Modern dining chairs with arms

The Best Dining Chairs With Arms For 2023

Whether you are looking to upgrade your already furnished dining area or want to decorate one from scratch, selecting an ideal fit for your dining area is indeed an overwhelming process.


Buying dining chairs is a full-time commitment.

From style to material and space to budget, everything needs to be considered before finding the perfect match and you don't want to regret your purchase in the long run.


So we would advise you to play safe and buy dining chairs with arms to achieve a timeless yet contemporary look for your dining area.


Dining Chairs With Arms


Dining chairs with arms never go out of fashion and style.

It wins over other types of dining chairs due to the additional armrest, support and versatility.


Why Should You Buy Dining Chairs with Arms?

Convenience, relaxation and luxury - the three perfect words to describe dining chairs with arms.

You may buy dining chairs with a goal to revamp your dining area, host fancy dinners and enjoy family mealtime.


But let's be honest, dining chairs are not only for eating; instead, they are multi-purpose.

While having an official online meeting or video calling folks, you would find yourself sitting on your dining chair more than you have contemplated.


Therefore, comfort and elegance are required to grace your dining area and dining chairs with arms effortlessly provide both.

Dining chairs with arms is another name for comfort and class so let's discover amazing ways to style your dining area by what to look for when it comes to dining chairs with arms and our top picks of 2021 to set up the most exquisite dining area.


Other Benefits Of Buying Dining Chairs With Arms Are:


Dining Chair With Arms


  • Additional Support

Who does not appreciate extra support and relaxation?

Dining chairs with arms provide ultimate comfort through armrests.

These chairs especially work best for children and the elderly who require support while seating.

It further provides proper space and more privacy by separating each member from another via armrest, so your guest may get to spend a memorable time in the dining area without awkwardly poking elbows. 


 Dining Chair with Arms Relaxing


  • Restfulness and Comfort

The comfort and convenience provided by dining chairs with arms cannot be overemphasized enough.

It clearly overshadows armless chairs due to ergonomic design and well-rested sitting.

If you need to sit on your dining chair for long hours, you must buy one with arm support to save you from backaches and stiff muscles in the long run.

Dining chairs with arms help maintain a healthy posture which is why it is highly recommended for those who spend long hours in the same position.

It helps in keeping your back aligned by supporting upper body weight through armrests.


 Dining Chairs With Arms Coastal


  • Versatility

Dining chairs with arms are always in demand.

These chairs give your dining area a classic and modern finish.

Most of the designs are absolute head-turners when it comes to elegance and style; therefore, invest in a good set of dining chairs with arms if you want to leave an unforgettable impression on your guests.


Upholstered, leather, wooden, rattan; these chairs come in various valuable materials and unique designs to match different themes and colour schemes.

Dining chairs with arms are a one-time investment due to their enduring styles and everlasting vibes.



How Can I Mix and Match having Dining Chairs with Arms?

There is no thumb rule of having similar chairs when it comes to style a modern dining area. You may play around with your creativity place mismatch chairs in the most matching way. The result, however, must be neat and pleasing to the eyes.

Here we are giving some ideas to mix and match dining chairs with arms:


Modern Dining Chairs With Arms


  • A Uniform Look

If you do not appreciate a lot of amendment and uncertainty scares you, mixing and matching is not your thing as you might not be able to tolerate the anxiety of how the unconventional dining area look might turn out to be.

For you, we recommend a uniform look with similar dining chairs placed around a table of your choice. Dining chairs with arms require more space; therefore, speculate the dining area carefully before making a purchase.


Mix and Match Dining Chairs


  • Traditional Dining Area Setup

Traditional dining setup consists of two dining chairs with arms at opposite ends of the table while side chairs being armless. This way, you may mix and match different dining chairs while perfectly utilizing the available space.

This style gives more freedom of choice. People who love extra comfort may rest on the chair with arms while others can be seated on armless chairs.


 Mixed Dining Chairs


  • Modern Mix and Match

Creativity is the new key when it comes to defining a modern dining area.

You can mix and match the dining chairs and place them around the table on your own terms as long as the final look is eye catching.

You may set up a dining table with an equal proportion of dining chairs with arms and armless chairs, for instance, three dining chairs with arms and three without arms, or a disproportionate design such as five dining chairs with arms with one lounger aside.


Whatever design you chose, just make sure your dining area does not look stuffy and makes a crisp impression. 

 If you like the idea of the "mismatch" look then check out our in-depth blog post called: "How To Mismatch Dining Chairs".


Top Ten Dining Chairs with Arms For 2021:

Alexander Dining Chairs With Arms

1 - Alexander | Mid Century Dining Chair With Arms

With black Malaysian Oaks sturdy frame and finest quality teal upholstery, this chair is a perfect fit for anyone looking for sophistication and class.

This mid-century dining chair design leaves a calming impact.

The padded backrest and deep curved seat make an ergonomic shape that is ideal for sitting in the chair for long hours.

Add this chair to your dining area if you want a multi- purpose dining chair that provides style and comfort in one go.



Grey Upholstered Dining Chair with Arms

2 - Ainslie | Grey Dining Chair With Arms

With the contoured armrest and raised backrest, this chair offers a bold and classy style statement.

Though, the metal legs look sleek but are strong enough to hold up to 120kg weight, so this chair is ideal for those who want durability and delicateness at the same time.

Ainslie gives a luxurious finish to the dining area, featuring premium quality polyester fabric and glossy metal legs.


