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The Best Material for Dining Chairs: A Users Guide

Planning to upgrade your dining area?

No need to go all out and redo everything from the lamps to the wallpapers.

Simply change the dining chairs and your dining area will start to look as fresh as new.


We give very little credit to dining chairs, while they are certainly one of the most used items in the dining room.

Which automatically makes them the focal point of the room.



When it comes to buying dining chairs, the rules are pretty simple.


The first thing you need to do is check for functionality, keeping in mind the use of dining chairs in your home.


Second, keep into consideration the style or theme of your dining room and third, don't shy away from being creative.


Follow your instincts and intuitions. 




Now for most buyers finding the right style of dining chair for their dining room is easy.

But what confuses them is the variety of materials dining chairs are made of.


We frequently get questions like:


  • What's the most durable material for a dining chair?
  • What material would best suit a particular living style?
  • What material is the most comfortable?


The answers to all those questions depend on each individual's use.

For example, with kids in the house, you will want to consider something durable, not too heavy to move around and easy to clean.


Similarly, if your dining room doubles as a work-from-home space or home-school, then you will require seating that is more comfortable when used for a longer stretch of time and also durable as the chairs will now be used twice as normal.


While choosing the right material of dining chairs for your dining room may be a task, it's not impossible.

Especially if you have someone in the field to guide you through.


So here's a detailed guide about all the popular dining chair materials that will help make the decision easier for you.


 Leather Wooden Dining Chairs

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Different Types Of Dining Chair Materials and What's Best For Me?

For better understanding, we have divided the most popular used and available dining chair materials into three main categories:



Materials that are found naturally, such as Wooden Dining Chairs.



Materials that are man-made, such as Plastic Dining Chairs.



Dining chairs that use fabric and cushioning.


Natural Materials:




Leather has revolutionized the furniture industry. It is a timeless option that gives a prestigious feel to the furniture.

If you are going for a sophisticated look, leather is the best choice.

Leather offers a variety of tones and finishes that you can choose from according to your dining theme and your own taste.

 Leather Dining Chairs



Leather dining chairs are an elegant, durable and simple option to infuse a sleek and attractive element into the dining room.


They can perfectly blend with a lot of styles and color spectrums.

When it comes to sleek design, leather dining chairs can be paired with sleek industrial or metal legs to ensure both sturdiness and add a modern touch to the design.

We did a blog post called "Is PU Leather For Chairs Worth It?" that maybe of interest to you.



  • Strong and durable
  • Natural shine
  • Easy to maintain
  • Do not accumulate dust, mites and other allergens
  • Looks better with age



  • Expensive
  • Limited colour options
  • Prone to scratches
  • Requires proper care





If you are looking for a cost-saving option, opt for wooden dining chairs. They are one of the most used dining chair materials due to their versatility and durability.


They come in a variety of woods, from solid wood, teakwood, sheesham to stained wood.


One can opt for a natural looking, earthy theme by placing solid wood dining chairs in their dining room, which beautifully showcase the natural colour of the wood.


However, if you are not into the natural colour of the wood, but are interested in its durability, then stained wood is the way to go.


You can colour the chairs, whatever colour you want and however, you want it.

From all-white, mint green pastels to a set of cheery rainbow colours, you can go for anything and everything.


For a more classic look, opt for sheesham or teak wood dining chairs. They are darker-coloured wood, which, when sealed with a weather protectant, can last for decades.


 Wooden Dining Chairs


All in all, wooden dining chairs offer a unique combination of aesthetics and beautiful structural integrity that no other material can offer.


They add warmth and richness to your dining area.



  • Longer life
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Versatile
  • Attractive



  • Susceptible to water, especially solid wood. Sheesham is good at restraining water, while Teak is the absolute best
  • Exposure to direct sunlight will create blotches and spots, if not weather coated
  • Prone to termites



Rattan is a naturally growing vine, which undergoes a process and is then used to make furniture that is classy, durable and work in most settings, including outdoors.


Rattan is a century old material used for making furniture. The furniture made is lightweight, but it requires some care in order to maintain.


Rattan Dining Chairs


The best thing about rattan is that it can be paired with other materials like metal for a more modern looking dining chair.

But if mid century is your goal, no other material can accentuate the look better than a rattan dining chair with solid wood frames.

We did a blog post called "Wicker, Cane and Rattan Dining Chairs: What's The Difference?" that maybe helpful for you.



  • Eco friendly
  • Resilient to outdoor conditioning
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting, if given the right care
  • Works with most interior styles



  • Not the most comfortable
  • The weaving begins to loosen with time
  • Requires proper care and maintenance




Wicker is an age old weaving technique used for making furniture and not exactly a material. But nonetheless, it is one of the most widely used styles.


Wicker dining chairs are perfect for a casual interior. They are durable and come in a variety of colours and materials, including rattan and bamboo.


Moreover, synthetic wicker chairs have also become a popular variant for dining chairs that are purposed for the outdoors.


 Wicker Dining Chairs


Whether you are planning for a chic and cozy farmhouse interior or a more rustic and mid century look, wicker chairs are the way to go.

Wicker dining chairs are also being paired with industrial elements for a more modern experience.


They are lightweight and are prone to wear and tear if not taken proper care of.


Nonetheless, don't be shy to pair them with your patio table for an outdoor dining experience.



  • Durable
  • Performs well outdoors
  • Versatile design essence
  • Fits well with most decor themes
  • Little to no maintenance required




  • Costly
  • Uncomfortable when on its own. Requires some sort of cushioning for comfort.
  • Weave may loosen with time.



