Unique Dining Chairs

Unique Dining Chairs To Complement Your Home Décor

Unique Dining Chairs Of "Varied Colours, Materials & Fabrics" With Features & Specifications

Modern households deserve to get the best possible appearance in order to stand out and establish a style statement.

For the décor of your home, the best possible way to enhance it’s appearance is through your furnishings. Quality and comfort related concerns are also associated with fashionable clients items quite often.

At Only Dining Chairs, we dedicate ourselves to one major goal: to improve the appearance and the environment of the dining space of our customers while guiding their dining experience towards continuous betterment.

Our range of unique dining chairs serve this purpose accurately as they are one fine and fashionable solution for you home décor and your dining space.

Sturdy, durable and comfortable, our unique dining chairs are the perfect fit for your dining space as it continuously provides you with an unique dining experience.


Top 15 Unique Dining Chairs 2022

Unique dining chairs are skilfully crafted which provides ease and style that's trending. Unique dining chairs in different colours, styles, materials and shapes are always a perfect fit for one's décor.

Select the best chair to provide a sublime look to your dining space. 

The 15 best unique dining chairs are:

1. Marlo Version 1 | Multi Coloured, Upholstered, Wooden Dining Chairs

Marlo Version 1 | Multi Coloured, Upholstered, Wooden Dining Chairs

This ergonomically melded chair is made with recyclable polypropylene (PP) plastic that gives a reliable bend-resistant back support.

The Eiffel designed legs made of solid beech wood add a natural wood colour, further complementing this beautiful chair. 

The multi-coloured upholstered fabric dining chair will add a vibrant feel to any dining room. It packs a funky, inviting personality into its compact dimensions.


  • Simple assembly
  • Seat material: PP Plastic
  • Cover material: Polyester Fabric
  • Leg material: Beech wood
  • Chair Weight Limit: 100 – 120kg


2. Langholm | Brown, Black Leather Dining Chairs

Langholm | Brown, Black Leather Dining Chairs

This modern inspired Langholm dining chair features a comfortable cushion seating and backrest upholstered leather with flowing stitching detail along the curves.

It’s supported on tube-like tapered metal legs painted in black and fitted with rubber caps to prevent scratching floors. 

This unique PU leather dining chair set brings out the beauty of any home it’s fitted into. This is one of the most loving and best selling dining chairs to fit any home décor.


  • Cover material: PU Leather
  • Leg material: Powder-coated metal
  • Chair Weight Limit: 100 – 120kg
  • Colour: Cinnamon Brown or Black


3. Englewood | Upholstered, Velvet, Modern Dining Chair

Englewood | Upholstered, Velvet, Modern Dining Chair

The premium Englewood dining chairs highlights soft, smart, velvet and fabric upholstery fashioned on slim yet strong gold steel legs to look simple and sleek. 

The touch of old school Hollywood combined with a sleek modern profile creates a perfect blend of mid century dining chair style with unique contemporary aesthetics.

It’s unique, stylish, and unmatched designer dining chair surprisingly doesn’t compromise on comfort.


  • Cover material: Velvet or polyester boucle fabric
  • Frame: Steel
  • Chair Weight Limit: 100 – 120kg
  • Colour: Pink and Gold, black and gold, emerald green and gold and white and gold


4. Amalfi | Dark Green, Ruby Red Velvet Dining Chairs

Amalfi | Dark Green, Ruby Red Velvet Dining Chairs

The Amalfi contemporary dining chair infuses a stylish design and a retro-esque charm to create a unique and aesthetically appealing piece.

It embodies a regal design palette and flared contrast legs for immediate dining interest fit for a style-driven home.

Vintage lines give this dining chair a lovely appeal that's right at home in almost any home setting. 

The thick layers of foam cushion cover the embracing back form and the high-grade Dark Green or Ruby Red velvet upholstery provides exceptional comfort.


  • Frame material: metal
  • Fabric material: velvet
  • Weight capacity: 120kg
  • Colour: Dark Green or Ruby Red with black frame


    5. Franklin | Grey Upholstered Wooden Modern Dining Chairs

    Franklin | Grey Upholstered Wooden Modern Dining Chairs

    The Franklin low-profile wooden dining chairs uses a perfect blend of modern and minimalistic design. Its sleek modern seat profile and open-back design easily fit in any home. This beautiful modern-styled upholstered dining chair will be your kid’s favourite the moment they see it. 


