Cool Dining Chairs

Cool Dining Chairs: The Perfect Dining Room Furnishing For Modern Generation

Cool Dining Chairs In "Various Materials, Colours And Fabrics" With Features & Specifications. 


For modern households, it is absolutely necessary for the residents to maintain the quality of the appearance of their abode.

A dull home results into a bad impression and that is something that all of us want to avoid. However, do all of us really have a clear idea on how to transform our home into our very own style statement?

An easy trick that can be used by everyone to enhance the appearance of their homes, is to install furniture that really stand out. Likewise, you need proper furniture in your dining space as well to get the most out of it.

So if you are worried about having proper dining chairs for your home, one of our top suggestions would definitely be cool dining chairs.


10 Best Cool Dining Chairs In 2023

Cool dining chairs in different colors, styles, materials and shapes are always a perfect fit for one's décor. The below mentioned 12 cool dining chairs are trendy, popular and one of the top selling affordable dining chairs in Australia.

Select the best chair to provide a sublime look to your dining space.

1. Alexander | Teal Upholstered Dining Chairs With Arms 

Alexander | Teal Upholstered Dining Chairs With Arms

Alexander upholstered mid century dining chairs adds a classy layout to your dining area.The high backrest gives you an upright and comfortable posture as you enjoy meals, while the high resilient foam padding adds to comfort, making your dining experience quite satisfying.

The Malaysian Oak frame is smoothly curved into a beautiful design the complements the teal upholstery. It has a versatile & chic design that fits in any room.


  • Structure: Malaysian Oak
  • Seat: High Resilient Foam
  • Fabric: 100% Polyester
  • Fabric Colour: Teal


2. Marlo Version 1 | Multi Coloured, Upholstered, Wooden Dining Chairs

Marlo Version 1 | Multi Coloured, Upholstered, Wooden Dining Chairs

This ergonomically melded chair is made with recyclable polypropylene (PP) plastic that gives a reliable bend-resistant back support. The Eiffel designed legs made of solid beech wood add a natural wood colour, further complementing this beautiful dining chair

The multi-coloured upholstered fabric dining chair will add a vibrant feel to any dining room. It packs a funky, inviting personality into its compact dimensions.


  • Simple assembly
  • Seat material: PP Plastic
  • Cover material: Polyester Fabric
  • Leg material: Beech wood
  • Chair Weight Limit: 100 – 120kg


3. Henry | Version 2 | Fabric Modern Wooden Dining Chair With Arms

 Henry | Version 2 | Fabric Modern Wooden Dining Chair With Arms

The Henry fabric wooden dining chairs are the perfect mix of retro and modern. Featuring a quilted back design, rich fabric texture, and grainy wooden frame and legs, these elegant dining chairs will instantly add comfort to any room's decor without overwhelming it.

The Henry dining chairs with arms is a one-of-a-kind piece that will give your space the perfect finishing touch. With dense foam padding, quilted detailing and comfortable seating, this functional seat has been designed to be both durable and stylish.


  • Legs: Solid ash wood with a natural finish
  • Seat: Fabric (dark grey, light grey, light blue & mustard)
  • Dimensions -  54cm(L) x 80cm(H) x 57cm(W)


4. Amalfi | Dark Green, Ruby Red Velvet Dining Chairs

Amalfi | Dark Green, Ruby Red Velvet Dining Chairs

The Amalfi contemporary dining chair infuses a stylish design and a retro-esque charm to create a unique and aesthetically appealing piece. This cool dining chair embodies a regal design palette and flared contrast legs for immediate dining interest fit for a style-driven home.

Vintage lines give this dining chair a lovely appeal that's right at home in almost any home setting. The thick layers of foam cushion cover the embracing back form and the high-grade Dark Green or Ruby Red velvet upholstery provides exceptional comfort.


  • Frame material: metal
  • Fabric material: velvet
  • Weight capacity: 120kg
  • Colour: Dark Green or Ruby Red with black frame


5. Berkshire | Blue, Grey, Dark Grey Modern, Velvet Dining Chairs

Berkshire | Blue, Grey, Dark Grey Modern, Velvet Dining Chairs Australia


Inspire your decor with the Berkshire blue and grey velvet dining chairs.

The upholstery features premium stitching detail and high-density foam padding for long-lasting comfort and durability.

The elegant and refined aesthetic of the Berkshire diamond-quilted seat & backrest is further complemented with the transitional tapered matt powdered black epoxy iron legs. 