Manufactured Materials:



The metal dining chairs are commonly found in homes and even in offices.

 Metal Dining Chairs


These look aesthetically pleasing in your dining area and can easily blend with any interior decor.


However, they appear a bit cold and are uncomfortable to sit on for long hours. 


But since they are durable and last you a lifetime, many customers prefer to buy them.


So instead of using plain old metal chairs, we choose to revamp them by adding a cushioned seat.

This gives the metal dining chairs a warm and welcoming look while also being super comfortable.


However, if you want to maintain the raw and rustic feel of metal, pair the metal dining chair with a more comfortable seating option like a tufted sofa or an upholstered armchair.



  • Portable
  • Available in different colours and styles
  • Affordable



  • Poor finish
  • Uncomfortable





Plastic dining chairs were considered a low budget and cheap option for dining rooms until the arrival of acrylics.


Acrylic dining chairs are made for small spaces. They are the perfect sleek design that enhances the aesthetic of the room without making it feel cluttered.


Acrylic dining chairs


They look absolutely gorgeous on their own and make any object placed beside them shine even better.


While they may not be the most comfiest of choices, they sure are easy to clean. Wipe them down with a cloth and voila!

They are super durable and work both the indoors as well as outdoors.

Hence best for those who host parties often or have plenty of guests over.



  • Versatile structure and design
  • Durable
  • Works well both outdoors and indoors
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Adds space to the room
  • Easy to clean



  • Gets dirty more often
  • It's not scratch-proof and can not be refreshed, unlike other furniture materials




Resin dining chairs are built to last. Although designed purposefully for outdoors, modern design resin dining chairs are making a comeback in dining rooms indoors.


They are easy to clean and can literally withstand all kinds of wear and tear without you having to take care of them.


Resin Dining Chairs


They pair well with a variety of dining options, including brass and metal.

Resin dining chairs are often paired with the wicker technique enhancing both their look and texture.



  • Cost-effective or cheap
  • Stain-proof and easy to clean
  • Works well outdoors
  • Lightweight and easy to move around



  • May turn yellow or stain, if not UV proofed or protected from the sun
  • May blow away or fall during with heavy winds if used outdoors
  • Durable but not as long-lasting



Upholstered Materials:


Upholstered dining chairs are by far the comfiest dining chairs and gives any dining room a cozy feel.

They are cushioned and covered in fabric, like velvet, vinyl, linen, cotton, jute, for the ultimate feeling.


The many variants of upholstered dining chairs include:



Upholstered dining chairs with frames are a cross between upholstered dining chairs and other materials like wood, metal, acrylic etc.

Wood is the most common and popularly used.

 Upholstered Wooden Dining Chairs


Upholstered with frame dining chairs are half upholstered, with edges, armrests, and legs uncovered.

They usually have a seat and back, cushioned and covered.


Framed upholstered dining chairs are made for a more sleek or less bulky look, especially for small confined spaces.

They are designed to give your dining room a sleek perception, with the added luxury of fabric.



  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Luxurious in appearance
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile in terms of styles, designs and colours.



  • Fabric wrinkles and soils with time
  • Flammable
  • Stains easily
  • Requires frequent deep cleaning
  • Easy wear and tear, especially with kids and/or pets




Velvet dining chairs are one of the latest trends in the world of home and office interiors and are perfect for introducing a high-end posh look to the dining room.


They are as functional as any other dining chair, all the while creating a luxurious atmosphere for your family and guests.


However, they are not the best option in terms of maintenance. They are a luxury in the true sense.

Unless using dark-coloured velvet or performance velvet, velvet is prone to stains and easily collects dust. Not to forget pet hair if you are a pet lover.


Despite the odds, if you still want to add velvet dining chairs to your dining area, keep them for the guests dining room, which isn't used three times a day, especially if you have kids and pets in the house.


Velvet Dining Chairs



  • Longer life
  • Rich texture and sheen
  • Highly comfortable



  • Prone to getting stains
  • Hard to maintain
  • Not easy to remove dust, dirt, stains and pet fur



Fabric dining chairs offer more comfort and add character to your dining space.

The most common natural fabrics used are cotton and linen.

While fabrics like vinyl, jute are also widely used.

Most fabrics like cotton, linen and vinyl are easy to clean.

Although they do stain quick, cleaning them is not such a huge task. You just need the right tools and techniques.

 Fabric Dining Chairs



  • Sturdy and resistant to wear and tear
  • Available in a variety of colours, textures and patterns
  • Cost-effective



  • Prone to stains
  • Not easy to maintain
  • Tendency to get wrinkles




This popular dining chair material is both cushioned and super kid friendly.

Slipcovers are basically fabric covers that are slipped on to upholstered chairs.

The right use of fabric ensures that it can easily be maintained for years.

 Dining Chairs

This particular style works best for formal dining rooms but, with a few tweaks, can be used in your regular dining room.

Our favourite method of using slipcovered dining chairs in a regular dining area seating is the 'Header Sitting'.



  • Washable
  • Changeable, which means you can change the look of the dining chairs without having to buy new ones



  • A snug fit matters, a loosely fit cover takes away from the look
  • Taking off the cover, maybe :)


In the end…

The right type of dining chair can transform the mood of a room by giving it a homely and welcoming feel.


From creating an inviting ambience to adding elegance, the dining chairs can make your space look more stylish and modern.


If only you pick the right dining chair material that goes with your usage, living style, interiors, theme and most importantly, budget.


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