    • Frame: Oak
    • Frame Colour: Black
    • Seat & Back: Polyester 
    • Seat & Back Colour: Blue
    • Weight capacity: 120kg


    6. Daintree | Natural, White Coastal Rattan Dining Chairs

    Daintree | Natural, White Coastal Rattan Dining Chairs

    If you're looking for an elegant yet rustic look to your dining space while also being mindful of the environment and sustainability, this coastal dining chair is perfect.

    The Daintree rattan dining chairs are hard-wearing with their sturdy, expertly crafted wooden frame & legs.

    The ultimate dining chairs for those who want something beautiful but durable enough through time, so it doesn't need replacing any time soon.


    • Frame: wood
    • Seat: rattan
    • Chair weight limit: 120kg
    • Colours: natural and white


    7. Electra | Modern Velvet Dining Chairs Australia

    Electra | Modern Velvet Dining Chairs Australia

    Versatility overflows in these Electra velvet dining chairs. The linear tufted design, rich velvet fabric texture, and gold metal legs blend to create a retro-modern styled chair with a touch of old school Hollywood that even Marilyn Monroe would have approved.

    With a dense foam padding, Electra is the ideal choice for creating a unique dining area. Get your choice of colour with the Electra dining set to make an electrifying, funky, and welcoming statement to your dining space!


    • Cover material: Velvet
    • Frame: Wood
    • Leg material: Metal
    • Colour: Pink, yellow, green & blue
    • Chair Weight Limit: 150kg


    8. Bartlett | Industrial Teal Velvet Dining Chairs

    Bartlett | Industrial Teal Velvet Dining Chairs

    Featuring a vintage styling, the Bartlett oozes cosmopolitan cool, plush and luxurious style that you will fall in love with. Constructed of metal legs to last long and provide adequate stability and leg fittings to prevent the chair from sliding and scuffing your floor.

    With its’s ergonomic design and foam-filled seat and backrest, you will be having great meals and easy conversations. Enjoy limitless meals without experiencing chronic pains.


    • Structure: Malaysian Oak
    • Seat: High Resilient Foam
    • Fabric: 100% Polyester - Velvet
    • Fabric Colour: Teal


    9. Allyn | Grey, Charcoal Grey Velvet Wooden Dining Chair

    Allyn | Grey, Charcoal Grey Velvet Wooden Dining Chair

    Allyn chair uses a perfect blend of modern and minimalistic design. You'll be wowed by the sleek seat profile and sturdy legs' craftsmanship, which bring out the aesthetic look of polished wood.

    It has comfortable backrest and smooth attractive edges to make your guests envious. It is uniquely upholstered, well-cushioned, and modern styled. This modern-styled beautiful dining chair is an ideal accompaniment to any dining table.


    • Cover material: Velvet
    • Colour: Charcoal Grey
    • Chair Weight Limit: 100 – 120kg
    • High-density foam padded seat
    • Comfortable back rest


    10. Northampton | Gunmetal Grey Modern Dining Chair

    Northampton | Gunmetal Grey Modern Dining Chair

    With a comfortable and unique armrest design, the Northampton modern dining chair effortlessly adds style to any table. The cotton & linen fabric upholstery is perfect for adding that timeless touch of elegance to your home's decor. 

    This metal dining chair has a deep and wide seating surface that adds to the luxurious, cozy feel of any modern dining space. The smooth fabric upholstery gives it an upscale look perfect for modern decorating needs with high-quality stitching throughout, adding flair and beauty.


    • Frame material: Iron
    • Fabric material: 60% cotton and 40% linen woven fabric upholstery
    • Weight capacity: 120kg
    • Colour:  Gunmetal grey with black frame 


    11. Nero | Modern Black Velvet Dining Chairs


    Nero | Modern Black Velvet Dining Chairs

    The Nero modern dining chair is a stylish, comfortable addition to your family's kitchen/dining area. The super comfy & plush cushioning is not only practical but also look great

    The Nero velvet metal dining chairs with arms is perfect for enjoying a luxurious and relaxing dinner. From conversations about your day to the flavour of that fabulous dinner, it will keep you comfortable in its soft padded seat long after dessert has been served.