The slightly curved angled design keeps you snug and comfortable during your meals and conversations.


  • Frame: Solid Plywood & Webbing Structure
  • Fabric: Veloutine (100% polyester)
  • Seat Colour: Blue, grey or dark grey
  • Seat Padding: High resilient Foam Density 20


6. Belvidere | Burgundy, Caramel Grey Upholstered Dining Chairs

Belvidere | Burgundy, Caramel Grey Upholstered Dining Chairs

With modern functionality, practicality and bold tones, this upholstered dining chairs partially open backrest provides ample comfort and innate style. The juxtaposed silhouette of slender lines and soft round seat and backrest further adds a luxurious look.

The Belvidere luxury dining chair is made from a slender linear base and frame in black metal. It has a comfortable seat pad and ergonomic sturdy supports.


  • Frame material: metal
  • Seat material: fabric
  • Weight capacity: 120kg
  • Colour: Burgundy or Caramel grey with black frame


7. Esperance | Washed Grey Cord Metal Coastal Outdoor Dining Chair

Esperance | Washed Grey Cord Metal Coastal Outdoor Dining Chair


The Esperance indoor as well as outdoor dining chairs showcase the perfect blend of natural beauty and modern design. The seat and back are made from synthetic fibre that’s handwoven to create an intricate pattern.

It will retain its beautiful appearance for years to come. Sit a little longer and enjoy the outdoors more.

Our dining chairs are comfortable enough to sit on while still being stylish enough to wow. 

This cool dining chair features a premium aluminium frame wrapped in durable synthetic fibre that is weatherproof and highly resistant to outdoor elements, including insects, water & fading.


  • Frame: Aluminium frame wrapped in a durable synthetic fibre
  • Chair Weight Limit: 120kg
  • Colour: Washed Grey
  • Made from durable and lightweight aluminium frame


8. Lexington | Black Dining Chairs, Velvet, Modern Dining Chairs Australia

Lexington | Black Dining Chairs, Velvet, Modern Dining Chairs


With its sculptural embracing shape, the Lexington modern dining chair in black distressed velvet makes a glamorous addition to any dining room.

The chair curved back and comfortable armrests frame is perched on super-slender sturdy metal legs in a matte black cute finish. 

This fashionable luxury dining chair perfectly fits in a transitional, casual dining room. Comfort is assured with a nicely padded wraparound mid-height seat back.

Get the Lexington to enjoy and appreciate the distinctive elegance of a retro-vibe premium dining chair.


  • Cover material: Velvet
  • Frame: Metal
  • Leg material: Metal
  • Colour: Black
  • Chair Weight Limit: 100 – 120kg


9. Daintree | Natural, White Coastal Rattan Dining Chairs

Daintree | Natural, White Coastal Rattan Dining Chairs

If you're looking for an elegant yet rustic look to your dining space while also being mindful of the environment and sustainability, this coastal dining chair is perfect.

The Daintree rattan dining chairs are hard-wearing with their sturdy, expertly crafted wooden frame & legs.

This cool dining chairs are for those who want something beautiful but durable enough through time, so it doesn't need replacing any time soon.


  • Frame: wood
  • Seat: rattan
  • Chair weight limit: 120kg
  • Colours: natural and white


10. Macan | Sand Upholstered Metal Modern Dining Chair

Macan | Sand Upholstered Metal Modern Dining Chair

Choose the Macan metal dining chairs to add style and class to your kitchen and dining room table. It can also be used for industrial as well as commercial use. 

The seat and backrest are curved ergonomically to ensure comfort while sitting for a long time.

This cool dining chairs beautiful Sand color palette and intricate detailing make it an ideal option for those who desire something more than the average chair.


  • Frame: Plywood + Foam
  • Upholstery: Vintage PU (60% polyester / 40% polyurethane)
  • Colour: Dark Grey
  • Legs: Metal - Epoxy Black
  • Leg Colour: Black


Cool Dining Chairs: Taking A Break From Monotony

The cool dining chairs are modern dining chairs that come with different unique styles, shapes and designs.

These can be the ultimate solution to solve the issue of dullness in your dining space. If you're looking to purchase dining chairs in Sydneydining chairs in Melbournedining chairs in Brisbane or any part of Australia for your existing furniture, there are many benefits that might attract you towards cool dining chairs. 

  • The cool dining chairs are beautifully crafted. Their designs stand out amongst the other dining chair variants and when they are placed in your dining space they will definitely add to your dining space a clear and distinct dimension.

