain a nice and beautiful appearance. We would not want dull looking furniture in our homes and wooden dining chairs make sure that we get the value for our money in every regard.

  • Environment friendliness: Because wooden dining chairs are built from natural resources, ie. different types of woods, they happen to be one of the few environment friendly dining chairs that you can have in your home. Having wooden chairs for this purpose is an absolutely perfect idea.



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Hopefully in the article, we were able to give you an insight regarding the best choice of woods for dining chairs. You can find all of these options and many more only on Only Dining Chairs, Australia’s best online marketplace for dining chairs.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What are the top 3 types of woods I can have for wooden dining chairs?

    All the types that are listed here are good in their own ways. However, our top 3 pick would be teak dining chairs, mahogany dining chairs, and silverwood dining chairs.

  • 2. Which types of woods are easiest to maintain?

    Oak, maple, mahogany, and cedar dining chairs are the best options for you if you want easy-to-maintain dining chairs.

  • 3. Do the silverwood and teak dining chairs only come in one colour?

    While their beauty is most perfectly expressed through their natural colours, you can choose for painted dining chairs as well.

  • 4. What is the best type of wood for outdoor dining chairs?

    Teak dining chairs and mango wood dining chairs would be best suited for outdoor dining chairs because of their incredible capabilities of withstanding a wide range of climates.


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