The perfectly thick cushion and wide seat will surely impress your friends and family, and they would be pleased with the utmost comfort it provides.

Be ready to spend more hours in the dining area as no one would want to leave the chair early.


 Leather Dining Chair With Arms

3 - Astoria | PU Leather Dining Chairs

For 2021, our take on Leather dining chairs is this Danish-inspired contemporary dining chair with arms.

Astoria speaks volumes for comfort, quality and modernistic look.

The twenty-first-century design is striking enough to give any dining area a regal feel.

This dining chair is another name for comfort and timelessness with a quilted back, tubular steel legs and padded seat.

PU leather upholstery is also super-easy to clean and maintain.

You may add this chair to your dining area if you are looking for an easy-to-maintain dining chair set that gives a modern effect.



Augusta Coastal Wooden Dining Chair

4 - Augusta | Coastal Wooden Dining Chair

Augusta wooden dining chair with arms is here for those who want a multi-purpose dining chair to use indoors and outdoors.

This coastal design can help you decorate a minimalistic and sophisticated dining area oozing out "by the sea" vibes.

The woven Viro cord seat is waterproof to resist outdoor weather.

The wooden frame also gives an up-to-the-minute look.


Augusta is a perfect choice for you whether you want to furnish a breezy indoor dining area or a beachy style patio.  

Do not be fooled by its subtle appearance - this the chair is hand-crafted to last for years.



Bravo Natural Wooden Dining Chair

5 - Bravo | Natural Wooden Dining Chair 

With Oak frame, PU leather upholstered cushion seat and rattan backrest; Bravo is a one-stop shop for anyone looking for the most modern and adaptive style to impress friends and family.

Adding a twist to modern dining chairs, Bravo has proved to be a spectacular piece.


You will be obsessed with its easy-to-clean exterior, sturdy wooden frame, flared and tapered legs and overall sophisticated look.

Add this dining chair with arms to your cart if you want to add a striking piece in your dining area.

This style is truly timeless.


 Colorado | Modern Dining Chair With Arms


6 - Colorado | Modern Dining Chair With Arms

Couldn't you take your eyes off this design, right?

Colorado is an amazingly unique dining chair with arms that has surely raised the bar.

Featuring a shiny metal frame, wool blend upholstery and most exclusive seat design, Colorado is one of its kind.

It provides excellent arms and backrest with a comfortable cushion seat.


Whether your floor is carpeted or uncovered, the chairs wouldn’t leave scratches as the legs have anti-slip protectors.

Add this chair to your cart if you want your dining area to grab everyone’s attention.

This chair will prove to be a ray of sunshine for your home. 



Granada | Modern Wooden Dining Chair With Arms


7 - Granada | Cocoa Modern Wooden Dining Chair

Want a multi-function dining chair to go with your dining table as well as your counter top?

Look no further then Granada wooden dining chair with arms.

This chair will give your counter top a modern country-style look in no time. 


The solid oak frame and wooden finish add to the durability of this chair, so you may opt for this one if you prioritize reliability over any other element.

The chair does not come with a built-in cushion, which allows you to be more creative and place cushions of your choice according to your dining area theme and style.



Rutherford | Hamptons Wooden Dining Chairs With Arms

8 - Rutherford | Hamptons Wooden Dining Chair With Arms

This mid-century design is popular due to its wooden frame and weathered look.

The natural oak finish compliments almost every other wall, which makes it a versatile piece.

With its high back and supporting armrest, this chair gives a luxurious feel to your dining area and provides comfortable seating.


It's an artisan crafted design with elegant curves and a classic fretwork backrest.

Nylon feet pads are attached to each leg for added oomph.

The seat pad is also removable, making the chair easy to maintain and changing the seat colour.

If you prefer the look of high back dining chairs then check out our blog post relating to this.



Seabreeze | Rattan Dining Chair With Arms

9 - Seabreeze | Natural Rattan Dining Chair With Arms 

A lightweight, durable and stylish Rattan dining chair with arms is here to transform your dining area into a refreshing and vibrant room.

Your family will surely appreciate your taste with these rattan chairs that gives a coastal / retro look to your dining area.


The deep curved back and seat are comfortable enough to help you provide much-needed rest and comfort after a long day at work.

This chair gives a warm and inviting touch to any area it is placed in.

The cherry on top is its removable seating pad.

You can change the colour of the cushion or you may choose to play with different patterns to give a more exuberant touch.



Virginia | Wooden Dining Chair With Arms

10 - Virginia | Natural Wooden Dining Chairs with Arms

For people on the look out for a coastal or country / farmhouse themed dining chair with raised back and just the right amount of cushion, then have a look at the Virginia dining chair with arms.

This chair features a sturdy wooden frame, a coastal seat cover and stylish curves to match your dining area décor.


The chair blurs the line between coastal and country design and will add grace and elegance in your home.

The wooden frame is also very easy to clean and a gently wet wipe down is enough to leave the chair sparkly clean.

This could be that final piece you are after to complete your coastal or country themed decor.


Final Word

Dining chairs with arms are slightly expensive than armless chairs; however, the added comfort and grace it brings to the table is worth the price.

Good quality dining chairs also last for decades, so you do not have to repurchase repeatedly, which saves money and hassle.


Having said that, make sure you buy dining chairs only from reliable manufacturers, especially those who offer a lifetime warranty like Only Dining Chairs.

Check out our latest collection of dining chairs with arms and select one from our vast range according to your taste.

Happy shopping!

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