    • Frame material: Metal
    • Fabric material: Velvet
    • Weight capacity: 120kg
    • Colour: Black


    12. Belvidere | Burgundy, Caramel Grey Upholstered Dining Chairs

    Belvidere | Burgundy, Caramel Grey Upholstered Dining Chairs

    With modern functionality, practicality and bold tones, this upholstered dining chairs partially open backrest provides ample comfort and innate style. The juxtaposed silhouette of slender lines and soft round seat and backrest further adds a luxurious look.

    The Belvidere luxury dining chair is made from a slender linear base and frame in black metal. It has a comfortable seat pad and ergonomic sturdy supports.


    • Frame material: metal
    • Seat material: fabric
    • Weight capacity: 120kg
    • Colour: Burgundy or Caramel grey with black frame


    13. Lexington | Black Dining Chairs, Velvet, Modern Dining Chairs

    Lexington | Black Dining Chairs, Velvet, Modern Dining Chairs

    With its sculptural embracing shape, the Lexington modern dining chair in black distressed velvet makes a glamorous addition to any dining room. The chair curved back and comfortable armrests frame is perched on super-slender sturdy metal legs in a matte black cute finish.

    This fashionable modern dining chair perfectly fits in a transitional, casual dining room. Comfort is assured with a nicely padded wraparound mid-height seat back.


    • Cover material: Velvet
    • Frame: Metal
    • Leg material: Metal
    • Colour: Black
    • Chair Weight Limit: 100 – 120kg


    14. Cascade | Grey Fabric Coastal Rattan Dining Chair With Arms

    Cascade | Grey Fabric Coastal Rattan Dining Chair With Arms

    Bring the breezy feel of coastal living to your meals with these stylish rattan dining chairs. The modern design is perfect for most spaces, while the stylish design and breathable rattan back elevates your dining experience.

    With its sturdy woven rattan backrest and comfortable 100% grey polyester fabric seat, the Cascade coastal rattan dining chair is perfect for any indoor - outdoor dining space.


    • Cover material: Fabric
    • Backrest: Rattan
    • Frame: Propylene construction - matte black
    • Chair Weight Limit: 120kg


    15. Delray | Grey Fabric, Upholstered Rattan Dining Chairs

    Delray | Grey Fabric, Upholstered Rattan Dining Chairs

    Brighten up your home with the Delray bold, coastal-infused dining chairs and leave your guests ''wowed''. It’s practical, durable, and & comfortable - perfect for your dining table or as an extra seating option in the living room.

    The slightly flared back and steel legs provide comfort over long meals or conversations. If you are looking to add comfort & style to your dining space, this lovely coastal dining chairs are the perfect choice for you.


    • Cover material: Fabric
    • Frame: Wood
    • Leg material: Powder-coated metal
    • Chair Weight Limit: 100 – 120kg


    Things to Consider Before You Buy Unique Dining Chairs

    At Only Dining Chairs, to serve the unique requirements of our customers is our topmost priority and this is precisely why we have various types of unique dining chairs in our inventory that suit the different requirements of our customers.

    Our unique dining chairs add an extra level of aesthetic appearance to your dining space all while being absolutely high quality and comfortable.

    The only thing that you have to figure out is which set of unique dining chairs would be the perfect and appropriate fit for your interior.

    To help you in this regard, we have this following guide which you can use to pick the best possible unique dining chairs for yourself from Only Dining Chairs.

    1. Comfort and Quality: The most important aspect that one has to consider before purchasing unique dining chairs is the kind of quality and comfort they are getting from their product.

    It is absolutely essential to ensure that your unique dining chairs can provide you with the highest level comfort which is an integral part of a fine dining experience. High back and low back dining chairs are very comfortable dining chairs.

    2. Dimensions of The Chairs: The size and the shape of the unique dining chairs has to fit perfectly with your home décor.

    Some key pointers has to be considered in this regard before you buy these unique dining chairs. The basic structure of the chairs has to stable, sustainable and durable.