  • Cool dining chairs come in different exciting colours. Some popular color dining chairs are grey dining chairs, white dining chairs and brown dining chairs. These chairs have a vibrancy that attracts people’s attention and look aesthetically pleasing. Looking at these beautiful dining chairs would be a treat to the sore eyes.

  • The cool dining chairs are often versatile and can be used for multiple occasions. Indoors, outdoors, in your living space, and obviously in your dining space – place these dining chairs wherever you need them and they will definitely fit in the atmosphere.

Overall, cool dining chairs allow the customers to bring out the best version of their dining space and dining experience.

In comparison to other chairs, these chairs have an aura much more suited to the “pop culture” – something that makes it a widely accepted dining chair option amongst the modern generation.


Fitting Cool Dining Chairs: Things That You Should Check

So let us assume that after following this article, you have grown an affection for the cool dining chairs and you are looking forward to buy these for your dining space. But that is not an easy step itself.

Yes, you have chosen the dining chair type that you want to use and that moves you one step forward. But there are more factors that one has to check before he finally goes ahead and buys a dining chair set.

If you want to buy cool dining chairs, let us guide you through the key factors that will decide your dining experience.

1. The kind of interior you have: Now as the name suggests, cool dining chairs are for “cool” people with “cool” houses.

This means, these chairs are more of a modernised version of dining chairs, and unless you want to create a fusion between the classic and the modern, you would not want to use these chairs if your home has a classic theme.

So understanding your home décor is quite important before you buy cool dining chairs.

2. The dimensions of your dining space: The dimensions of your dining space should play a pivotal role in determining the dimensions of your dining chairs.

Cool dining chairs come in all size and shapes. So how do you find out what is suitable for you? Well, for that you need to run a quick test on your dining space and understand how much space can you consume for your dining chairs.

If your dining space is relatively small, placing large dining chairs like high back dining chairs would crumple the space.

If your dining space is large, placing small dining chairs  like low back dining chairs would make the room appear empty. Finding the right balance between the dimensions of your dining room and cool dining chairs is important.

3. The contrast of colours: Cool dining chairs come in different colours like white and black dining chairs, grey dining chairs and beige dining chairs, so picking the right colour is also important for your dining space to appear exciting. However, there are no hard and fast rule for this one, it mostly depends on an eye test.

You can of course follow some simple rule like not adding too bright or too light colours that appear poor in the eyes.

It’s always better to go with your personal preference and to create a colour contrast that appears aesthetic and energetic. Best colour option for dining chairs are black dining chairs, white dining chairs and grey dining chairs.

4. The usability of the chairs: In all honestly, if you feel you are going to suffer from a back or shoulder pain by sitting on a chair, then that is going to be a bad investment.

Appearance of your chairs is of course important but nothing is more important than having comfortable chairs that lift your mood as soon as you sit on them.

Cool dining chairs come in different quality and comfort levels which you should check prior to purchasing these chairs.


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At Only Dining Chairs, our wide range of collection of cool dining chairs provides you with one of the best dining chairs options for your home décor. 

The cool dining chairs are most certainly one of the best options for modern homes and should be at the top of your list when you go to purchase dining chairs.

With their different variants and colours, cool dining chairs give you the opportunity to push your imagination through your dining space. 

We also provide dining chairs set of 4dining chairs set of 6, in sets of 8 or depending on the number of chairs you require.


Frequently Asked Questions 

  • 1. Can I use cool dining chairs in a classical style interior?

    This is actually tricky and depends on what you want to achieve with your furniture. If you are looking for having cool dining chairs in your classical styles interior, then you should do so in a way that contrasts each other and create that disruptive appearance. It can feel truly unique if you use cool dining chairs in a classical backdrop.

  • 2. Can I use cool dining chairs in a set of mismatched dining chairs?

    As long as they look good, and you make sure that all the chairs have the same height, you can definitely use cool dining chairs in a set of mismatched dining chairs.

  • 3. Which colour would be best for my cool dining chairs?

    That depends on your personal preference, the colour of your dining space background and the colour of your dining table. The most popular are the white, grey and black dining chairs. 

  • 4. Will the cool dining chairs remain trendy in the long run?

    Yes, they will. The designs and colours of the cool dining chairs can and will appear timeless in your dining space. It will add a much needed fashion statement to your home that will not go out of trend anytime soon.

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