    Other than that, you also have to consider the size of the chairs.

    If your dining space is not big enough, then unique dining chairs with a bigger appearance would create a suffocating sensation even when they look fancy and bright.

    Your dining space should have enough space and appear breathable enough as these are key to a nice dining solution.

    3. Contrast With Interior: Your unique dining chairs should be in perfect synchronisation with your interior.

    The colours like black dining chairs & grey dining chairs and pattern of your home décor should be complemented by your dining chairs, and you have to keep this in mind prior to purchasing our unique dining chairs.

    Along with your home décor, your dining chairs must also complement your dining table regarding the material, shape, size, and colour. White dining chairs have become very popular because they fit in easily with any interior.

    4. Maintenance: The final thing that has to be considered before you buy our unique dining chairs is their maintenance.

    Some affordable dining chairs come with an easy and low-cost maintenance routine while some require extra efforts and extra money.

    Make this choice depending on your budget as well as how much effort you are willing to put into maintenance.

    After you have figured out all the answers to these questions, you are good to go. Purchase your desired unique dining chairs set that will complement the décor of your living space.


    Why Should You Buy Unique Dining Chairs?

    At Only Dining Chairs, our wide range of collection of unique dining chairs provides you with one of the best dining chair options for your home décor.

    Our unique dining chairs have the highest quality and comfort and these chairs are going to be the best choice of dining chairs for the décor of your home.

    These beautiful dining chairs bring a different visual dimension that adds to the appearance of your dining space.

    If you're looking to purchase dining chairs in Sydneydining chairs in Melbournedining chairs in brisbane or any part of Australia for your existing furniture, there are many benefits that might attract you towards unique dining chairs.

    1. Appearance: If you are wondering why should you buy unique dining chairs, then the answer to this question must start with the unique appearance they add to any home décor.

    Unique dining chairs are visually unique as well, and you can set a statement of style through your dining space by installing unique dining chairs. 

    2. Comfort: The unique dining chairs happen to be quite comfortable thanks to the different materials that are used in manufacturing these chairs.

    As we have mentioned already, dining chairs must be comfortable for a good dining experience and unique dining chairs tick those boxes quite perfectly.

    Scandinavian dining chairs, upholstered and french provincial dining chairs are one of the most comfortable dining chairs.

    3. Mood Upliftment: The dining time should be a stress reliever for everyone and there are not many better options available than unique dining chairs when it comes to the upliftment of the mood of the users.

    If you are looking for a perfectly healthy and enjoyable dining time with your family, you should definitely consider buying unique dining chairs.

    4. Budget-Friendly Option: Unique dining chairs come in various price ranges and you can always find a suitable set of unique dining chairs for your home at your desired cost.

    You do not need to overspend to have the best dining experience, owing to the quality, comfort, visual attractiveness of unique dining chairs.

    Fabric dining chairs, velvet dining chairs, cane dining chairs are one of the most budget friendly and durable dining chairs.



    At Only Dining Chairs, offering the best dining chairs to our customers and ensuring customer satisfaction is our primary motto. Thanks to our expertise, we understand the different needs of our customers regarding their dining chairs choice.

    Our unique dining chairs will blend in with your home décor perfectly while also offering you high quality and comfort. Purchase these unique dining chairs from our website and transform your dining experience in its entirety! We also provide dining chairs set of 4dining chairs set of 6, in sets of 8 or depending on the chairs you require.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • 1. Are the unique dining chairs going to be comfortable?

      Yes, the dining chairs available on our website provide top-notch comfort and create a luxurious dining experience.

    • 2. What are the benefits of unique dining chairs?

      The above top 15 unique dining chairs have different characteristics, some provide lumbar support, are cushioned, provide low back and high back support, right height size, side arms, curved back for you to relax and have a modernistic approach.

    • 3. Can I avail discount on unique dining chairs?

      Along with different discount offers and sales, we also offer discount on bulk orders. Contact us to know more.

    • 4. Are your dining chairs portable and multipurpose?

      Yes, most of our unique dining chairs or kitchen chairs can be used indoors as well as outdoors. You can use the chairs for residential as well as commercial work. Also, some of our dining chairs are also water resistant.

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